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Aug 04 2018

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Highway 138 To Highway 58 - PCT DSouth, OR
South, OR
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Day 93. Camped at 1872.1 (31.5
After a cold morning and easy hiking for 7.2 miles through forest, I crossed highway 138 to start Oregon Section D. Finally, the smoke was gone and the views were clear. It was quite a change after seeing through a haze for so many days. I got great views of Mt. Thielsen as I hiked by. I did take a wrong turn down the Mt. Thielsen trail but figured that out fairly quickly. Later in the day, I passed the Oregon PCT high point at 7572'. I ended up camping at the junction to Six Horse Spring. Reports were the trail to the spring was steep and the water was bad. Not true, the trail was fine and so was the water.

Day 94. Camped at 1903.0 (30.9)
The day started out descending to Windigo Pass where there was a water cache. I think I grabbed a liter. The smoke was back today and I was hoping it was just a shift in the wind and not a new fire. Went past Cowhorn Mountain then down to Summit Lake. The miles seemed hard to come by today and I found myself falling asleep weaving across the trail. I stopped and had some food and shut my eyes for a bit. That helped. Not too much farther I stopped at Summit Lake and had some more food. There was a group of hikers there that I'd been hiking around so that was fun too. After Summit Lake, I entered the Diamond Peak Wilderness and went by Diamond Peak. Stopped at a stream and got water and washed my feet and changed socks. That ended up being a waste as the trail was dusty and torn up for the next several miles by horses. Not a foot print in sight. I even checked to make sure I was on the PCT because usually I just follow foot prints. Passed 1900 miles. There were legions of mosquitoes today, especially near the end as I passed several small lakes; they'll drive one insane.

Day 95. Camped at 1912.3 (9.3)
Had about three miles to the Shelter Cove turn off, then about a mile to Shelter Cove, where I went to pick up my resupply. It wasn't there so I contacted my wife to get the tracking information. She sent it UPS and it was out for delivery. I was told UPS usually delivers around 4pm, so I was stuck there for the day; I was hoping to get back on trail around noon. Had breakfast and lunch, some beer, charged things up, and just hung out for the day. I was finally able to get my package and leave Shelter Cove at 6pm. I covered about 6 more trail miles, finishing this section and covering a few miles of the next.

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