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 Grand Canyon Pink Rattlesnake7 Locations Reptile/Amphibian 
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Oct 3 2007
North Kaibab Trail
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Oct 5 2008
Grandview Trail
FamilyViperidae - Vipers
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Crotalus oreganus abyssus

Common Names:
Habitat: Found in northwestern and north-central Arizona. Found in a variety of habitats, including grassland, Great Basin Desert scrubland, bottoms in the Grand Canyon, rolling hills and bajadas in pinion-juniper woodland, and pine forests.
Description: medium to large (16" to 54") rattlesnake with dark blotches on a variety of base colors ranging from reddish, pink, yellow/green, light tan, to gray. The blotches usually become bands near the tail. The young usually have more prominent blotches and facial markings than the adults. Some adults Have no body markings. Wikipedia
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    A Grand Canyon to Remembe
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    Mount Huethawali
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    Mount Huethawali
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    Bright Angel Trail
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    Old Bright Angel
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    Old Hance to Grand View w
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    Hermit Trail
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    South Kaibab Trail
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    Havasu Canyon Trail
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    Bright Angel -S.Kaibab

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