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Rose Peak Trail, AZ

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Distance Round Trip 1.4 miles
Trailhead Elevation 8,426 feet
Elevation Gain 532 feet
Accumulated Gain 532 feet
Avg Time Round Trip 1 hour
Kokopelli Seeds 4.06
Interest Peak
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Location Tucson, AZ
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Short & Sweet Rose Peak
by PhilipMueller

Likely In-Season!
The hike up the Rose Peak Trail in the Blue Range Primitive Area in Eastern Arizona is short, and the views from the top are SWEET! Whether you are heading out for a longer hike in the Blue Range and want to get the "lay of the land" or you simply need to stretch your legs and slowly examine the incredible beauty through which you are riding/driving on the winding US-191 (Coronado Trail), a few minutes of your time hiking up the Rose Peak Trail will be well worth it.

The trail is a pleasant half mile long, consisting mostly of pine covered switchbacks. While it is a short hike, note that the Rose Peak Trail starts at an elevation of 8,426 feet and ascends 360 vertical feet. With its high elevation and decent rise over run, those with a sedentary lifestyle should not underestimate it. After you feel that fresh mountain air in you lungs and you have your blood pumping just a bit, you will quickly be atop the 8,786 ft peak where you'll find an approximately 30-foot tall fire lookout tower, a bathroom, a cistern, and a little cabin that you'll wish was yours.

While the tower is active, it was not manned at the time of this hike, and accordingly, the cabin, bathroom, and top platform of the tower were locked. Whether you climb the tower or not, you will enjoy endless vistas, including views north to the Mogollon Rim, east far into New Mexico, south to the Pinalenos, and west across the Chaparral covered San Carlos Apache Reservation. Be careful not to become entranced by the views lest time slips away and you forget that this was supposed to be a quickie! Come back the way you came and carry on your journey with renewed vigor.

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2007-04-24 PhilipMueller
    WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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    Rose Peak Trail
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    I made yet another pilgrimage to the Blue Range over this last week and weekend. I car camped Wednesday night at the Strayhorse Canyon Trail #20 trailhead, not to be confused with the Strayhorse Campground, which is about 17 miles further north up 191, someone may not have realized this until the day of. Anyways, Rose Peak shares a trailhead with Strayhorse Canyon, so naturally I slated the peak in for either a quick pre-backpack hike, or a post-backpack hike.

    I decided I would hit the peak before I stepped off for a rather ambitious overnight trip down to Lardon Springs. However, I quickly turned the 30 minute detour into a time wasting endeavor, as I started down the road to the peak, before realizing there was an actual trail. After realizing where the trail was, I just shot an azimuth to it and made the steep climb. This is the reason for the inflated stats and high AEG. I edited the route that should be official and attached it to this trip log. The road is an option to the peak, however, its about a half mile longer than the trail. The peak was nice and for the most part the positive reviews I read about the nice views proved to be true. However, they may have been better if I had not arrived before the fire watch was out of bed and had a chance to climb the tower.

    A worthy little hike if ever sight seeing along the 191 and looking to stretch the legs.
    Rose Peak Trail
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    i was much later than i had hoped for this stop (i got waylayed in greer to see a friend, then found i had a flat tire, and i also discovered that i had left my pack and my poles at the trailhead at escudilla, requiring another little jaunt out that dippy road). regardless, when i finally arrived at the rose peak trailhead, i took a couple of beers up to the lookout, zeyn, in hopes of catching the sunset from the lookout tower. i had wondered how the area was after the fire, and the area around rose peak is still quite lush.

    zeyn told me how he had been the first to report the whitewater fire in the gila. apparently when he reported it, it took a while for the guys out in the gila to register that this was a new fire, and not part of the baldy fire. of course now they've merged and become the giant that it is today (6/6/2012) at 259,025 acres. in the right wind conditions, the gila is fairly clear from rose peak, but today, it was so hazy that i could barely make out the smoke plumes.

    as for the lookout tower itself, they have remodeled since i was here last. it's an aermotor mc-24, 12x12 cab, so it's really quite spacious. two years ago when i visited, it seemed to have a lot of wasted space because the living quarters were still in a cabin down below. now it is now a live-in tower.

    (end trip report, begin driving home saga)

    i made it down to the jeep while it was still just a little bit of light, and drove on my way down the scenic (well, at least during the day) coronado trail towards clifton, morenci, and safford. after i had passed three-way, i was going up a bit of a grade and the jeep started rattling something fierce so i thought i had a flat tire. i pulled over and checked, and all the tires were intact. i merged back into traffic and i heard a loud "boom!" again, i pulled over, and checked under the vehicle, where i saw the yoke hanging down. :o apparently the u-joint had given up just about 30 miles outside of safford. :stretch: lucky for me! i was able to call aaa and get a tow and a cheap hotel room in safford. the next morning i found out that nothing else major was damaged, and the cost for the u-joint and labor was fairly small. i lost a day of work, but things could've been much worse, especially if the part would've decided to go about 50 miles sooner where there was no shoulder to pull over, and no cell phone reception.

    all's well that ends well, but note to self (and others): only drive scenic highways when you can enjoy the scenery and there might be other people on the road. :M2C:
    Rose Peak Trail
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    This is a not-so-hidden gem! You'll see the lookout structure as you come up to Rose Peak, right next to the Coronado Trail (US 191 south of Hannagan Meadow). With just a half-mile hike, just off the road, why not?

    Zeyn, the lookout, said I was the fourth person up this season. Why is this not more popular? I had talked to Zeyn for over an hour when I finally noticed the time - I needed to get back home eventually, and I knew it was two hours to Safford from here. I reluctantly told Zeyn I had to go - and I made my way back home.

    I hiked the trail up (.5 to .7 miles, depending on who you listen to) and the road back (1 mile).

    The lookout here will only be manned until July 8 - so get there while you can. Or try again next year - I know I will...

    Oh, I should mention - this is a fairly new 14x14 cab. Big enough to be a live-in, but since the one it replaced had the living quarters down below, this structure was not equipped to be a live-in.

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    Paved - Car Okay

    To hike
    From Tucson, take I-10 east 90 miles to Exit 352 for US-191 N. toward Safford. Continue driving northeast on US-191 past Safford for 34 miles to Clifton. From Clifton, drive north on US-191 for 53 miles to the Rose Peak (No. 345) trailhead. Parking is a dirt lot on the east side of the road.
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