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Coronado Butte, AZ

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Distance One Way 2 miles
Trailhead Elevation 6,997 feet
Interest Off Trail Hiking & Peak
Dogs not allowed
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    Coronado Butte
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    I made this one harder than what it should have been. I had forgot about the little shelf section during the class three portion and had us turn around there and go back down the chute, I am not sure what I was thinking. It just did not ring a bell and I was worried we might be climbing to some false summit, or dead end. The narrow ledge and second steep chute just looked more sketchy than I could remember, so I thought it was not the route. I thought maybe we went up a drainage too soon. It then all came back to me and I realized that was the way, but by this point I did not want to backtrack and do that same steep chute over again, so I just committed us to the class four route.

    The tricky part along the class four route that I mentioned in my first triplog is still tricky. CJ actually got up it first and then I barely followed. From there it was still some route finding for me, but I got us to the top. We did not stick around and enjoy the summit much, because we wanted to make up for lost time. Speaking of time, we spent more time than we should have looking for the top of the class three route on the way down. I was just off, Coronado won today, too much time following and chatting last time, did not retain anything apparently. I probably should have taken a few minutes to at least read my old triplog before we tackled this one. Nevertheless, we still both enjoyed the summit and we relished the fun little challenge in the heat today.

    Coronado Butte
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    Mr P, Bob, rlrjamy fam inc. ascended the dirt sliding chute with Dave. jj, Lee & I hit the 3rd gully on the same highest pillar, butte or whatever they're called. It looked like a breeze from every angle. Opinions change quick when light speed calculations of exposure to grip ratio become apparent. Lee helped me up the first and jj helped me up the second. With an hour of hemming and hawing I might make it on my own.

    The eastern canyon views really captured my attention. Not as easy for my virgin eyes to decipher as the corridor. Sean P. plus a bunch of other respectables in the register. Albeit a dinky teacup the experience was better than anticipated.

    For the sake of record our approach seemed to be a combination of easy and lucky. Bob had a route exploring on a previous trip so we knew to hit the ridge and go right at options. We found cairns and use trails. A casual hiker would not like, nothing tough for off trail enthusiast.

    With only a half day burned we thought about hitting Sinking Ship. In true Preston Sands / Wally Farak fashion we took one step and Lee picked up two pottery sherds. This unplanned jaunt didn't pan out so we hit the road.
    Coronado Butte
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    Brahma gave me the summit itch. So naturally I was very happy to get an invite from Bob P to knock out another G.C. summit on Sunday.

    Coronado is certainly not the most difficult summit to reach in the Grand Canyon, however, its definitely one worthy of visiting. The hike in was pretty straight forward, although, a year ago I would not have described it the same way. Our paths diverged at Gully #1 which offered a pretty standard class three scramble to the top and probably some four after that. Dave and Bob headed up one, while myself, Joe and JJ headed for gully #3 which supposedly offered a 40 foot class four to start your ascent. While we were unsure about the 40 foot part, it certainly did offer a couple of challenging shelves to navigate during the early portions of the ascent. The last shelf did give me a little problems, its funny the things that get to your nerves vs. the things that don't bother you at all. JJ however, said he was 99 percent confident he could do it. He guessed right and luckily avoided that one percent area of doubt. Seeing JJ do it was all I needed and I was up and over with a nice assist from him at the top. The little ledge was deceptively tough. From a slanted platform you have to use minimal holds to pull yourself up onto another slanted platform, while blocking out the prospect of what I think most of us agreed would be a pretty devastating fall. Joe agreed with all of the above, so we took an extra minute and ran a rope for a little added safety and Joe was right up. No need to say who carried the rope there and back again ;)

    The Summit was great, in fact, a little history in those registers, definitely worth a visit. The views were tremendous and we enjoyed our quick stay. The hike back was pretty standard. I got to meet my nemesis New Hance again and it was not near as bad as with a full pack, however, definitely still the last man out in that group.

    In the end it was a really nice hike and a rewarding summit. I was very happy to cross this one off my list, hope to tackle another one soon.

    Loose Ends
    It was nice getting out with the varsity squad for a hike. I was able to bug Dave about the JMT and pack-rafting for nearly two straight hours, I lined up a potential Cheops run and I was introduced to the Del Taco experience for the first time. Thanks to JJ for driving which enabled me to knock out some much over-due grading and a special thanks to Joe and Dave for allowing my boots to ride in the car on the way home ;)

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