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Horton Springs Trail #292, AZ

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10  2019-09-14
Horton Promontory Rim Loop
25  2018-10-06
Horton Spring - Turkey - Beaver - Babe Haught
15  2018-10-06
Horton Spring - Turkey - Beaver - Babe Haught
11  2018-09-24
Babe Haught-Knoll Lake-Horton Springs
9  2018-09-01
Babe Knoll Horton Highline Loop
28  2018-04-04
Horton Super Loop Plus
10  2017-10-14
Highline-Horton-Turkey-Babe Loop
11  2017-10-14
Highline-Horton-Rim Wander-Babe Haught lp
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Overview: This steep trail ascends the Mogollon Rim in relentless fashion. A great option for avid hikers.

This trail with "spring" in the name is not to be confused with the popular "creek" trail. Which meanders along the creek with the spring as a destination.

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    Horton Springs Trail #292
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Horton Promontory Rim Loop
    Checked off a couple of all-time uniques.

    292 is steep. A few spots of deadfall and one section in particular where there are many user/wildlife-created switchbacks that deviate from the tread.

    3 small groups at the spring.

    Highline was nice. I forgot how thick and lush some of the drainages down here are. It was farther to get across to 278 than I thought it would be.

    278 was nicer than I had been told. Steep for sure, but it's over quickly. Some nice views along the way too.

    76 has been closed to vehicles for a year or more. The FS has redone all the roads on the butte in preparation for 4FRI. Hopefully they can get through it next spring and get the road open again. Then again, it was pleasant walking out there knowing there was nobody else around.

    The rain came before I got back to Crook. It didn't last too long, but I had to get all geared up. Actually turned out to be nice since it knocked down all the dust on the 300 which made much nicer conditions to complete the loop.
    Horton Springs Trail #292
    rating optionrating optionrating optionrating optionrated 1
    Being a glutton for punishment, I decided to do this hike once again. This time, there were 6 of us with a meetup group that were on the hike.

    We did the loop clockwise, so as to avoid going up the Promontory Trail. On this trip, going up the Horton Springs Trail seemed more difficult than last time, and going down the Promontory Trail seemed easier than last time.

    Once we got on FR 76, I took a bit of a circuitous route getting to Promontory Butte -- a more direct route would probably have shaved a half mile or so off of the distance.

    The views at Promontory Butte were very nice, as always. Actually, it was a very clear day, so the views were even better than normal.

    When we started the hike the temperature was in the low 30's, and it was around 70 when we got back.

    One interesting thing about this hike was when we were hiking on Rim Road 300/General Crook Trail 140. We were walking east on the Rim Road and an off road vehicle came up behind us. When the vehicle got beside us, the driver told us that as he was coming up to us, a mountain lion went across the road just behind us. Since we were looking ahead, we never saw the mountain lion. I am just glad that the mountain lion was not looking for a
    Horton Springs Trail #292
    rating optionrating optionrating optionrating optionrated 1
    I have wanted to do this hike, and I decided to do the loop clockwise so as to go down, instead of up, Promontory Trail #278 -- I think that was the right call.

    Starting at the Horton Creek TH, Tracie, my intrepid hiking partner, and I travelled on Horton Creek Trail #285 to get to Horton Spring, and then took the Horton Springs Trail #292 to get up to Rim Road 300/General Crook Trail #140. Then we went east on the General Crook Trail for a little over 2 miles, and then took an easy jaunt through the forest to get to Forest Road 276. We then took that to the Promentory TH, and then went to the SE to get over to Promentory Butte. At the Butte we stopped at the point where we saw a survey marker and the logbook that had been placed there by Joe Bartels back in 2003. From there we went SE to where the Butte juts out a bit, and saw 2 other survey markers. Then we backtracked back to the Promentory TH, and descended down to the Highline Trail on the very steep Promentory Trail #278. Then we turned left on the Highline Trail and after about 3/4 mile we took the Derrick Trail back to the Horton Springs TH.

    As advertised, all but 2 miles of the hike are on easy to moderate trails. The exceptions are the Horton Springs Trail #292 and the Promontory Trail #278. I had never been on the Horton Springs Trail, and it was easier than I thought that it would be -- the footing was mostly pretty good and the trail was generally easy to follow. But it was fairly steep, gaining around 1,200 feet over 1.2 miles. I had been up and down the Promontory Trail before, and it does not get any easier. This is a primitive trail that is poorly maintained, is hard to follow, is very steep (you go down 1,150 feet in 0.8 miles), has poor footing on much of the trail, and there is a lot of deadfall to negotiate. Other than that, it is a delightful trail to hike!

    Virtually all of the elevation gain on this hike is in the first 5 miles. In looking at a map, I could have shortened the distance by a mile or more by exiting the General Crook Trail sooner, and by not taking Forest Road 76 all the way to the Promontory TH and then backtracking back to Promontory Butte.

    We saw a couple of people on the Horton Creek Trail who were camping; other than that, we did not see anyone else all day.

    Horton Springs Trail #292
    rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
    Highline-Horton-Turkey-Babe Loop
    We started this loop from the Hatchery TH and headed East on Highline. A brisk mid-40's in the shade, but warmed up quickly on the sunny Highline. We were passed by a dog with a tracking collar going East, as well. Then 2 more going West. One of them followed us to Horton Spring. We took a snack break and continued up Horton Springs #292, the pooch followed. She was friendly until this point. About halfway up, we heard yelling from below followed by a series of shocks sent through the dogs collar. The distressed & exhausted dog turned on us and bit Linda's thigh. More of a warning bite, but broke skin. The dog then lunged at Linda with force and I intercepted with a trekking pole into it's mouth, and held it back while Linda got away. It's bite was forceful enough that it lost a tooth on my trekking pole. I stayed in between them and attempted to get some separation. With the dog still pursuing us, I fired a warning shot to scare it away, and hopefully let the onwers know they need to come up the trail and get their dog. This is not the trail to have a tussle with a damn dog on. It's steep with sections of loose tread. Bleeding from the mouth and paw, the dog gave up and layed down in some shade. We continued up and into the peace and quiet of the Turkey Beaver Wildlife Area. Almost immediately we encountered a dozen elk. We wandered a bit and did some leaf peepin'. Exited onto some FR's and then down into Gentry Canyon after a lunch break. We watched a Pronghorn leap through the pines. Followed by a healthy looking coyote. The reds and oranges got better as we traveled West. We took FR115 South a bit before meeting Gen Crook. We attempted to follow it to Babe Haught, and did fairly well. It's mostly gone, with one nice stretch and a few blazed trees. We hit the Babe Haight junction and cruised on down to the TH. Enjoying the view of Rim Country fall along the way down. Irresponsible dog owners aside, it turned out to be a great day, overall. We enjoyed the sights of fall on the rim and a perefect day of weather. Plenty of off-trail and a crunchy carpet of mutli-colored leaves always makes for good tread.

    Moderate to substantial, depending on location. Aspens were popping. Great leaf litter.
    Horton Springs Trail #292
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Me and the Turtle hoofed it to the high country. Denny had never been on the Horton Springs #292 to the Rim or the Babe Haught Trail. I through together a loop that got these 2 in, plus a section of the Highline I had not done and took us for a visit to the HAZlings at Knoll Lake.

    Started from the Hatchery going east on the Highline Trail #31 and made a wrong turn right off the bat. After crossing the Creek, you can see were they have blocked off the old trail and rerouted it. We took the well worn path to the right, thinking it's skirt around a hill. When it fizzled out, we back tracked and saw the reroute went to the Left (North).

    There was a prescribed burn on top of the Rim and with winds from the Northeast, it was quite smoky. The closer we got to Horton Spring, the thicker it got. At one point we thought about turning around and establishing a plan B to the top. The winds changed slightly, making it bearable. We stopped and enjoyed the empty spring area for a moment. There is a huge conifer that's been uprooted and lies across the creek, 50ft south of the spring. There must have been some high winds up here.

    The climb up the Horton Springs # 292 to the Rim is a steep one. The trail for the most part is easy to follow. It's cairned most of the way. Where the lower portion starts exactly, it a bit of a mystery to me, but loading one of the tracks on site, gets you to where you can follow it. The climb from the spring to the top is 1250' of AEG in 1 mile.

    Up top, we changed our plans a bit. The sign at FR300 (not the one Chumley leaves all over the woods) shows arrows both ways, as if this trail continues north of FR300. None of the TOPOs I've seen, show a trail on this side, but what the heck that's the general direction we're going anyway. It was trailish for 100 yds or so, but was easy walking.

    We trecked North crossing Turkey Canyon and Gentry Canyon. The canyon bottoms were a bit muddy and there was still snow is spots, So we opted for some cross country bushwhacking and some of the undocumented FR's.

    We stopped at Double Cabin to check the area out. We were both amazed at the size of the timbers they used and wondered how they were able to lift them. This place was built in 1950 and really wasn't much to look at, back then :next: [ photo ] .

    Walking away from the area, Denny noticed an animal walking on the other side of the environmental fencing. We were able to sneak around to the other side of the fence and wait for the animal to come to us. When it snuck through the fence, we got up to check it out. :next: Video :next: [ youtube video ]

    Only the second one I've seen in AZ.

    After a stop at the O'Haco lookout , we started our descent into Leonard Canyon towards Knoll Lake. We took the East side of the lake to get to HAZCamp. I was expecting a trail on this side of the lake. It was there in only spots.

    Captain Chums greeted us from the lake while on-board his Kayak, the SS HAZBAG.

    We stopped and chewed the fat for an hour with all that were awake. Great to see them all again. I sampled some of Brewmaster Julia's concoctions. It was around this time that Liz blew a 51. Quite impressive!

    Denny and I scurried off down the Babe Haught Trail to complete our loop back at the Hatchery. A fun day with perfect weather/temps.

    Thanks for the Hike Turtle!
    Horton Springs Trail #292
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Horton See Loop
    This was a nice refreshing loop I did as an overnighter. This hike would also make a great a day hike.

    I haven't had much time for backpacking lately. I've only gone once since I've gotten home from Colorado, and that was for trail maintenance. Oppressive if you ask me!

    On Friday morning an email landed in my mailbox. My one and only class that day was cancelled. I took it as a sign, and gathered my things for a night outside. I really didn't have time to put something together. I needed wrap up the school week and be out the door in 4 hours tops. I opened up Route Manager, and picked something in the backlog. This was a great candidate considering the constraints.

    Around 2:30 PM I arrived at the Horton Creek TH. The fall colors along Horton Creek Trail are very hit or miss at the moment, but overall lacking.

    I set up camp at the creek, and got ready to settle in for the night. There were 2 groups of 2 in the area, but we were all spread apart far enough that it was extremely quite and peaceful. Quite a rare event on a Friday night for such a popular area, and I think all parties were enjoying it.

    That was all out the window around 9:30PM, when a group of 5 boys and their dad/chaperone rolled in. They decided despite all of the available campsites nearby, to build a new fire ring right next to my campsite. Not a big deal though, as this was what I expected anyway for Horton, it was surprising the peace and quite lasted as long as it did.

    The next morning I got out of dodge just as the flock started rolling in. Didn't see a soul on Horton Springs Trail. Navigation wasn't terrible going up, there is an ample amount of cairns marking this route, some hidden in the tall grasses. Steep but doable even with a backpack, although I was packing pretty light. Oddly enough I had the hardest time following this trail right at the top just before it connects with FR 300. The cairns blend in really well with all the other rocks.

    I did the FR 300 walk with a couple of backpackers who were doing the same loop, but over 2 nights. My recovering lower-back was giving me issues as I topped out on Horton Springs Trail, and I thought about turning back. Knowing that at least someone was behind me and could help if I locked up like an old grandpa, I decided to keep going. It didn't turn out to be a big deal anyway, I was fine the entire hike after popping some ibuprofen.

    I lost the 2 backpackers soon after dropping into See Canyon. Great company, but there was no way I was making it back to the TH before dark at their pace. This was my first time in See Canyon and I was impressed. Great fall colors going on right now in the upper part of the canyon. Overall I thought this was a pretty area from top to bottom.

    After hitting See Canyon TH, I had the trail all to myself all the way to the Derrick TH. :) This is a lovely little section of the Highline, and I had forgotten how good it was since the first time I did it back in Spring of 2015. Great views of the top of the rim + mazzies + hells gate. A winner in my book. It was a little warm in the exposed areas of the Highline, but there was usually a light breeze which felt awesome.

    Would do again.

    Mostly concentrated in Upper See Canyon, with pockets on the Highline and Horton.
    Horton Springs Trail #292
    rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
    Planned a quick fishing trip to include both Tonto and Horton, while returning Sunday to avoid traffic. That worked out just fine. Connected with The_N and Rosie Friday evening as he snagged a great campsite along Horton earlier in the day. He offered, and considering the holiday Friday exodus, I accepted. Turns out we were one of only two groups camped along the creek Friday. He had wood all handled too which was appreciated. Saturday we launched for the spring and then over to the Hatchery. After a quick snack at DW creek, we rolled into Tonto and hung a left and followed some faint trails down past several waterfalls and then over to the confluence of DW creek and Tonto. With water filtered we made our way back over to behind Tonto Creek estates and then cut through the camp back to the road along Tonto. I managed to catch a small brown trout near the bridge. The_N departed at the bridge and I headed back up Horton towards camp. This time every campsite was taken and folks were camping in between as well. I found my site untouched and it was a fairly quiet night. The Sunday trail traffic was heavy as I headed out.
    Good to meet The_N and Rosie, and thanks for snagging that campsite...
    Horton Springs Trail #292
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    The Horton Super Loop is a cool hike, but the "Plus" in this hike was all about walking the rim along Promontory Butte. That was a joy. The pictures do not adequately capture the stunning views along the rim.

    This hike was done in a CCW direction so I could finish on the Horton Creek trail :y: . The Derrick Trail was muddy in spots. The steep Promontory and Horton Springs trails were in reasonable shape considering all of the rain up here. The Horton Creek trail was perfect as always. While I saw quite a few campers on Promontory Butte, I didn't see another hiker until I reached Horton Springs.

    My bones were creaking at the end, but it was nice to get out on an all day hike. The weather was perfect!
    Horton Springs Trail #292
    rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
    Went up to Horton Spring to hopefully recover hikerdw's lost GPS unit & get in a short hike during the window I had open today. With only a few other people on the trail today I was able to set a good pace and reach the spring in an hour. After a quick search of the area I continued on up #292 for a mile (basically the edge of the rim) before turning back. I Zig zagged my way down, taking my time as I scanned the ground and tall grass. Once back down at the spring I asked a couple who were camping nearby if they came across it. I looked along the shore and in the water from the spring down to the first little cascade beyond the wood bridge. Sorry David, no luck today. I did make myself useful and picked up lots of trash left behind by the weekend crowd. I got sprinkled on once or twice but nothing else came of it and by the time I finished back at the TH it was warm and sunny again. Unfortunately this is the kind of place where any lost valuables can be snagged within minutes of being dropped.

    Lots of coneflowers. Bergamot is fading.
    Horton Springs Trail #292
    rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
    Derrick - Promontory - Highline
    I knew I wanted to climb Promontory today but I also knew I didn't want to climb down Promontory or posthole down See Canyon again. What I came up with was Derrick ➡ Promontory ➡ FR 76/76B ➡ FR 300 ➡ Horton Spring #292 ➡ Highline ending at Hatchery. Derrick was immaculate and a nice little warm-up before Promontory Trail which was it's usual steep self with some new deadfall to hop over. I enjoyed the strong winds on my way up. Atop the butte I briefly took in the views before taking on the flat stuff. Pleasant stroll along 76 & 76B as I listened to the wind howling through the pines. Rim Rd was annoying, even with no traffic. Patchy snow and mud still. Horton Spring Trail #292 was marked with numerous small cairns but the Pine needles, dry grass and loose rocks made for less than ideal footing. This is when the wind picked up in intesity. I couldn't even hear myself think. Quick water break at the spring before jumping on Highline. Took another short break at Dick Williams Creek before finishing out at Tonto. This stretch of Highline is beautiful. Panoramic views of the looming rim as I hiked through a giant manzanita/oak grove with tall pines and occasional Juniper sprinkled in.

    Not as numerous as on the western half of the rim.

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