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Barry Goldwater Peak via Goat Camp, AZ

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Distance Round Trip 13.2 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,496 feet
Elevation Gain 2,587 feet
Accumulated Gain 3,010 feet
Avg Time Round Trip 6-7 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 28.25
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7  2016-03-30
Mesquite-Ford Canyon Loop w Goldwater Peak
5  2016-03-30
Mesquite-Ford Canyon Loop w Goldwater Peak
17  2015-12-13
Radio Barry Sunday
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White Tanks Radio Summit via Goat Camp
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White Tank's Loop
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by PatrickL

Barry Goldwater Peak (4083), named after the Arizona born US Senator, is the high point of the White Tank Mountain Range. Most views attribute that title to the popular Radio Summit which is just 65ft shy of BG Peak. The summit isn't visited by hikers all that often. It offers views of some western peaks (as far as the Eagletails this particular day) that Phoenix locals probably don't get to see that often.

Hike: Goat Camp starts out gentle. Not long after the first mile, you do two or three switchbacks and begin following along the side of Goat Canyon (just before the switchbacks is a rock that may as well be a bench. It's shaded by a tree earlier in the morning. Great place to take a quick rest). In between the switchbacks and the second mile marker is probably the roughest section. You'll most likely be watching your footing the whole time. Passed mile marker 2, it's a mix of the previous terrain. Gentle in some spots, rocky in others. After crossing a wash at the far end of the canyon, you start to hike out of it. This section is loose, and rocky as well. You will pass the third mile marker along this stretch. Once atop the ridge, you get your first view of Barry Goldwater Peak and the Radio Summit. The next two miles are the easiest on the whole route. Once you get to the 5th mile marker, there will be a smaller peak to your left. Once you get around this, the Jeep trail will be on your left, heading west. This picture isn't exact, but hopefully it gives you an idea of where to look.

Here's where it begins. The trail is easy to follow, but just in case, there are numerous cairns set up. I sort of lost the trail about 20/30ft from the service road. It may have continued, but it was no biggie. Take a right at the service road. You'll come to a bit of a junction later on. You want to take the obvious left. After winding up a little ways, you'll come to a three way junction, take the right.

At the top, you'll find a red jar under some rocks containing the summit registry. Feel free to donate a pencil. I started heading down around 11am and finding shade was nearly impossible. Bring A LOT of water with you if you're going to attempt this during the summer months. I had a little less than 4 liters and I payed the price. Better yet, don't attempt this hike during the summer months.

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2010-07-07 PatrickL
    WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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    Barry Goldwater Peak via Goat Camp
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    White tanks only opens at 6am if planning for a sunrise hike you may have to start from the gate but Goat Canyon Trail is not that much more of a walk. Trails are marked very well in White tanks but once you get to the wash its off trail and on your own but its not to difficult. Furthest west point of the Goat Canyon Trail you enter the wash straight through until you reach the service road. The service road winds to a few different viewing spots that are amazing. This service road hits various locations from Verrado up to Barry Goldwater. Other service roads also lead to other high peaks phone usage is available 60% -70% of the trail. When reaching near the top stay to your left on the service road and follow to the top.
    Barry Goldwater Peak via Goat Camp
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    This was a pleasant little hike with the pups today. I had been meaning to do the peak since the White Tanks popped up on my radar in the spring and today proved a good day to do it.

    We got an early start and the temps were cool most of the day and the trails were fast and nice for the most part. It wasn’t the best day for views and the White Tanks are a little drab right now, but I still enjoyed the relatively close to home alternative. A good way to pad some stats and a add a peak late in the year (those things are important to Blanco). Overall it was a nice day and a decent hike, you could say it was a Barry Merry Christmas..🎄🎁
    Barry Goldwater Peak via Goat Camp
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    Second trip up to Barry Goldwater Peak via Goat Camp Trail. My first time up in 2014 I used a combination of the park map and some notes jotted down from other hikers. This time I was armed with Gaia GPS app and pre-downloaded tracks. Quick trip up - 1 hour 45 minutes without taking a rest break. I cut off some distance from my previous climb by cutting over to the tower road at the shortest distance going up a dry creek bed. This isn't the "typical" route described, but its shorter and basically covers the same terrain. This was my third peak in three days, after having done Humphreys Peak on Monday and Camelback on Tuesday, so my feet were starting to feel it by the top due to blisters from sweating in my goretex boots that are better on hikes like Humphreys where it's cold versus hot desert. At the top I signed the register, applied some blister packs to both feet, and headed down. Descent was about an hour and 30 minutes - three hours and 13 minutes round trip. This is a good, challenging hike. Here's my linked GPS track on Gaia:
    Barry Goldwater Peak via Goat Camp
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    One last hike "out west" end of the big city.

    Saw course little deer gals and four javelina...Surprised they were out and about it's chilly down here but today was gorgeous!!

    Tried my hand at some bouldering off BG summit that didn't last long because I got chilled in the shade.

    How I'll survive up north next week I have no idea haha
    Barry Goldwater Peak via Goat Camp
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    Sometimes you can't sleepy and borrow your sisters car to go somewhere pretty.
    Parked in number 7 and headed up Mesquite Cyn trail pretty quick.
    Saw a familiar junction and ended up bagging Barry Goldwater, I'm okay with that.
    Went "down the other side" ran into 3 big puppies off leash so I went back the way I came to avoid the owners who I assume weren't far behind.
    Back to Goat Camp jct then up Ford to make a loop out of it, came upon Waddell and opted to take that back to the parking lot.

    Well. That was fun. Lots of birds out, redtails, a bat in the parking lot when I got there. Saw some fat quails, are they even supposed to be out when it's this cold?

    Which by the way today was surprisingly warm. For January...

    Fun loop, think I miss a trail connection in my links but forgot what it was
    Barry Goldwater Peak via Goat Camp
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    Radio Barry Sunday
    Return visit a long time in the making. I had hiked to Barry Goldwater with my brother in law a little over 4 years ago, and I have wanted to do it again ever since. Make it a double peak day, and I am in. I managed to shave almost an hour and change off the previous time, and added in the extra peak. Thanks to trekkin gekko for the track idea, the tower road walk in between made logistics work out nicely. I got an 8:30 start in the morning, chilly but not too bad. Goat Camp is good trail, but gets pretty relentless from mile 1-3 or so. I saw a group of 6 white tail cross the trail about 50-60 feet ahead of me right before the Radio spur, Awesome start to a great hike. I had a head down moment and plowed past the turn off for the Radio Summit, but did not get too far down the trail before I realized my mistake. First time up the Radio Summit, the spur trail is pretty easy to follow. It does get a little thin in spots, but since you are heading up a ridgeline to a bunch of looming towers, it is hard to get too far off track. Took a short break at the top and then headed down the tower road for Barry Goldwater. Nothing like dropping 800' just to gain it right back again. Big machinery up by the top, looks like there will be some construction in the near future. Took a few minutes to thumb through the summit register, saw lots of familiar names in here. Great to see so many of my HAZ brothers and sisters representing. Looks like I just missed the Eagle and Ray Huston by a day! Took another break for some views and headed on down to the connector trail. I stopped a little ways down for a PB sandwich and some Gatorade, and then powered my way out. I saw about a dozen hikers today, but they were all within 2 miles of the trailhead. All Rush on the playlist today, Fly by Night, Signals, Caress of Steel (my personal favorite), 2112, Exit Stage Left. Been listening to more Rush this week after hearing Neil Peart is officially hanging up the sticks, sad days for the rock world. So glad I got to see them one last time on the R40 tour...
    Barry Goldwater Peak via Goat Camp
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    Started GC 6:15a, summit 8:25a, finish 10:10a. First hour was by headlamp as I was constrained by time as I had a 1:10p flight back home to Minnesota. I ended up jogging most of the relative flats both ways between mile markers 3 and 5. Took a couple short breaks and about 10 minutes on the summit to sign the log and take a couple pictures. I actually had full LTE Verizon coverage at the top - those big towers are blasting cell signals and probably microwaving my brain cells too!

    Descent of 1:45 was really aggressive - jogging whenever possible to save time - but the temperature was great (~50), and the trails were clear. I actually didn't see anyone until past the 3 mile marker on the way down, 10 miles into the hike. I went through about three liters of water total and had one Kind bar. If I could do it over again I would have started with less layers even though it was about 45 when I started. I got hot quick and ended up carrying a light jacket and light fleece most of the trip. I was on vacation and didn't have all my gear, but this could easily be done with just a camelbak and light snack.

    Overall it was a great experience and the instructions on here made it really straight forward - thanks for the inspiration!
    Barry Goldwater Peak via Goat Camp
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    headed west this morning after work for the two high points in the white tanks
    up goat camp to just past the three mile mark, then found the use trail that goes up to the radio towers
    it must get plenty of traffic, because there is zero route-finding needed
    signed the summit register but there were a lot of bees nearby, so i didn't stay long
    took the road over to barry goldwater peak
    saw that patrick, 9l and kyle have signed in this year
    back down the road to the cairned use trail that descends to just above the five mile mark on goat camp
    went back down goat camp
    this route provides the most efficient access to both peaks, although it's not my favorite trail in the white tanks
    expansive vistas in the higher regions and interesting rock formations along the trails and in the drainages
    lots of dust in the air this morning
    saw a couple dozen people on goat camp, but no one once i got off trail
    light breeze, cool temps and some haze at times
    a good day for it
    Barry Goldwater Peak via Goat Camp
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    White Tank's Loop
    Started on a dark, cool, clear morning in the Valley. The guy at the park entrance said I was his first customer on the day.

    It'd been awhile since I'd been out to the White Tanks, and it sure felt good to not have to drive at least a couple of hours to get out of the heat to hike.

    Ford Canyon is one of my favorites in the park, so I started my big loop there. I enjoy both Willow and Mesquite, so I did some off trail to the top of Willow Spring and then included the upper portions of Willow then Mesquite. Now on Goat Camp on my way to Barry Goldwater Peak, I kept my eyes open for any signs. None. I followed a wash to the road that goes to Barry Goldwater peak. I sat and enjoyed the views while I ate my lunch. I actually got a bit cold up there.

    My least favorite part of this hike was the steep, rough, uneven downhill portion of Goat Camp Trail. I'd forgotten how bad that portion of the track is.

    My goals were simple for the day:
    1) Get to a spot where I could see Willow Spring from above - Check
    2) Get to the top of Barry Goldwater Peak - Check
    3) Hike the part Of the Goat Camp Trail that I hadn't done before - Check
    4) Put together a loop in for some good exercise - Check
    5) See a Goat on Goat Camp Trail - Nope....
    Barry Goldwater Peak via Goat Camp
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Wendi and I are trying to find hikes in-town and when she brought this one up for a vote I jumped on it. I first came across this hike early in our beginning stages and could remember thinking that we would never be able to do this one, ever. I have a growing interest in what lies west of phoenix so I was excited to finally get some views looking beyond the White Tanks. They didn't disappoint either but the I was really shocked to be able to see Lake Pleasant, I mean the actual lake! My attention had earlier been drawn to an interesting peak but once I knew where Lake Pleasant was I realized the peak was Peak 3465 over in the Hieroglyphics, I still have to finish the last 3/8 of the last mile to complete that hike.
    This was a tough hike. Wendi almost went on strike a 1/4 mile or so shy of the top. I have to admit when you first get on the service road I though we were really close but then you get around the bend and another 1/2 mile is revealed and the steepness kind of takes the fight out of ya. We kept going though and I/we(I think) were happy that we did.

    Everybody we passed had questions for me, it was strange. Hopefully I don't look like I know what I am doing. Wendi thought it was weird how many people get on a trail and didn't seem to know what was in store. We did pass one couple on the way up, I think they were sharing the burden of carrying a large day pack. When we passed them at about 4.5 miles it was the ladies turn to carry. He and his "Sherpa" (as he puti) had a rough time getting up the first 3 miles, we laughingly agreed with that cause those miles were some real huffers. The views of trail and the canyons are expansive and I am pretty sure that he was actually carrying that big ol' pack up the first 3 miles... I am giving him the benefit of the doubt anyway.

    Anyway excellent hike. We hiked 20' passed the cairn for the side route but we had already figured out where were headed so it was pretty obvious that we needed to turn around. Wendi said that she had seen a side trail but it didn't look like any thing that went anywhere...That turned out to be our trail. Miles seem longer on this trail. I got pretty red today. No fauna but for some lizards that started head bobbing me, I head bobbed'm right back! Busy trail, more than I expected. Once on the side trail we didn't see anybody except for some cheaters/work crew in a pick-up truck coming down the service road. I think I could see Vulture's Peak too!

    Permit $$
    Maricopa Regional Parks - Fees more info

    $7 per vehicle,$85 annual or trade your first born for the life pass

    $2 walk, bike or horse ride into park

    Map Drive
    Paved - Car Okay

    To Goat Camp Trailhead
    101 Loop to Park Take the I-10 west out of Phoenix to the 101 Loop Freeway. Go north on the 101 to Olive Blvd. Take a left and head west 13.5 miles to the White Tanks park entrance.

    I-10 to Park To get to the White Tanks Park from downtown (PHX) is to stay on I-10 to Cotton Lane. Then go North 7 miles to Olive Ave, there is a stop sign and a Fertazone plant on the NW corner. Take a left (west) to the park. By going this you miss the new stop lights and the added stop signs on Olive.

    After paying the fee at the entrance station on Olive Ave., continue west and take the first left, which is Black Canyon Drive, then park at the second parking lot on the left, which is Area 2. This is the location of the Goat Camp Trail trailhead. If the lot is full, go back to the first parking lot, which is Area 1. This is the location of the South Trail trailhead. The South Trail connects to the Goat Camp Trail.

    From PHX (I-10 & AZ-51) 36.8 mi - about 50 mins
    From TUC (Jct 1-10 & Grant) 144 mi - about 2 hours 20 mins
    From FLG (Jct I-17 & I-40) 153 mi - about 2 hours 29 mins
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