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Wahweap Hoodoos, UT

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    Wahweap Hoodoos
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    We cut our Coyote Buttes South trip short, so that I could take my friends from PA to see the White Rock hoodoos. The old way in which would take us right up to the edge of this incredible side canyon of Wahweap Creek is on lockdown. Apparently the secret is out. There is a new trailhead, but as always the case, the hike in is much longer. Future trips to this area will be by way of the other route. I heard from a German hiker that the rangers were getting tired of rescuing hikers from the rough road.
    Wahweap Hoodoos
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    OK - first hike of our 12 day odyssey of Utah and Arizona. This trip has been a lil over 18 months in the planning phase. Flew into Phoenix late on the 16th - drove to the intersection of NO WHERE and NO WHERE in the town of NO WHERE in the district of NO WHERE also known as Kanab. On the way we stopped in Flagstaff to get supplies and the we stopped again at Lake Powell - got some good pixs there.

    We took the traditional route to the Hoodoos by way of Big Water - sure wish I would have seen Rick's images and trip logs BEFORE we did our hike - a long slog in up the wash complete with many many cow pies and in our case some very unstable wet ground. It was cloudy out and threatening rain so we had that working against us. We stopped and chatted up the Rangers at the Paria Contact Station right across the road from where the road to the trailhead is. You need to drive in about a mile or so past the fish hatchery to the trailhead. We stopped right where the cattle pen was as the ground was very sandy and the threat of rain had us a lil worried about getting the rental Jetta out of there.....memo to self - rent a 4x4 next time! :oops:

    We hiked across the wash to the actual trail head and then up the wash to the hoodoos. Not until I searched this hike did I know about the shorter but better payoff hike. Anyways - I digress. The hike was kinda boring but the payoff was worth it. We actually blew past where the white - did I mention white? hoodoos were. We were seeing some hoodoos but NOTHING like what we saw hiding behind the tree grove that was kinda protecting the hoodoos.

    Like Rick says - it is AMAZING! As anyone who has read any of my previous trip logs knows I personally hike with Ansel Adams - well not THE Ansel - but his protege. A simple three hour hike can morph into 4, 5 or 6 hours depending on the scenery. Thankfully really not too much to be seen - there were some cooooool holes in the canyon walls created by the wash when the water was high - would have been cool to actually see it running. So other than some pretty cool holes in the walls and of course the obligatory awesome 24x7 scenery that is Utah it was sorta a bit of a slog to the hoodoos. Of course we didn't do ourselves any favors by blowing right by the Hoodoos and then taking the "oh I blew past the Hoodoos trail" back to the Hoodoos. Very cool they were! :D

    As soon as Ansel sends me his images I will post the better pixs - until then we have to suffer with my images :scared: - trust me they do NOT do it justice like Rick's images do. All in all tho - as we recounted our trip at the end of our journey - we rated this as a nice payoff but a slog to get there. Next time we take the shorter route thru Cottonwood Canyon.
    Wahweap Hoodoos
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    This is not the traditional Wahweap hike. This Wahweap side canyon (nicknamed Sidestep) is incredible with its mushroom rocks and hoodoos. Its become one of my favorite places to visit and I always seem to find something new. This place is a maze of amazement. The views are mindbending and there is never anyone else there to spoil it. Decided to hike out to see a hoodoo up close that I've always wanted to photograph. It has always been just a few hundred feet away, but there is a slot canyon in the way. This time we made the trip around the slot canyon and up the other side to see this grand hoodoo.
    Wahweap Hoodoos
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    After canyoneering a cool slot canyon (Sidestep Canyon) in a side canyon that feeds into Wahweap Creek we decided to head over to the Wahweap Hoodoos. We accessed the dry creek bed from the north end which is only 1 mile from the first pocket of hoodoos which contains the granddaddy of them all, named "The Tower of Silence". This is much better route than the 4.5 mile approach from the south end, especially on a hot day like this one.
    Wahweap Hoodoos
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    Sunday was the hottest day of the weekend. Its also the day we chose to go see the Wahweap Hoodoos. Although, 85 degrees doesn't sound all that hot, the sky was clear and the sun was beating down on us the whole way. We even found ourselves hiking along the Eastern cliffs of the Wahweap valley, not just because they were interesting, but because they were in the shade. Unfortunately, this took us far off the main drainage and before you know it we were burning too much energy up and down multiple ridges. I finally had enough of this and led the troops to the West side. That's where the hoodoos are.

    Just when I felt my group was starting to grow weary, the first set of hoodoos seemed to just appear out of nowhere. They blend into their environment so well, its hard to notice them without a good look. Once you seem them and know what you are looking for, they just seem to pop out.

    On to the next crop of hoodoos. Wow! You walk around the next corner and are met with a garden of hoodoos. One of which we call the fertility hoodoo. Quite the hoo hoo poker.

    We stopped for lunch in this hoodoo garden then walked around the bend to the next garden. This one was as impressive as the first and features the most famous hoodoo, known as the Tower of Silence.

    These hoodoos appear very fragile and we were careful not to climb on them or lean on them. I wouldn't even call this stuff rock. Its somewhere between sandstone and mud. I can't imagine it would take much to vandalize and destroy this surreal landscape. Maybe the 4 mile hike-in is too discouraging to would be vandals.

    Of course the biggest vandal would have to be mother nature herself. This stuff looks like it would melt away with every rain or wind storm that comes through. I don't know how long these hoodoos have been around, but the fragility makes me think that this place won't always look the same.

    Incredible hoodoos and awesome sights along the way. I am tempted to return just to spend more time in some of the side canyons that we encountered on our journey.

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