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T-Bone Loop Trail - South Mountain, AZ

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Distance Loop 3.1 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,333 feet
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10  2019-04-07
Maricopa Peak & T-bone Loop
7  2019-01-29
Max Delta - T-Bone - Alta - Bajada Loop
15  2014-11-08
Ma Ha Tauk-Max Delta- T Bone Loop
10  2014-01-08
Maricopa Peak
15  2014-01-05
SoMo Park Circle Route - 1934 Master Plan
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The T-Bone Trail takes its name from the historic T-Bone Steakhouse which is located north of the Preserve a short trip out of the 19th Avenue Trailhead.

This new 2019 loop includes a large portion of the original T-Bone Trail and incorporated non-designated trail to the ridgeline of the Gila Range.

This trail is cut but not signed yet.
A section of the current T-Bone Trail alignment that connects to the Max Delta Trail will be signed as a unnamed designated connector trail. This alignment change from the existing T-Bone Trail removes all segments of the trail that were north of the ridgeline near the Phoenix Police Academy and the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club facility.

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2019-01-31 HAZ_Hikebot

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    T-Bone Loop Trail - South Mountain
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    I started by the Central park entrance. I too the Max Delta Trail all the way to the end (Bajada Intersection). The trail is marked good and even shows the mileage at first. The last few posts have the modern stickers but no mileage. The last post has the old marking and no mileage or start/end sign. From there I backtracked to the Ma Ha Tuak intersection and took it to where it starts/ends. It's marked good with the new stickers. From there I took the T-Bone Trail back to Max Delta Trail. It has an old sign at the start and end. That's all I could find. It's not marked good at all. You do better following the horse poop. From there I just took the rest of Max Delta to my car for a nice loop and GREAT weather. :y:
    T-Bone Loop Trail - South Mountain
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    I needed a hike. HAZ site was saying I had hiked 57% of the trails in SM. So I figured it was time to try out some of the missing trails. Mike was also up for a hike, so we met at the 19th Ave TH at 6:30am. Headed out the Ma Ha Tuak trail, then onto the Derby Loop, on to the Los Lomitas, even threw in the Judith Tunell, over to the Max Delta and finally the T-Bone back to the TH. The 7 miles was interesting, but I needed some elevation which is missing from most of these trails.

    So seeing as the Warrior was right there... Mike said he had somethings to do, so he took off. Man that Warrior is a butt kicker, especially after 7 miles of other trails. It took almost exactly 2 hours to hike the 7 miles. The Warrior took me 10 minutes less than 2 hours just to do the 1.5 miles to the Alta and back. But it's done.

    No other people on the trails, at least seen by us. We saw several cotton tails, quail and a few Jacks. But my high point is after several hundred miles of hiking in SM I saw a fox today. Looked up just to see him running beside the trail and a leap over the edge. This guy had very red fur, including a full furry red tail. Really surprised me.

    Almost no wildflowers.
    T-Bone Loop Trail - South Mountain
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    LiLD and I dragged my brother(Mike) and one of his friends(Scott) out for a short hike. The plan was to get all my siblings out for a hike this year. Two down and one to go. This trail is in the process of being rerouted. It's a little rough in sections but the reroute looks pretty smooth. It goes over to and around the ramada now.I think it adds a tenth or so. I wonder if the reroute is do to the rain damage or the guy that was off trail and caught a stray bullet awhile back :o . I guess we will need a new track for this one. We didn't know of the reroute so LiLD only tracked it on the way back. Thanks for the hike, gentlemen! :D
    T-Bone Loop Trail - South Mountain
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    Easy one today with my girlfriend. Surprisingly the parking lot was almost full. Did a loop with Ma Ha Tuak, Max Delta, Bajada, Ranger, then walked the road for a few minutes to the T-Bone and back to the TH. My first time on Max Delta, T-Bone, and the western section of Bajada. Weather was just perfect out there today. Really windy. A lot of people at the ramadas enjoying the weather.
    T-Bone Loop Trail - South Mountain
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    Ma Ha Tauk-Max Delta- T Bone Loop
    Well It was a very nice morning to take Rowdy for a hike. I still am trying to keep things short as we work into longer hikes. I did this as a loop as I never done these trails before except the Max Delta. the other two trail seem so short so I did them as a loop.
    Joe help me out to combine these trails into on map. But as I started I soon found I did not need Joes help on this. As I added the second trail the whole thing came together as Kelly had done this loop before and there it was. Thanks Kelly and Joe. I did save Joes video for future reference as I will be combining other trails together.
    Now as the hike went it was very nice out and really some nice views all around. But as the hike came to a end I knew it was time for some brew and food. So I found this place called Uncle Bears. When we got there I was pleasantly surprise on how many people were there with their dogs. Then I remember dogs eat for free on Saturdays, got that Lee?
    T-Bone Loop Trail - South Mountain
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    Commandeered a vehicle, abandoned the passenger, headed out to bag Maricopa Peak....and then some.

    Started at 19th ave TH
    Headed up Ma Ha Tauk a few hundred yards, took the non-traditional ravine route up to Warrior, punched a barrel cactus, oops, ouch!

    From Warrior, cross country to Alta Trail
    Alta West to Maricopa Peak
    Coming down Maricopa ran into 11 javelina including one tawny pinky piglet!
    Skirted the javelinas, continued down Alta, spotted a trio of coyote
    Break at western TH then continued along National toward Bajada.

    Jogged most of Nat & Baj, reached Ranger, took a break, still had plenty of time to spare, headed up to Goat Hill, no new dead things in Fred's cave. Lunchtime!

    Continued east on National stopped to water a tree spotted a really cool little alcove down a ravine so of course I went to check it out, heard some rocks moving in it, went in for a closer look heard a growl, scared the :pk: out of me, I may or may not have shrieked as I leapt up the ravine and glanced back down in time to see a gray blur launch out of the little cave stopped for a split second in which is assume it flipped me the bird then was off and out of sight...HOLY :pk: THAT WAS A BOBCAT!! :o :y: :DANCE:

    Continued along National to Kiwanis Trail took that down to the parking lots followed the road south to Max Delta Trail then up to the Ramadas then down T-Bone trail to the jeep where I slept a good half hour before making my way to the nearest Jamba Juice...

    11 javelina
    3 coyotes
    1 bobcat!
    3 red tail hawks
    1 turkey vulture
    3 GIANT jackrabbits

    Such a great day!
    T-Bone Loop Trail - South Mountain
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    East Half SoMo (with Telegraph Pass carry-up)

    Halving completed a West half SoMo with a carry-up Telegraph Pass yesterday (check out :next: ), I naturally needed to complete an East half SoMo with a carry-up Telegraph Pass to maintain balance in the universe.

    I met Clark Norgaard by chance hiking up Telegraph Pass. We chatted as I did the carry-up to the saddle.

    From the saddle, I launched into a speed ride down Summit Road and onto Central Avenue before veering off to the Big and Little Ramadas Picnic Areas to check out a couple of (unknown to me) trails I hadn’t explored before – T-bone and Ma Ha Tauk. The T-Bone Trail connects to the Max Delta Loop and Crosscut Trails. Meandered east along the Crosscut Trail that morphs into the Las Lomitas Trail (or is it Los Lomitas Trail) and eventually deposits you at the South Mountain Park Visitor Center where I discovered another new (at least new to me) trail – Judith Tunnell Interpretive Loop.

    After checking out the Judith Tunnell Interpretive Loop (no bikes allowed, so had to keep a constant eye on my bike), headed east across the parking lot to explore some of the Box Canyon Loop, Holbert Trail, and Box Canyon. I found a new connector trail from the Holbert TH to the north end of 7th Street.

    From 7th Street, I joined onto the Highline Canal Urban Trail before connecting with the Beverly Canyon Trail and Desert Classic at the Pima TH. Desert Classic took me home allowing enough time to catch the 4th quarter of the Packers/49ers game…

    My new tubeless tires continue to ride well on the trail albeit they did add noticeable weight for the carry-up. Some of the “new to me” trails marked on the official SoMo Park map :next: ... 062880.pdf

    26.04 miles
    3:05:30 time
    1886 AEG

    Brittlebush blooms in some lower washes
    T-Bone Loop Trail - South Mountain
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    Ma-Ha-Tauk to the crosscut trail up over to Big Ramada area for a wee, crossed over to T-Bone went half way down, ran back up met with Max Delta took that backto Ma-Ha-Tauk took that back up to crosscut trail to Big Ramada again then BACK to Ma-Ha-Tauk and down to the 19th ave parking lot :D

    NO idea how far that was but I ran 3/4 of it. It was at leat 2.5 miles though and did it all in 45 mins. :wlift: ran on banana power, i love that banana smileycon! lol

    hmmm...i think I need a GPS again so I can actually track my time/dist!

    T-Bone Loop Trail - South Mountain
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    :sk: So I had a little extra time this morning I decided to explore the Ma-Ha-Tauk and on to the Max Delta Loop to T Bone trail and back to the 19th Ave parking lot.

    Hmmm, I'm not sure exactly on the distance traveled, I think it adds up to 2.6 miles on that loop.

    I left my Subaru at 7:50am and returned at exactly 8:30am!

    40 minutes didn't seem long enough but I did run the trails as much as possible and it felt AMAAAAAAZING!!!!!

    I should trail run more often!!

    I just ran....up the hills with my poor little heart beating frantically trying to figure out what could possibly be happening!

    I kept wanting to stop, for those of you who don't know me, I can physically run for days it would seem, but cardiovascularly...I have the heart and lungs and circulation of a dead body.
    So running, especially UPHILL is a challenge for my sad little heart and lungs, but oh I pushed myself today and it felt great, I feel improved, I feel like blood is actually circulating to all the right places for once :sl:
    And I think I'll try again next week as well!!

    Yea, that's probably small beans to many of you, but for me it's a major improvement and I'm proud of my meager almost 3 mile trail run : rambo :

    And no, I am not going to the doctor to have my heart and lungs checked out :D I'm in good health and it's getting better, no worries ya know!
    T-Bone Loop Trail - South Mountain
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    from the 19th ave trailhead, took ma ha tauk, max delta, crosscut to ma ha tauk and back to max delta, then t-bone back to the trailhead
    while i was right there, decided to go up and down warrior
    had been curious about the loop from looking at the park map
    ma ha tauk is okay, but i can't say much about the others
    the lower trails on south mountain are not the most interesting
    overshot max delta, realizing it when i came to the road
    worth the exploration to satisfy my curiosity, and it was something different
    adding warrior spiced up the visit
    posting my gps route just for fun, in case anyone else is interested in this area
    warrior is a nice climb, but i was pretty slow coming down
    here's a good south mountain map from the city of phoenix website: ... 062880.pdf

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