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136th Street Spur Trail - MSP, AZ

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Distance One Way 1.6 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,762 feet
Elevation Gain 812 feet
Accumulated Gain 840 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 4.4
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15  2018-02-25
Sunrise Peak from 136th Street Spur
12  2015-10-06
Sunrise Peak from 128th Street
37  2015-08-22
Sunrise Peak from 145thSt & loop 136thSt Spur
7  2014-12-26 Crzy4AZ
1  2014-01-02
Sunrise Peak 136th to 145th Loop
3  2013-06-01
Sunrise Peak 136th to 145th Loop
40  2011-10-27
Sunrise Peak from 136th Street Spur
5  2011-02-04
Sunrise Peak from 136th Street Spur
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Location TrailDEX, HAZ
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136th Street Spur Trail - MSP
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
I have not been out to Sunrise this year, so this seemed a great alternative to my heavy doses of SOMO and the Phoenix Mountain Preserves lately. Pulled in to the 136th street TH about 4:30 to get my hike started. I did not like the look of the automatic closing gate and 'closed at sunset', so I backtracked and parked in the almost deserted shopping center at 136th & Via Linda. I started up the wash, this is definitely the best trail on the Sunrise end of the park. Made it up to the summit in pretty good time, and saw my first other hikers of the day. I took a nice break up top to enjoy the views and then made my way down the 145th side. Saw about a dozen hikers coming down this way, nice easy decent too. I took the Equestrian spur from the 145th TH and followed that around to the dirt 'trail' that follows along Via Linda and took that back to the van. Absolutely fantastic sunset tonight, so much color in the clouds!
136th Street Spur Trail - MSP
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
My usual trip to Tucson was filled with nice periodic rain, so I kept heading north until I could get a break in the storm for a hike. I ended up doing Sunrise from 128th street, and the weather was great. Got to the trailhead a bit before 5 and started off. I saw 4 hikers early on, and then nobody after the first 15 minutes or so. I got on and off sprinkles for most of the hike, but never enough to need my rain jacket. Took a nice break on top to enjoy the views and then headed back down. I decided to check out the 136th street spur instead of heading back the way I came, this trail was probably my favorite on this mountain. Very faint trail with some nice bouldering spots, I will have to make this my next ascent. Light was failing and I scrambled up onto the neighborhood street and took Larkspur back to where the van was parked. Some mighty expensive houses up here...
136th Street Spur Trail - MSP
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
The Trailhead at the end of 136th Street is closed while the City of Scottsdale builds a water station so we hiked it from top down. Parked at the 128th Street Trailhead and hiked Ringtail :next: right on Sunrise :next: right or down 136th Street :next: on city streets 136, Via Linda, 128th to Ringtail Trailhead. Some boulder climbing along the way, but nothing difficult. With wife, Judy.
136th Street Spur Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrating optionrating optionrated 1
I feel like such the "merry housewife" right now as I type this triplog. Woke up this morning and cleaned up the Christmas mess of the house and organized the kids' Santa haul. Then took kids to winter break school so I could get a hike in before we leave for family trip tomorrow.

I'm in the "check it off the list" mode for All trails challenge. There's a REASON I haven't done some of these last few trails on the list. I was determined to get 136th Street to Sunrise knocked off after going up to Sunrise Peak dozens of times by way of 124th, 128th, and 145th.

Unfortunately the 136th Street spur Trailhead just recently :cry: CLOSED :cry: for the next 10-12 months for construction update. So I parked at Ringtail TH on 128th Street and took Ringtail :next: Sunrise Trail then went down 136th Street spur.

I was all into the trail at first and then I entered a wash area with all kinds of warning signs about rocks/boulders. No more trail - just sandy wash alternating with climbing down easy rocky boulder areas - but with huge mansions on either side up above me - felt creepy for some reason.

Went through two tunnels (bridges above part of fancy pants neighborhood) and then got to the blocked off construction site trailhead. I was dreading going back up those stupid rocks. They're not difficult - but it's just not what I had in mind today. I like steep trails but I like switchbacks and trails. I like the clicking and crunching under my feet in a rhythm. Plus I'm 41 years old - my knees don't love sliding and climbing rocks. And getting on an airplane tomorrow - I didn't want to twist my ankle the day before.

So I did something kind of crazy for me - and popped out on 136th Street and just jogged back to my car on 128th St. I looked ridiculous jogging with a backpack on. But I was so glad when I got back to my car!!

Then came home - took a long nap with my cat - got 3 loads of laundry done - dishes - packing suitcases for kids and me - and watching two chick flicks on TV (Little Women and Julie/Julia cooking movie).

Now got to go pick up the kids - no way I could get all this done with them in the house. Have you ever heard the sentiment that trying to clean your house with kids in it is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos??? :sl:
136th Street Spur Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
Sunrise Peak 136th to 145th Loop
Nice late afternoon hike. We started around 5:30pm and made our way up the 136th St wash. This is a fun section that I always enjoy. From there we reached the Sunrise Trail and made our way to the peak. After a short break, we made our way down to the 145th St TH and then took the equestrian trail back to the cars. It was a good evening.
136th Street Spur Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Sunrise Peak 136th to 145th Loop
9L and I met up with Not Julia, DB and Hiker Dan for my first night hike of the year, whoo!
Ran into a javelina before we were even out of the wash...

Pretty sure it came running out of the drainage tube with some Goompas chasing after it!!! The Goompas never made an appearance but the Javelina posed for a few photos...darn thing refused to let me pin a "Hello my name is Fred" sticker on it...

Brisk hike up the hill, we regrouped at the major saddles, made it to the top in under an hour and breezed down the other side at what felt eerily like a jog to me!! :sweat:

Great to see everyone again, I suspect this will happen again soon. Whoo!
136th Street Spur Trail - MSP
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Sunrise Peak 136th to 145th Loop
Recent forum discussions on night hiking reminded me 'tis the season again, and I was easily able to convince 9L to join me for an easy hike. He was gonna be up north anyway, so my SOMO plan got altered to MSP, and we got to bag Sunrise Peak.

I'd never hiked the 136th spur, and at night in the desert it made for some fun, with a keen eye for snakes in the grassy areas of the wash and on the few short climbs where hands were on the ground. None seen or heard all night though, just a few small spiders, one small tarantula, an entire colony of bats that flew from a sheltered spot we spooked them from, and some crazy insect with a 4-inch wingspan near the peak.

It was warmer than I had expected and the air was stagnant and stale except for at the very top where a very light breeze was refreshing.

We hiked the equestrian spur at the bottom and found that a nice singletrack trail exists for the entire length of Via Linda, so you don't have to hike on the street or sidewalk to get back to the 136th TH.

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