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Discovery Park, AZ

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Overview: Discovery Park, which is part of Eastern Arizona College, is a multi-purpose educational facility containing two levels. The top level located on top of a mesa houses several buildings including EAC classrooms, science & technology buildings, Gov Aker Observatory, a small astronomy exhibit and a short nature trail. The lower level east below the mesa is know as "Nature's Hideaway" and is an award winning restored wetland. Several miles of hiking trails takes you through the riparian habitat that includes seasonal ponds, a permanent pond, fish watching window, wildlife viewing blinds, a frog ranarium and the Circle D Ranch.

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2018-07-14 HAZ_Hikebot

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    Discovery Park
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    Sunrise start to my morning hike.
    Did the big loop with visits to the pond, Circle D Ranch, upper mesa, greenhouse & a little side trip outside the park to Graveyard Wash.
    Lots of wildlife this morning - coyote, millipedes, lizards, dove, quail, hawk, great horned owls, roadrunner, crows, ducks, blackbirds, birds I can't ID, garter snake, cottontails, jacks, pond fish, box turtles & desert tortoises (parks enclosure habitats) and one cool little horned lizard.
    Also found pottery just outside the park, some decent sunflowers patches and 2 of the other regular users of this fun place.
    Another great walk through Nature's Hideaway!

    Discovery Park
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    Afternoon walk around.
    Pond loop & Graveyard Wash.
    The baby GH owl has left the nest and is now up a branch.
    Angry crows in the sky.
    Blackbirds in the cattails.
    My 2 ducks were friendly.
    Still no snakes or monsters spotted despite everyone else seeing them here.
    Smoke from the Rattlesnake fire has made it to eastern Graham County.
    Met quite a few people this evening also out enjoying this great place!

    Discovery Park
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    Late afternoon get out.
    Started at the cemetery :next: up Discovery Park Blvd :next: into Discovery for the pond loop :next: back down to the cemetery to finish the Cemetery loop. Finished up at sunset.
    The baby great horned owl is now very visiable, looks like the moma only had 1 this year.
    Windy with big gusts, but it felt good tonight ..... good walk.

    Discovery Park
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    Another afternooner out to Discovery.
    Yesterday was the lower, today I hiked more of the upper mesa area of the park.
    Quick visit to the mama owl first below, then a visit up with the desert tortoises that are now out ..... box turtles are still sleeping?
    Still no snakes or monsters spotted yet, but it shouldn't be much longer til.
    Enjoyed my visit!
    Discovery Park
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    Short & sweet afternooner to check on the nesting great horned owl.
    I thought it would still be a little early for her to have young and it was at first, but wait ..... a little fuzzy poked out! Only saw 1, but am sure there is another.
    All around the pond area is green now with full cottonwoods, looked great.
    Shall return later for a family photo after the owl kiddies grow up a bit.

    Discovery Park
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    Couple afternoon hours at the park.
    3 great-horned owls, 2 crows, 2 vultures, several hawks, ducks, coots & bees were spotted.
    Also found half a skull with antler that looks to maybe be a coues deer, have never seen a deer in this park.
    Lots of cloud cover and a pretty good sunset 6/10.
    Discovery Park
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    A few afternoon miles around the Hideaway.
    Great horned owls, roadrunner, woodpecker, hawk, quail, ducks, coots, blackbirds, jackrabbits & cottontails were spotted. Graveyard wash no longer flowing and the pond it getting low. Cottonwood leaves are doing the March thing. Pinalenos still showing a good amount of snow on top! So nice to have this place so close to home on days I don't feel like going far. There is always something cool to see out at Discovery Park!

    Discovery Park
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    Another overcast/light rain day in the valley.
    Hit up Discovery to see if Graveyard Wash was flowing, it was and looked nice.
    The great horned owls are now on their nests.
    Saw a couple of hawks and 1 single millipede out.
    Found more pottery just outside the park.
    The evening clouds over Mt Graham were very dramatic into sunset.
    Left just as the light rain started up again.
    Have just been loving this weather ..... hope it stays a little longer!
    Discovery Park
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    From the side entrance I looped "Nature's Hideaway" with visits to the pond area, Circle D Ranch, Graveyard Wash & the main buildings on top. Cottonwoods were golden with half the leaves on the ground now.
    Animals were plenty - 4 great-horned owls, hawks, ducks, coots, woodpecker, jackrabbits, cottontails & a cat.
    Park looked great as always, lot of new projects going on!
    Discovery Park
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    Sunrise walk around the park.
    First time this week that I was cold at the start .... and that's a good thing!
    Saw a sunrise, great-horned owl, coots, ducks, pond, hawks, sunflowers, cottonwoods just starting to turn, turtles, Pinaleno views, Circle D Ranch & a madman flying his home made plane above me.

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    Paved - Car Okay

    To hike
    From the US Highway 191 & 70 junction in Safford, head South along 191 for 2.2 miles. Turn right (west) onto Discovery Park Blvd. and take for 1 mile. There will be a parking area to the right next to a small city building. Walk south across Discovery Park Blvd. then take a right (west) and up the walkway to the side entrance into the park (24/7) or you may continue driving to the end of 191, take 2 lefts and enter from the park/campus Rd. and park at the visitor center during campus hours (hours vary).
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