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Taliesin Trail - MSP, AZ

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Accumulated Gain 441 feet
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Taliesin trail to Quartz outcrop MSP
9  2015-03-21
Quartz Trail - MSP
45  2015-02-04
Quartz Trail - MSP
18  2015-01-10
West World Trail - MSP
9  2013-10-20 black_toes
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Taliesin Trail - MSP
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After nap - did a family hike from the house onto Paradise trail :next: Quartz :next: Taliesin (brief thought of going up to Taliesin overlook but was too late in the day to make it out by sunset) :next: McDowell Mtn Golf club parking lot.

We drove one car to golf club and then started hike from house. I like this method. Sometimes we have dinner at Mesquite Grill after hike - but not tonight. Caroline stopped to journal nature observations a few times. George loves being line leader and using a kid adjusted hiking stick.
Taliesin Trail - MSP
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End of afternoon post-nap hike alone. Went from front door to Paradise to Quartz up to the Taliesin Overlook -- was about 10 minutes before sunset. Hauled it back down and jogged Taliesin trail to the McDowell Golf Club parking lot.

Called Brad to come pick me up. He was at park with the kids. One friend saw me and asked if I needed a ride. Then I accidentally flagged down a random person thinking it was Brad.

Took exactly 1 hour 11 minutes to get to Taliesin overlook from house (same as Bell Pass other direction).

Light at the overlook just incredible - gorgeous.
Taliesin Trail - MSP
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While grandparents were in town for T'giving - - we went on a date hike to Quartz outcrop. Left from front door - through neighborhood gate - Paradise trail to Quartz and up to outcrop. Had lunch and relaxed - then back to Taliesin trail to the McDowell Mountain Golf Club parking lot. Had a car there to take us back home a few miles.

First hike we ever did in MSP was Quartz in 2005.
Taliesin Trail - MSP
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Taliesin trail to Quartz outcrop MSP
Wanted to take advantage of cooler temps with rain day before. Caroline has two school friends (boys) that have hiked to the Quartz outcrop - so it was on her Kindergarten-bucket-list :lol: . George rode in the hiking house the whole time and I am not sure how Brad carried him up the last straight up stretch to the quartz outcrop. Caroline was so irritated at how slow we were getting to the top and then she loved climbing on the "white lava" as she called it of the quartz vein.

George brought his teddy with him and I bet there haven't been that many teddy bears on the quartz outcrop! We had a snack and looked up at Thompson Peak (which is now Caroline's new goal) - - and it clicked for her what those things are on top - for our cell phones. She has always called Thompson Peak "cake mountain" b/c it looks like birthday candles on a cake. So the illusion is gone but now the challenge is real. I think she could do it in the winter if I brought enough snacks and we stopped for breaks.

After the hike - home for lunch and nap. Nice to have so many trail so close to our house.
Taliesin Trail - MSP
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Most Annoying Hike Ever
This was seriously the most annoying "hike" I've experienced in ages. To knock off some ATC segments, I had to take the Quartz up to West World and connect to Taliesin. All of these, of course, feature nothing more than golf cart paths and people's backyards.

To top it off, my dog Trixie and I encountered a hiker who had a large vicious dog that she was almost unable to control. As we crossed paths, her dog lunged at Trixie while snarling and the hiker had to all but tackle her to keep her from getting away. As a first-time dog owner, I now understand what people mean when they talk about what they would do if someone attacked their beloved little family member. If that dog had gotten away and come at us, I would have attempted to kill it unless it backed off. How exactly, I'm not sure. Maybe it's time to start packing.
Taliesin Trail - MSP
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Quartz trail was the first MSP hike that we ever did in 2005 (although I vaguely think there was Lost Dog in 2004 but I can't find any pics and it was before I was HAZ member to document).

Babysitter for the kids. Parked at McDowell Mtn Golf Club with no guilt because we eat there all the time. Picked up Taliesin trail under the bridge and then to Quartz all the way to wherever the "end" is. Hard to tell since no signs at the end. And there is an unbelievable amount of Fountain Grass in the last stretch - impossible to see where trail goes in some parts. Scares me to think what would happen in that area if there was a lightning or human induced fire.

Skipped the quartz outcrop and just stayed on the main trail. I had forgotten how gorgeous that back canyon is - especially with sun beginning to set. I keep hearing about this section of Quartz connecting up to Thompson Peak trail... but no definite plans in the works.
Taliesin Trail - MSP
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ATC Challenge miles to date: 109/133

Date hike with Brad - I've dragged him into the ATC Challenge - and he observed that several of these remaining trails have neither physical challenge nor beauty. True. But dad-gum-it if you give me a challenge -!!!

My plan was to do the entire length of West World as a shuttle since it doesn't look like much of a trail from the pieces i've seen. I had three big miscalculations in my planning: (1) There's nowhere to park at the trail's end intersection with Cactus Rd, (2) Barrett Jackson is at West World, and (3) it's sprinkling rain off and on.

So we wasted some time driving around FLW Taliesin property trying to find somewhere mostly legal to park. No luck (although maybe we could have pulled into the service vehicle area by the canal at the top of the hill). So instead we parked at McDowell Mtn Golf Club and took Taliesin trail down to West World. I forgot that I needed that little stretch of Taliesin for ATC list anyway.

Saw a cool golf relic - sign for Sanctuary golf course saying stay off. WW trail is just as boring and awful as I suspected. Basically a service road for powerline vehicles. Only fun part was crossing over the canal. Went all the way to very end (intersection of Cactus Rd and FLW Blvd) and saw a planted palo brea on MSP land. Either planted or airborne since the neighborhood nearby has many of these. So now I can email Nature Guide leader of the Human Impact Study for McDowell Sonoran Field Institute to let her know there is at least one palo brea in the Preserve and it certainly got there by humans.

Then as sun was setting and starting to rain again - went back to the Golf Club and had dinner outside by the fireplace at Mesquite Grille. I'll finish the rest of West World sometime next week.

one solitary brittle bush in bloom in a disturbed area
Taliesin Trail - MSP
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Taliesin trail to Quartz outcrop MSP
Date night hike and dinner. Parked at the McDowell Golf Club in our neighborhood. Picked up Taliesin trail just across the street from the parking lot. Took Taliesin until the intersection with Quartz. Then along Quartz Trail long enough to get to the unmarked turn for Quartz outcrop.

Watched beautiful sunset - light on the quartz was beautiful.
Back the way we came.
Dinner outside at The Living Room in DC Ranch marketplace.

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