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Levee Trail - MSP, AZ

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Thompson Peak from 104th St TH
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Gateway Loop Trail - MSP
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Levee Trail - MSP
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In keeping with the yearly goal of more peaks, more unique hits, and more miles, I decided to head out here. Wow. That last road is no joke. It felt never ending with a steepness I don't remember experiencing elsewhere. I think the paved portions make it seem like it isn't as steep as it is but holy crap.

I was going to attempt this last weekend but decided to do the loop around Tom's Thumb. I am glad I chose to follow lindaagm's route as it shaved a few miles off of the one I was going to use. I was gassed by the end.
Levee Trail - MSP
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a quick between travel hike thanks to the temps being low enuf to get an after work hike in from 104th St clockwise on the Gateway Loop and then over on the Crosscut to Levee Trail.

A lovely day out. I wanted to get a good pace and it looks like I did altho I wonder about the mileage being a little off as HAZel didn't keep up with me the first bit. I did the adjustment in the Cloud when I loaded it to avoid the straight line but being as it didn't record, I'm thinking it missed 1/3-1/2 mile. I went thru the trip logs to see if anyone had done the loop like I had to get the correct mileage but to no avail. I'll have to try the route officially and make sure HAZel is with me the entire way. You just can't have anything else running unless you make sure to re-touch RS.

Anyway, not many folks out including no poop fairy to pick up the blue plastic bags. I did see a couple bike riders. As I came around on the south side heading west, the lingering palo verde's blooms was a sweet sight. It was good to get out instead of being stuck with going to the gym. I'm heading to Montana tomorrow. Sad thing is all my Iris are budding for the first time in 7 years and I'll miss getting to see them bloom all at one time; but at least I got to see a couple of the blooms.

Sorry that I haven't been able to keep up with everyone's trip logs and pictures. I feel bad as I know I'm missing a lot. I have to settle with the Comments and HAZ Forum for now and an occasional photo set and trip log. Now I'm off to Montana to hopefully close out the condo my dad was living in so I'll have one less thing to occupy my time.

Happy Trails.
Levee Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
A nice and warm afternoon for a hike. I decided to hit the McDowell's and really wasn't sure which trail to do. I parked on the 104th street trailhead and just started hiking.
I kept a close eye on Rowdy and adjusted our hiking accordingly. Right know 85 seems to be a little on the warm side for him. I guess it time to break out his cooling jacket.
This was a new trail for us and it was nice and not busy at all. I did hear some small little birds but I could not seem to find them. It seemed warmer than it as and there was shade for Rowdy so that made it nice.
Levee Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
One last hike to round out the year. Took the family up to Flagstaff yesterday to play in the snow, figured that earned me a hike day. It has been three years since I did this one last, it is the only named MSP peak I have not gotten in this year. Hit the 104th trailhead about 7:15 to start my day before the sun was up. Didn't see much of the sun until I hit Bell Pass. Made my way in good time up and over. I took the cairned shortcut slownsteady mentioned, nice way to skip a bit of the road walk. Needed a few breaks getting up the tower road, just as steep as I remember it. There was a worked up top moving some heavy equipment around, he seemed none to happy to see me despite giving him a friendly hello...I got stuck behind him for a bit of the downhill as he maneuvered a skid steer down the really steep part of the road. Took one last break at Bell Pass again, then on back to the truck. Saw just a few folks in the morning, but quite a few on Bell Pass and Gateway on the way back. This makes 82 different peaks for 2015, surprised myself that I managed to get that many in without driving to every corner of the state. Happy New Year all!I
Levee Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
Quick after work hike in the McDowells. I went out of my way to avoid the heavily congested areas.

Desert Park Trail :next: Horseshoe Trail :next: Gateway Loop :next: Levee Trail :next: Equestrian Bypass
Levee Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
won't get to hike this weekend so wanted to get in a hike during the week PLUS I'm trying to get back in hiking shape. I left work 10 minutes early and hiked from the 104th Street TH. There is a sign up there, actually 2, that do NOT want people hiking after sunset or before dawn.

The temp was perfect as I had hoped. I hiked over to the Gateway Loop to hike clockwise. Between the Levee Trail Jct to the Gateway Loop Jct that road is pretty rocky; I don't recall it being that way but maybe I've just forgotten. I only saw 6 people on the way up including a runner that I thot was BobP but it was a BobBunne. My goal was to make good time and keep up the pace which I did. I did my circle at the saddle and then headed on down. I saw nary a soul the entire way down. I did take the Paradise Trail over to the Levee Trail and did stop to take a picture of some poofy clouds behind the McDowell Peaks :D and the large saguaros in the foreground.

I had forgotten how long that Levee stretch can be. It's kind of fun to hike it now because the brush is growing on each side of it so it's like hiking on a lane. I ran into some folks at the Levee-104th St Jct and advised them to head over to Gateway for the more scenic route they had for 30-45 minutes of time they had. And then it was on Basha's to pick up sushi rather than my usual reward, a piece of pizza.

When I loaded up my route this AM I was surprised to see how fast I went for me. Whoo hoo! After tonite's Barbell Strength Class at the club, I will have exercised 4 days in a row; maybe I'm turning into a trekkin gecko? ;) Oh wait, I can't run. :(
Levee Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
McDowell & Drinkwater Peaks
Oh, this one has been on the to do list for quite a while. My wife had something going with the kids this morning, so this gave me a chance for the rare Saturday hike. I got over to the 104th street trailhead about 7:20 to start off for the day. I usually like using the smaller lot so I can avoid the Gateway crowd as much as possible...Uneventful trip to Bell Pass, made it there in 1:09 without any breaks, I am pretty happy with that. Here is where the trip started getting interesting. I basically followed Trekkin' Gecko's track up the east side of McDowell. The scramble was better than I anticipated, there are lots of things to poke you, but the footing is pretty stable all considered. The genus Cylindropuntia (Chollas) is well represented out here for sure...Topped out on McDowell and started the traverse to Drinkwater. I stayed on the ridgeline and had no problem making my way across, if you have done Camelback from the Cholla side this is no big deal. I took a break on Drinkwater to enjoy the views, and then started my way back around. Instead of summiting McDowell again I thought I would skirt around the west and south face, pretty sure this did not speed the process and might have taken longer in retrospect. Found my line to head back down to the Pass again and then hightailed it to the truck. Brought 3 liters and ran dry right as I got on the Levee trail fro the return, plenty of water back at the truck. I have now officially climbed all 5 of the bigger peaks in the MSP, woo hoo. Great hike!

P.S., Has anyone ever seen the purported bicycle patrol threatening to ticked off-trail hikers in the MSP? I have hiked out there at least a dozen times (both on and off trail) and have never seen these guys. Has anyone else???
Levee Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrating optionrating optionrated 1
Wanted to do an easy family hike for Labor Day weekend. We did one car at Bell/104th and then other car at MMR community center. Brad and I had big clippers to do MSC Patrol trail maintenance. Following rules and regs from the City to prune back intrusive growth. Brad carried George and he got the tall stuff. I did all the back bending and crouching to cut back overgrowth. The canyon sage was out of control on Paradise trail along wash crossings. I knew from MSC digital patrol on Instagram that trail runners felt Paradise trail was overgrown. Need to go back with bigger clippers to really get all the wash crossings in good shape. But sun was setting and had to get back to the car.

Passing by our future-new-house is pretty darn cool. Can't wait to have Paradise trail as our "backyard". Levee trail is also unbelievably overgrown with creosote on both sides and down the median - will need several people with big clippers to really prune that back - maybe when weather gets better. Posted again to City about the poor condition of Bell/104th St trailhead parking lot. I'm about to go to Lowe's and buy some sand and gravel and get that gutter lip filled in. Summer rains have really made it worse. Will pester construction & maintenance chair at the next MSC event.

Brad went home to watch Auburn game - and I took kids to Twisted Lizard for an intentionally slow dinner. Then to Cream City Cafe for ice cream before home.
Levee Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrating optionrating optionrated 1
We finished negotiations on a house that has a property line with Paradise Trail - inspections next week - and although I've hiked it a bunch - Brad has never been on this trail. So I wanted to show him Paradise Trail and our new house from the trail! You can't see the house from the trail but I know about where it is - there's a hill/ridge blocking view. We went up and around a little - saw the blanched shell of a dead desert tortoise. Then back Levee to 104th (two car shuttle). Gorgeous light through clouds at sunset. Then dinner at Mesquite Grille at MMR golf.

Can't wait to move into the new house! Backyard is the Preserve - dream come true! I can do MSC patrol from the patio in the hot tub LOL :lol:
Levee Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrating optionrating optionrated 1
Sunday morning early hike - first time hiking after a medial collateral ligament injury in Florida early June. Wearing my knee brace and using poles. Did fine. Not even that slow.

Parked at MMR community center. Took Quartz :next: Paradise :next: Levee :next: 104th St trail :next: MMR neighborhood sidewalks to our house. Then Brad took me to go get my car later.

Haven't been on Paradise trail in a while. Beautiful morning light. Nice to live in a neighborhood right up against the Preserve - which was created to prevent more neighborhoods being built LOL. The parking lot at Bell/104th TH is in bad shape - reporting it to MSC/City. Needs fill in gravel and sand badly.

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