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Peak 4141 - Mineral Mountain Quad, AZ

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Distance Round Trip 1.02 miles
Trailhead Elevation 3,802 feet
Elevation Gain 308 feet
Accumulated Gain 507 feet
Avg Time Round Trip 1.5 hours
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15  2012-07-02 CannondaleKid
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by CannondaleKid

Peak 4141 is located in the Mineral Mountain Quadrangle, which is just south of the US 60 between Florence Junction and Superior. Typical of peaks in the Mineral Mountain Quad, the drive to the trailhead is every bit as much of a challenge as the actual climb, and Peak 4141 is no different. Depending on the capability of your vehicle and how far you are willing to drive it, one-way this hike can be as short as .5 mile or just over 2 miles each way. If you begin your hike from the same point as I did, it will be the same trailhead as for used for Peaks 4140 & 4020.

From the same trailhead, rather than the immediate climb for Peak 4140, you will slowly descend along an ancient Jeep trail. Since there is no trail as such, when and where you decide to climb is up to you. My initial plan was to follow the the ridge driectly from the trailhead but it appears that would be slower going and a lot of boulder hopping. The first peak you see on your left is NOT Peak 4141 so just continue for about .2 mile, at which time you will begin the climb. I did not follow the exact same route up and down, but the route up was better so I only posted that part of the GPS route.

Once you reach the saddle between the two peaks it's just a matter of choosing the route you feel the most comfortable with. I managed to start an unintentional rock-slide with just a partial pressure of one foot so you may want to test each foot placement was you approach the summit. The views from the summit are well worth the rough drive and short hike. The Arizona Trail segment #17 can be seen in the valley to the east.

Being so close to Peak 4140 and Peak 4020, you may want to climb them as well for a three-peak day.

Check out the Official Route and Triplog.

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2012-07-08 CannondaleKid
    WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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    Peak 4141 - Mineral Mountain Quad
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    As I descended to the trailhead from my first summit, Peak 4140, I scanned toward my second planned climb with a keen eye to decide first, which actual peak it was, and second, what would be the best approach. From a previous 4x4 trip to the AZT #16/17 trailhead I knew it was very steep from the east, so that was out. But that still left whether to follow the ridge up and across or to drive farther south and attack it straight-on from directly below. After some deliberation I still wasn't sure if 4141 was the first or second peak along the ridge. If it was the first, the ridge would be best, but if it was the second, I really didn't want to have to traverse the whole ridge as it would take well over the 60-70 minutes I wanted to stay within.

    So decided to set my GPS to navigate to Peak 4141 and continue driving along the western base, watching the arrow until I knew for certain which peak it was. Soon it became apparent it was the second peak so I continued until I was directly below it. From there is was a smoothly ramping slope getting steeper.

    When started the second climb it was 9:45 am with the temperature just above 90 degrees. Already loosened up from the first climb this one went pretty quickly until I reached the large boulder section. With so many boulders so close together it would be just a matter of picking out the easiest route as I traversed each section. Still, after my boulder-loosening experience from the first climb I was being careful.

    As I continued many boulders would move with the slightest pressure and it soon became an sequence of slow moves. First placing one foot on a boulder, slowly adding pressure until most of my weight was on it and if it didn't move then I put my full weight on it. Even doing so, I managed to cause another rock slide. Thankfully it happened after I stepped off and everything slid down off to the side. :scared:
    All that did was raise my heart rate and slow my progress. :o

    Eventually I reached the summit where there was a small flat area allowing me to sit down and give the wobbly-legs a well-earned break. After a short break I took another 360-pan video along with a number of photos before wrapping up summit #2. Weirdly enough, on the descent I had more confidence and made good time across the boulders and it seemed I was back to the car in no time. A short break to dry out my clothes somewhat before driving toward summit #3 for the day.

    I posted 15 photos here on HAZ with the full set of 19 photos here:
    Peak 4141 photos

    I also posted a 2+ minute, 360 degree panorama video from the summit here:
    Peak 4141 panorama

    Permit $$
    AZ State Land Recreational Permits are available for an individual ($15.00), or a family limited to two adults and children under the age of 18 ($20.00).

    Land Parcel Map

    Map Drive
    Strictly 4x4

    To hike
    Take the US 60 east toward Globe, continuing about 3.5 miles east of Florence Junction to the turn-off onto the dirt North Mineral Mountain Road. You will be crossing Arizona Trust Land so be sure to have secured your annual permit. Heading south from the US 60 you will continue on N Mineral Mtn Rd to the junction with Ajax Mine Trail (road) at about 7 miles. (Note, there will be other junctions prior to this point so I'd recommend you download the GPS route for the drive.) Continue east on Ajax Mine Trail for about 5.2 miles to N33.20716 W111.15008. This is the junction where Ajax Mine Trail, Telegraph Canyon Road (SW from Superior) and Forest Road 976 meet. From there I'd suggest following the GPS route I posted.
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