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Crown King - Back Road, AZ

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Lane Mountain 233 - Crown King Back Road Loop
13  2016-09-17
Lane Mountain 233 - Crown King Back Road Loop
48  2015-02-23 Stoic
30  2014-03-29
Road to Crown King
19  2013-09-28
Lane Mtn - Crown King Backroad Loop
11  2012-11-18 ASUAviator
13  2012-08-30
Silver Creek Loop
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    Crown King - Back Road
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    Lane Mountain 233 - Crown King Back Road Loop
    Fourth times a charm?

    The Lane Mountain Trail #233 is always on our Radar. The upper reaches provide some excellent views in all directions. We've used this trail as the start of a couple of loop variations. History and Peaches make/made this loop memorable. The history is still there, the peaches.......

    We started at a comfortable 61 degrees and climbed to a new area on the western side of Lane Mountain. There's a nice campsite there. 4 x 4 required. Back down and on the Lane Mountain trail. Without a track, you are never finding the beginning of this one. After you are on it, the track is obvious. To the saddle close to the 6600' contour is right up there with with it's views.

    After the saddle, this trail is starting to "tighten up". GPS Track, Long Pants, long sleeves, gaiters, loppers, chainsaw recommended. It's a shame.

    Where the trail hits Humbug Creek, the area is all ripped up with a brand new mining operation. Someone sunk a lot of money in to it.

    Up the Back Road 711 to what we have been calling Peach Mine Ranch. We'd hit this area some years back, for some tasty peaches. A highlight of that trip and one of the main reasons we were on this route today. At the ranch, the door to the building had been kicked in and the place ransacked. What's wrong with people? ](*,) To make things worse.... the peach trees died. :(

    Gazelle Mine was an area I noticed in the Sat. view. Well worth the short side trip. The log cabin is the largest I've seen in the Bradshaw's. The exterior was in great shape. Once again, the door was kicked in. The inside was a hoarders playground. A sign on the outside of the cabin said everything had been stolen.
    There were at least 5 vehicles left behind, as well as a bucket shovel rig. I would love to know the stories behind some of these old properties.

    At this point we still has some climbing to do. The temps hit the low 90's and I was feeling it. More Catclaw greeted us on our way past the Rapid Transit and the Savoy Mines. The gold water is still in the Savoy mine.

    Up on the Senator, the temps started feeling great again for the walk back to the truck

    I have a new loop idea for next year.
    Crown King - Back Road
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    Lane Mountain 233 - Crown King Back Road Loop
    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

    Bruce added in a little jaunt over Lane Mountain proper right off the bat. The views off Lane get me every time. Looking out through the pines to the ripples of the west valley is Disney perfect.

    My 2014-06-28 report of #233 "Good shape" has changed to the first stages of gone by intrusion of vegetation. Like our last 3 loops on Lane we descended first leaving the grunt of the hike for the second half. By the time we reached the bottom it was too toasty for my feathered friend and we were both tired from the bushwhacking.

    A new mining operation was interesting to see in action along FR711 between Burro John and Kentucks Grave. Between the equipment and land it must have cost a half million or more to startup. There is no running water so they just dug a hole in the creek until they hit agua about 20 feet down.

    I've been thinking about this hike all summer for the peaches near Castle Rock aside an old cabin. Things have changed in the 3 years since our last visit. The locked cabin door is lying on the ground. The two peach trees have almost died along with a little joy in my heart.

    The sour notes were weighing down on one of my favorite loops. While I'll likely return it was crystal clear I might be alone on that adventure... lol

    A new cabin near Gazelle Mine helped lift the spirits. This Grizzly Adams approved cabin was filled with junk knick knacks, a funny sign, several classic vehicles from the 60-70s and a power shovel.

    A long stretch of catclaw up the switchbacks after New Savoy had me on the rare lead. Temps cooled ascending as expected. The 1.7 mile walk on forest roads back to square one was enjoyable. Despite the woes I learned more on the area and enjoyed the hike overall. So without further adieu, who is up for a good 20+ mile day hike in the Southern Bradshaws =)

    1 minute 36 seconds ... iFCY

    lots of goldenrod and turpentine bush
    Crown King - Back Road
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    Lane Mtn - Crown King Backroad Loop
    A 4:30 meet at the Park and Ride and 1:30 later we started the day with clear skies and 38 degree temps. We made the turn on to Lane Mountain trail and were shortly greeted to the views that make this hike for me. Looking south, 18 miles to Lake Pleasant; 44 miles out U of P Stadium; 60 miles out, The Sierra Estrellas.

    At the Sullivan Spring area there was a new addition to the trail. A 4' tall 2-1/2 diameter tank in the middle of the trail, with 2" poly pipe coming into and leaving. The pipe leaving ran on, across, through the trail, run haphazardly all the way down to the Copper Creek Spring area some 4.3 miles (22,700' away). The cheapest I saw this pipe for was $1.09 per foot. This appears to have been installed hastily. But really how can you install 22k feet of 2" pipe in areas few travel, quickly.

    We visited one of the Ranch Mine areas for a lunch break and enjoyed the small peaches from a single tree by the building.

    On the way back up the hill we checked out some of the remaining mines including the Oro Bell area and New Savoy Mine area. (The water was still gold).

    The Bar was filled up in Crown King, so Joe decided not to stop in and visit his buddies.

    On the way home, Joe taught 3 kids a lesson while the rear passengers soiled themselves.

    Met Larry and Mike for the first time, and got to hike w/ Kyle again. Joe was able to turn Larry and Kyle against me.. (Larry Really.... us old dudes need to stick together). Mike was a trouper and did not succumb to the JB BS.
    Crown King - Back Road
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    Just did this drive two weeks ago. The road is in fairly good shape, but would not attempt this with a stock 4x4 as added ground clearance is imperative as is a shorter will base to keep yourself from getting high centered. Found Kentucks' grave and there are some old homesteads along the route worth checking out. Humbug creek also had a small flow which made for a nice creek-side environment to get out of the car and stretch the legs.

    If you take the Oro-Belle route to Senator HWY and want to head to crown king be sure to go right when you hit Senator HWY. For some reason my garmim wanted me to go left and take some sort of circuitous route to get to town, but just go right and you will be in town within a few minutes.

    Crown King - Back Road
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    Silver Creek Loop
    Pam started some smack talk that jj dethroned the crown jewel of torture with a wanna be soiled shirt. Little did I know at the time I'd put that to rest on the next jj hike. If only I was smart enough to wear pants :lol: :o

    Bruce threw together a great loop in the southern Bradshaw range last weekend. I thought I could come close. After hours of map planning I sent jj my masterpiece. He bought it!

    Word from the jeepers was that the road to the Jurassic cottonwoods in Humbug was a 2wd / stock clearance type of road. Which it is if you are a non scared-e-cow driver. What should be added is it's rougher than what you'll find after the cottonwoods. After all the horror stories I've heard about the "Back Road to Crown King" me thinks some of these are those that think Tortilla TH is 4wd and WWC Cash Tank is 4wd too. Muddy agreed, dry no.

    The hike started off good with a jaw dropping view down in Pacific Mine. Next up was an interesting building in a setting that rivals Reavis. Took a wrong turn and found a section marker? for Patrick. Back on route found a new outhouse and shower in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps for a hunter with too much play money?

    Silver Creek looked "doable" on satellite, there's a dashed "9210" line on topo and off we went. Oh boy can I pick 'em. The next mile got worse with each step. At one point I thought jj was going to fire me, then realized I don't work for him. Finally we busted out on an old 4wd road to Chilean Mill. It hasn't seen nary an atv in eons. It sure was a relief from bushwhacking.

    Next up was Minni Trail #9238. I had my concerns since google returned no results. I told jj if there wasn't a sign and/or it didn't look good this loop just wasn't happening. Well there is a sign depicting hiking, horseback and bike travel. It looked fair so I held my breath and up we went.

    Minni quickly petered out to a ribbon hunt, to forget it. My sausage shins were too tender for any more abuse. JJ certainly had enough. It was pretty friggen hot too. So back we went to take 192 east for a shortened loop. Despite being a road it was a decent stretch passing a couple ravines with stunning Lake Pleasant views.

    Back on the Back Road to Crown King jj wanted to sample some gold water at New Savoy Mine so we headed up. Albeit tired at this point I was excited to check out a mine with hard hats Bruce and I passed up due to rain. I should have known. Pretty much anything I suggested was doomed. At least here it wasn't painful, just nothing to see.

    New Savoy Mine was a warm hike up but it all worked out. The gold sheen water Bruce saw has an interesting characteristic. Standing over or past it isn't yellow. The mine goes back some distance. I didn't have a head lamp, nor do those things intrigue me much so it was a quick visit.
    Crown King - Back Road
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    Made the trip in a hummer H3. While the trail is not hard in most spots for a H3, lower profile vehicle should avoid this trip. There was only one obstacle that was very difficult and unavoidable. It was a step that is about 2 maybe 2 1/2 feet tall with a canyon wall on one side and a large cliff on the other. This road is constantly changing with erosion and traffic. Its a fun and somewhat challenging trip with the reward of crown king at the top!

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