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Wolverton Mountain Trail #9415, AZ

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Distance One Way 5.4 miles
Trailhead Elevation 5,620 feet
Elevation Gain 1,060 feet
Accumulated Gain 1,100 feet
Avg Time One Way 2 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 9.07
Backpack Possible - Not Popular
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Prescott Circle Trail - Act 2
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Prescott Circle Trail - Act 2
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Prescott Circle Trail - Act 2
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Winding Its Way Up the Hill
by MEWhiteman

The Wolverton Mountain Trail (#9415) is part of the Prescott Circle Trail and connects the Goldwater Lake Trail (#396) with the Aspen Creek Trail (#48). It is a mostly single track through pine forest and low scrub which gradually climbs by White Spar and Wolverton Mountain gaining 1,000 feet along the way with lots of views. It is easy to follow marked by brown carsonite signs displaying "9415" and the climbing is gradual, but steady.

From the road begin a long, gradual climb. Early on you'll be hiking through a thin pine forest. The trail winds around a lot as it gains elevation. Soon you'll leave the sounds of traffic behind. You'll cross several old tracks along the early part of the trail; just go directly across each to stay on the trail. At about .6 miles you begin to lose a little elevation. At .74 miles (N34 30.550 W112 29.015) keep left to avoid a non-designated trail (NDT) coming in from the right and begin climbing again. At .92 miles (N34 30.432 W112 29.114) bear right to avoid the NDT. At 1.33 miles (N34 30.649 W112 29.154) you cross a dirt road which is FR9707V, Jack Pine Road, that provides motorized access to White Spar. At 1.45 miles leave the pines. The next 1-1/2 miles will provide open views of Prescott and beyond to the north. On a clear day you can see the San Francisco Peaks and others in the distance. To your left you can see White Spar; it is mostly green with white outcrops near the summit. You gradually hike along the side of White Spar gaining elevation gradually. At 2.98 miles keep left to avoid a faint trail which goes down the hill.

At 3.64 miles (N34 30.152 W112 30.298) reach the junction with trail #9415A on the left which leads down the hill to a gravel road and access to White Spar. The trail does a switchback to the right after the junction and a gradual uphill climb with a couple more switchbacks through junipers and scrub on a single track with some nice views. At the previously mentioned junction and at a point .38 miles further you can see remnants of trail #9415 before it was rerouted. There will be views of the Bradshaws to the south over the next .8 miles. At 4.46 miles (N34 30.157 W112 30.750) go straightest at the junction to stay on #9415. The trail sign here says you are on trail #48, but this is incorrect. The trail to the right is a spur to the top of Wolverton Mountain giving some nice views of the Prescott area. At 4.48 miles pass through a gate to keep out motorized vehicles and begin hiking on a two track. After an additional gradual climb of .3 miles you will be walking on the ridge with some nice views to the south. At 5.27 miles ignore the old road coming in from the left. At 5.39 miles (N34 29.885 W112 31.424) the Wolverton Mountain Trail ends at the Aspen Creek Trail (#48). Go right here to reach Copper Basin Road and the Aspen Creek Trailhead via the Aspen Creek Trail.

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2013-08-12 MEWhiteman

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    Wolverton Mountain Trail #9415
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    Prescott Circle Trail - Act 2
    Hike 104 with Denny and 274 with Joe had us on Act 2 of 3 for us on the Prescott Circle Trail.

    Perfect weather and many first time trails for me.
    All of these trails for the most part are impeccably kept.

    Javelina #322 starts on a nice smooth ole road that meanders through the pines and an old homestead.

    Garden Grove #392 is much better in the spring with the trickling creek next to you, but is still very nice.

    Potts Creek 327 and Cold Springs 393, both have some real pretty areas, especially around the Camp Stein area.

    Aspen Creek trail #48 is a gentle climb through the pines getting to the Wolverton Mountain Trail #9415.

    We went up the spur road to the Wolverton Summit. It affords some great views of the surrounding areas.
    [ youtube video ]
    Getting to the Wolverton Summit was a little bit of a bushwhack for us. It appears on Sat. view , that someone has cut another option that we SHOULD have tried, but thought was going in the wrong north direction off the peak.

    I've been on Goldwater Lake Trail #396 numerous times and I'll be back to that one. Just a beautiful walk through the hillsides with tons of shady pines, smooth roller coaster trails, and views of the lakes. It's a fun area to explore if you get a chance. It will not be without people though, for those of you that dislike humanity.
    Wolverton Mountain Trail #9415
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Prescott Circle Trail - Act 2
    As always trail segments above are in the order hiked. After an initial trailhead photo I did not take another worthy candidate until 12 miles into the hike midway through Wolverton Mountain Trail #396. Which was off the official trail on a short scratchy jaunt to the summit of the namesake. Which had a nice bench for our lunch.

    Garden Grove Trail #392 & Aspen Creek Trail #48 nurtured my higher ranking in late spring when water flowed in the creeks. Still a nice forest stroll anytime.

    Goldwater Lake Trail #396
    The highlight of the day, possibly the entire circle trail. If you live for best of, lack time or really don't care for the hiking part of hiking this is your ticket. Well at least the eastern half anyhow. Easy rolling trails, pines galore with happy oaks and lake views to tickle your fancy.

    I enjoyed the hike in full with fab company. The short side trip up Wolverton was worthy. Autumn appeared to be singing high notes a week earlier. 56.9 ounces of water was 4-8 short but close enough. Ending a 21 mile hike with a 1.8 lb pack is pretty sweet. Keep reaching for the stars @te_wa! Okay I cheated... Thx to Denny for carrying my long sleeve shirt after it warmed up. We saw a good variety out recreating along the trail!

    tail end of what looked to be a great display of primarily gambel oak
    Wolverton Mountain Trail #9415
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Despite leaving home 15 minutes later normal (5:30 a.m.) managed to arrive at the trailhead 30 minutes ahead of time (7:30 a.m.), without any more speeding than normal. :whistle: Personally, I'd avoid camping at White Spar, as Hwy. 89 traffic noise is too obvious.

    My plan was to hike Wolverton Mountain Trail #9415, Aspen Creek Trail #48 and East Copper Trail #260. According to my route, it was supposed to be 10.91 miles and 1923 AEG. Since those numbers are always low, I figured it would be a 12 mile, 2000 AEG day.

    Trail #9415 started out through a mile of damp high top pine. As with Trail #48, the trail surface is very smooth, but the route is unnecessarily twisty. I suspect it was optimized for mountain biking, rather than hiking. (I saw four bikers and no hikers along the two trails.) After a mile, #9415 began edging along a large burn area, to the south, away from town, where there was not a single living pine tree. Not one. :o Any idea when that fire was?

    After three miles, I cut up to FR 9707V, which curls around the south side of what I now refer to as Quarry Hill. I heard ATVs up in the quarry, so when I heard them coming back my way I ducked down behind some bushes in case they were miners. I spent a fair bit of time exploring the hill, hoping for some shafts, adits, equipment -- anything -- but finding only some quarry digs. The white rock was beautiful. The summit had incredible 360° views of Thumb Butte, Little Granite Mountain, Granite Mountain, Prescott, Spruce Mountain, Union Mountain, and Mt. Francis. If you do Trail #9415, I highly recommend this small diversion.

    I stopped by the first gate to take a wizz. After I finished, I realized I was only a few feet from a grave. :oops: I would have been mortified had I accidentally peed on it. Turns out there were three graves in the pet cemetery.

    As far as the hiking itself goes, Trail #48 was the highlight, with lots of shade and only some slight up & downs.

    At the hike's highpoint, in the saddle between Mt. Francis and Hill 6872, you can see all the way to Peeples Valley and Yarnell Hill.

    Trail #260 was steep, rocky and slippery. Almost fell a couple of times. :| Despite black clouds and heavy rain over the Bradshaws, I only experienced a minute of invisible drizzle, near the end of my hike. Hiked the last four miles with a massive blister on my left heel. Ooh-rah. :D

    On the way back into Phoenix, I usually stop at the Culvers on Deer Valley Rd., but I just wasn't feeling it. Wife made a great suggestion to stop at Boston Market on Bell & 3rd St. instead. Calorie replacement ensued. :DANCE:


    Video : ... autoplay=1

    Permit $$

    Prescott Forest
    Prescott National Forest Pass

    Only trailheads with six "amenities" have fees. Amenities are picnic tables, trash, toilet, parking, interpretive signing and security.

    Map Drive
    Paved - Car Okay

    To hike
    Directions: From the intersection of Gurley and Montezuma Streets in Prescott drive 2.8 miles south on Montezuma (89) which becomes White Spar Road. Just past the Prescott National Forest sign turn left on White Spar Campground Road (there is a sign for White Spar Campground). Cross Granite Creek which parallels the road and park in the unpaved parking lot on the right. To reach the trail go back out to White Spar Road (89) the way you drove in. The trail begins across the road slightly to the left (N34 30.333 W112 28.742).
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