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Wolf Creek Loop Trail #384, AZ

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Difficulty 2 of 5
Distance One Way 5.1 miles
Trailhead Elevation 5,921 feet
Elevation Gain 301 feet
Accumulated Gain 749 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 7.6
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24  2018-07-25
Wolf Creek Falls
26  2018-07-18
Hassayampa River Wolf Creek Falls
6  2018-05-01
Wolf Creek - Figure Eight Loop
5  2017-03-20 gregstewart1952
6  2017-02-07
Bradshaw Bonanza
9  2017-01-21
Wolf Creek Falls
15  2016-09-15
Wolf Creek Falls
26  2016-06-21
Wolf Creek - Figure Eight Loop
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Wolf Creek Loop Trail #384 is a scenic loop route among the pines, oaks and granite boulders, and can be travelled either clockwise, or counter-clockwise from the trailhead. Maverick Mountain and Mount Tritle provide a beautiful backdrop to this trail that winds through lush, riparian vegetation along the Hassayampa River’s upper basin.

This trail can be used year-round. It is rated as "easy," with elevations ranging between 5,710' and 5,670'.

There are about 5 roads that are popular with motorized recreationists that share the same route as the trail. This trail is well used, evident from loose rocks and trail erosion in places.

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2018-07-14 HAZ_Hikebot

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    Wolf Creek Loop Trail #384
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    Someone suggested that this might be a better 7k range hike than Pine Mountain and Peeley for proximity to Phoenix and exercising the dogs and I now think that is accurate. Pine and Peeley are closer to me in terms of miles to trailhead, but their annoying roads negate that advantage. Although, it should be worth noting that I consider driving through Prescott Valley to be as annoying as the Pine Mountain road. Yet, dealing with a little congestion in town is better on the brand new car than the Pine Mountain road.

    I found the area to be nice and the hike pleasant. The figure 8 loop was a great option on a weekday, but I wonder if it is annoying with more traffic on all of the roads and dual use trails that make up the loop. The dogs obviously had a blast and their squirrel chasing game was strong most of the day. An ideal dog walk destination today, especially with the cool conditions and big clouds. Nice clean fast trails/roads. Maybe I'll take the pups back tomorrow to see if Wolf Creek falls is flowing.
    Wolf Creek Loop Trail #384
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    What a nice afternoon for a hike. I got up at 5:30am and hit the trail after 11am. Our first stop was KFC to get Rowdy some lunch and he is a breast dog can't hold that against him.
    The trail was completely empty for the most part. We did meet a group of 4 hikers planning on swimming in Payoff Springs but today it did not payoff as it was dry. They were bummed and turned around and left.
    Rowdy and I continued on our hike. I was hoping Rowdy could jump in the spring as well just to cool off.
    Wolf Creek Loop Trail #384
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    After my trip to Maverick and (not quite) Tritle 10 days prior with trekkin gecko, I thought it might be wise to do some altitude acclimitization hikes before tackling another peak. The Groom Creek Loop #383 / Wolf Creek Loop #384 figure-8 offered some decent distance, at 6000+ feet, without any really steep bits. As usual, a topo / sat map recon revealed some bits for exploring.

    Groom Creek Loop #383 is sandy-surfaced single track. Except for some deep spots, it would make a nice quick MTB loop. Wolf Creek Loop #384, on the other hand is jeep-trail wide (and sometimes on actual FR trails), and mostly hard pack.

    First variation was a short trip up Hill 6296, which despite not being a prominent terrain feature has great views of the Bradshaw Mountains and surrounding valleys. Recommended. While the trip up 6296's northeast slope was mild in slope, and had no obstacles, the trip down the southeast slope was steep and brushy -- which is why I quickly diverted into a slight wash (which you would expect to be brushier, but was in fact clear sailing).

    Second variation was crossing the (dry) Hassayampa River to what MyTopo said was an old jeep trail between FR 79 and FR 9403. Saw an interesting boulder formation at the crossing, including one delicately-balanced specimen. The connector trail was blocked off from vehicle access, had obviously not been used in years, and was likely in recovery. When I got to FR 9403 -- not sure which letter -- there was a NAU Ecological Restoration Institute pickup there. No tree doctor though. I then dropped back into the Hassayampa River, following the dry creek bed until I found a crossing, then heading back up to Trail #384.

    Given the complete lack of water in Wolf Creek and the Hassayampa River, I decided to skip the "falls". From there it was a slow, mostly shade-less, walk back up to the #307 trailhead.

    Video (3:29): ... autoplay=1

    Not many, but what flowers there were were pretty and profuse.
    Wolf Creek Loop Trail #384
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    Spruce-Davis-Union-Tritle-Maverick Loop
    Needed to get out of the heat, hadn't been to Prescott in awhile so it was time to come up with some options. I chose the one with the best chance of being under the conifer canopy. There was a few off trail sections in the route, but I was sure by looking on the Sat. views and from my memory of being in the area 3 years ago that those sections would be under the pines also. I even wore my good HAZ shirt knowing it would come back unscathed.

    Started at the Groom Creek TH with 2 other cars in the lot when we arrived. We quickly passed a couple that were just finishing their hike on our way clockwise on the Groom Creek #307. We made it to the top to check out the tower and were leaving as the tower attendant (Suzie?) was starting her day. Her dog Space is no longer on earth.

    We continued on the #307 2 miles to the Isabella #377 trail. It was on this trail that we would see the last of our hikers for the day. I really like the feel of this trail. Not as wide as the Groom Creek loop and winds through some vanilla smelling ponderosas.

    Next it's short road walk past the Potato Patch area, to the Dandrea #285. I don't care much for this trail which is also used in part by ATV's. Loose and Rocky, it is the probably the easiest route to access both Mt Davis and Mt Union.

    East on the Yankee Doodle #284 for a short while and we followed the orange flags that someone had left, leading all the way to the top of Mt Davis. This would become a theme on this day. We took the extra little side trip over to the Rocky Perch to the North of the advertised high point of Mt Davis and found the Summit Can. We had a "Discussion" as to whether or not this was the high point of Mt Davis, or was it to the south. My GPS showed the same elevation on both areas. This rocky perch yielded the best natural views of the day.

    We scrambled back down to the Yankee D. and made are way over to Mt Union. The last time we were here, it was suggested to us that the best views were at the Heli Pad, so we didn't make it in the tower. This time John invited us up. John's been in the tower for 18 years. We had a nice extended conversation with him about the surrounding areas features, the longevity of the Tower Lookouts jobs, and some of the recent fires. John mentioned that it takes $10k to put a plane in the air to fight fires and $5k for a chopper.

    Next it's a 2.3 mile road walk to start our 2nd off trail adventure of the day. We left the Senator highway and started our climb up the east face of Mt Tritle. We had to adjust our planned track up to keep out of the posted No trespassing signs. It was steeper than it looked on TOPO and the thick Duff made it slippery. At the top we made a half hearted attempt to find the Summit Register with no luck. We found a shady spot a bit farther down the road to take some lunch.

    I was shocked to see that they'd removed this truck
    from the last time I was here 3 years ago.

    Now we're off to hit Maverick Mountain. Once again the orange flags that we saw back on Mt Davis were on FR 9403C. When we reached the Ridge line that we planned to climb to gain Maverick, those orange ribbons followed the same path... It's got to be a good path going up. All I heard was Maverick this and Maverick that... I told Goose to take it easy. We made the peak and thought we'd lose the Orange Ribbons... nope, they kept goings and were following the same track that I'd drawn up. We descended to check out Payoff spring and hit a FR. With a name like that the spring had to be running.... no sign of a spring was found. 2 miles of off trail completed in 2 hours, put us a bit behind.

    A short walk over to check out the unimpressive flow of Wolf Creek over the falls. I'll bet an impressive area with a flow through here.

    A fun day of exploring some new ground..
    Thanks for joining me Ice Man.

    Spruce Cicada's, Pano at Mt Davis and in the Mt Union Tower with John and Merlin
    Wolf Creek Loop Trail #384
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    Spruce Davis Union Tritle Maverick Loop
    Spruce Mountain 7696
    Up the groomed trail to Spruce. The lookout gal we saw 4 years ago arrived just as we were leaving. Unfortunately her dog "Space" has passed away. Nice views. Surprising we didn't see anyone on this popular trail in such nice weather.

    Mt Davis
    Took Isabella Trail #377 down from Spruce and Dandrea Trail #285 up then off-trail to Mt Davis. This was my first trip up Davis. Nicest views of the day in my opinion. Knoll just NW is definitely worth the extra few minutes, incredible views.

    Mt Union 7979
    Been here a few times. John the tower guy for 18 years gave us the grand view. We quizzed each other on peaks near and far. It was a nice chat.

    Mt Tritle 7782
    Heed the property boundary clues. Funky stuff going on out in the woods reminded me of the movie Wrong Turn ( not the happy fun first half hour ).

    If you are in the area tick it off. Easy access to great views. With a road slapped over it this is more suited for 4WD beer cooler enthusiast. Shrub peak. No cool pines or lichen rock obstacles.

    Maverick Mountain 7443
    A scathing bundle of joy.

    It is an increasingly steep climb up the east. Pants may make the brush tolerable. There are more rewarding places to bleed.

    Wolf Creek Falls
    Creeks, rivers and waterfalls in the vicinity are typically dry. Many of the trails are "V" grooves from mountain bikers and horses. Nearby pines and easy access make this a local winner.

    Took and consumed 4 quarts. 5-6 would have been more ideal, especially cold! Gnats were not an issue just near face level around Tritle. Thankfully no biting black flies either. Temps were cooler than anticipated. Very cool in the shade. The sunny stretches are like being on the beach in Cali. The sun bakes you but the cool air keeps you happy. Bruce put together a fine loop and I learned a lot about the terrain. Maverick was pure hell, now we know.

    Mainly claret cup. Cactus blooms are pretty, just not exciting.

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    Prescott Forest
    Prescott National Forest Pass

    Only trailheads with six "amenities" have fees. Amenities are picnic tables, trash, toilet, parking, interpretive signing and security.

    Map Drive

    To Wolf Creek Trailhead
    To access the trail from Prescott, travel south on Mount Vernon Avenue which changes to Senator Highway, then Forest Road 52, for approximately 6 miles to Groom Creek. Continue past Groom Creek to just beyond where the pavement ends. Turn right on Wolf Creek Road ( FS97 / County Road 101 ). Follow Wolf Creek Road 1.6 miles to a small loop trailhead on the right.

    From PHX (I-10 & AZ-51) 2 h 5 min (113 miles)
    From TUC (Jct 1-10 & Grant) 3 h 27 min (218 miles)
    From FLG (Jct I-17 & I-40) 1 h 54 min (102 miles)
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