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Glen Oaks Trail #118, AZ

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Distance One Way 2.3 miles
Trailhead Elevation 5,500 feet
Elevation Gain 357 feet
Accumulated Gain 525 feet
Avg Time One Way 1 hour
Kokopelli Seeds 4.05
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49  2013-07-26
Glen Oaks #118 / FR 9402 / Orofino #107
Author kingsnake
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Location Sunnyslope, PHX
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Sun  6:15am - 6:34pm
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by kingsnake

There are several jeep trails leading west from the large black gravel pullout on Hwy 89. Take the jeep trail that goes past the cattle chute. About 50 yards up the trail you will see the actual "118" trail sign. The entire trail 2.3 miles to Telegraph Springs is jeep trail. In some spots decent track, in many others requiring high clearance 4x4 and some skill. (There are faint tire tracks, indicating it has been driven, but not often.) As far as hiking goes, it is no problem. Dogs and kids could do it. The hike is a steady climb of 400 feet in about 1.1 miles to the Hill 6003 saddle, followed by a 600 foot descent to Telegraph Springs.

0.19 mi: Horizontal mine shaft. Looks like it goes back aways, but I did not explore it.

0.25 mi: Deep concrete shaft / tank, with metal cover. Probably has water. (It did when I was there.)

0.35 mi: Supposed location of Glen Oaks Spring. I could not find it. Perhaps the topo people meant the previous concrete shaft.

0.52 mi: Dry concrete tank. Or perhaps they meant this is the spring? It has a metal pipe whith big holes and extensive cracks.

1.25 mi: Just after crossing the saddle, you will get your first view of Wilhoit.

2.32 mi: Telegraph Springs consists of a shooting range, a metal tank, a windmill (which makes spooky creaking sounds), a concrete tank, a cattle chute and a few remains of a corral.

At this point you can turn around and go back, or continue east on FR 9402 towards Hwy 89, cross Hwy 89 onto FR 71, then take Orofino #107 south to the intersection of FR 72 and Hwy 89 for a shuttle total of about 6.5 miles (or an out-and-back of 13.0 miles).

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2013-07-27 kingsnake

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    Glen Oaks Trail #118
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    Glen Oaks #118 / FR 9402 / Orofino #107
    Six weeks ago I was looking around for hikes to do in cooler climes, and this was one of them. I hiked nearby Hill 6276 on June 21, and had planned to do this the next week, but nature cruelly intervened. :cry: A month after the Yarnell Fire, I figured enough time had passed that most of the chaos was over, and I could drive up from Phoenix without getting in anyone's way. (I refuse to drive up I-17 and through Prescott: Too much traffic.) [-(

    Just past the Hwy 89 switchback crossover, as you drive into Yarnell, the damage begins. That is where the fire crossed the road. No damage, other than a few acres of burnt brush, on the east side of the road. The west side of the road is a different story. :o There's trailers, maybe a hundred yards from Hwy 89, which were levelled. The center and north end of the town, on both sides of the road were spared. One southbound lane, in front of the community center, is blocked off in favor of a relief distribution point. As you drive north out of town, despite all the recent rain, you can see still the red band of fire retardant that was dropped on the nearby hills.

    Since I entered the first descriptions for both Glen Oaks #118 and Orofino #107, you can read most of what I did there. In short, neither is individually worth driving from Phoenix for, but combined, with FR 9402 as a connector, it is a different story. One way is a shade under seven miles (assuming no exploring).

    The highlights are the horizontal mine shaft near the north end of the hike, the windmill / corral complex at Telegraph Springs and negotiating the wash north of Orofino Windmill. You might want to avoid doing the hike in the rain, as often times you will be the tallest object on the trail. (Other than maybe the Smiley Tree on FR 9402.) I saw several different kinds of animal tracks, including a set of large bob cat / small lion prints on FR 9402.

    One thing I found curious was the concrete square just west of the mine shaft. It had a metal covering, with a metal hatch in the covering. It did not merely sit on the ground, but penetrated some way beneath the surface. It was hard to tell how deep, as it was had a good amount of water in the bottom. (The only tank-like object on the whole route which does.) As it is so close to the mine shaft, I was wondering whether it was an actual tank, or perhaps a vertical access to some point within the mine? :-k Wish I had ground penetrating radar.

    Lunch was a delicious meatball sub & salad combo at the Thunderbird Cafe in Peeples Valley. I should learn the waitress's name -- I think her and the chef own the place -- as she is a really nice lady. :)

    Permit $$

    Prescott Forest
    Prescott National Forest Pass

    Only trailheads with six "amenities" have fees. Amenities are picnic tables, trash, toilet, parking, interpretive signing and security.

    Map Drive
    Strictly 4x4

    To hike
    The hike starts at the large, black gravel, pullout four miles north of Wilhoit on Hwy 89. Personally, when I drive up there from Phoenix, I drive through Wickenburg and Yarnell, as there is less traffic, rather than fight the 35-mph-in-the-fast-lane traffic through Black Canyon, and the traffic jam into Prescott on Hwy 69.
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