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Trail #9124 - Prescott NF, AZ

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Difficulty 1.5 of 5
Distance One Way 1.65 miles
Trailhead Elevation 5,972 feet
Elevation Gain 453 feet
Accumulated Gain 453 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 3.16
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15  2015-06-06
The Juniper Loop
15  2015-06-06
The Juniper Loop
15  2015-06-06
Juniper - Happy Camp - Miltary Loop
16  2013-05-25
Oak Willow-Juniper Mesa-Bull Spring Loop
10  2013-05-25
Oak Willow-Juniper Mesa-Bull Spring Loop
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Location TrailDEX, HAZ
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    Trail #9124 - Prescott NF
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    Juniper - Happy Camp - Miltary Loop
    Out to the Juniper Mesa Wilderness again to check out some new areas.

    We attacked this in a CCW direction this time.

    Bull Spring #100 is in great shape. This trail's views get better the higher you climb. Juniper Mesa #20 yields some spectacular views if you make your way out to the edge. I really want to complete the eastern portion of this trail, over to Juniper Spring. This is really the jewel of this hike.

    Joe took us down the off trail portion instead of up like we did last time. Much easier in this direction meeting up with Trail #9124.

    Next we planned to hit the Old Military Trail #1 about in the middle and hike it North to it's northern terminus at Happy Camp. This trail's been on my "To Do" list for awhile now. We were unable to find where the trail anywhere near where the Topo maps show it off of FR7. After heading in the general direction of Happy Camp, we stumbled across the trail, fairly well worn, cairned and blazed. I need to get back there and see how far off the TOPO trace it is from the actual trail going to the south.

    At the Happy Camp area, we ate out lunch and relaxed for a bit. We had a bit of a road walk to hit our next "Trail" Happy Camp Trail #9853 I'm sure is there, but with recent and current bovine activity, there's trails everywhere. We pretty much stuck to the Topo trace on the map to get us back.

    Oaks and Willows Trail #3 was a bit steep and loose dropping off the ridge, but leveled out to a nice grade and became tree covered further on down.
    Trail #9124 - Prescott NF
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    The Juniper Loop
    Bull Spring Trail #100
    Looked recently maintained two years ago. Still has that same high pro glow now. A decent trail with nice trees and views.

    Juniper Mesa Trail #20
    Highlight of the wilderness. Majestic ponderosas with occasional rim view options. Jump the fence a time or two for the good life. This isn't a well maintained trail for princesses out strolling for knights.

    Trail #9124 - Prescott NF
    Bruce and I have hit this road/trail twice with his southern off-trail canyon option. This time we accessed descending which made it fairly easy. Off-trail was gentle brushy, only one scratch wearing shorts.

    Old Military Trail #1
    We hiked 50%. The west end. Trouble finding it for 0.8mi from FS7. In review I can make out a bit more but not all on satellite. Hope to do the eastern end someday to complete the trail. Mainly junipers with some nice alligator junipers on occasion. Little shade on trail, available often for breaks. Typical bone dry juniper land feeling.

    Missed the last western mile of #1 I had drawn up from FS Topo. The missed segment is an old 4wd road, it can be traced.

    Trail #9853 - Prescott NF
    Kinna like rolling the dice in wheat germ. Trail barely exists. Cairns on occasion. Pasture... moo

    Oaks and Willows Trail #3
    Descended this time. A bit steep in the upper end. Several of us slid a time or two catching ourselves without falling.

    27 sec video

    nothing stood out
    Trail #9124 - Prescott NF
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    Oak Willow-Juniper Mesa-Bull Spring Loop
    This area just happened to be on both of our lists. Based on past "Less than Gleaming" triplogs and the 2-1/2 hour drive, it just kept getting pushed.

    Joe mentioned he wanted to do it, so I threw together a couple of options.

    It's always a good time when you get to see new areas of AZ. The last 24 miles of the drive to this hike was on a dirt road. This was more like a dirt highway, smooth and wide. So any vehicle will make it to this Trailhead.

    Driving in we saw what appeared to be a Golden Eagle feeding on a dead Fox....

    We parked at the well groomed George Wood Canyon TH and started our trek.

    Oaks and Willow #3 - A pleasant hike up, next to, and across George Wood Canyon. The trail was in great shape with signs of some usage. We expected this to be mainly exposed, but there was tree cover a-plenty, Oaks galore (No Willows were seen). Good views as you gained elevation. Oaks ans Willows #3 on the north end stops at the Wilderness border and the Pine TH.

    We used FS Road #7 for 2 miles to get to the next portion of our loop, Tr#9124. Along this portion of the hike, not paying attention to where I was walking because I was intently focused on something poignant Joe was verbalizing, I came close to stepping on an Arizona Black Rattlesnake. Joe tried to warn me, but was unable to speak before I started doing special little dance while chanting something that sounded Aboriginal.

    Trail #9124 heads due south off FS Road #7. We passed what appeared to be an abandoned camp with a couple of quads. This trail is an old 2 track forest road, until it reaches the Wilderness boundary. From this point it's not a single track until it ends aprox 1.8 miles from FS road #7. We bushwhacked up the raviine and hill until we intersected the next portion of our loop.

    Juniper Mesa Trail #20 - The views were worth the trip. There were numerous outcroppings that you were able to crawl out on to take in the sprawling views. I'd really like to see the remainder of the 2 miles of the trail to the East.

    Bull Springs Trail #100 - One steep loose bugger up top, turning into a recently rerouted smooth trail all the way back to the beginning. You get some sweet views of the Mesa from down below on this trail.

    Clockwise is the correct way to hike this loop. Good times.
    Trail #9124 - Prescott NF
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    Oak Willow-Juniper Mesa-Bull Spring Loop
    I have been interested in this area for over a decade. Inspired enough that I found an old map I threw together back when I was practically a kid. HAZ legend Abe shares a nice trio of descriptions for the area. I have read all many times.

    Due to my ankle Bruce agreed to a reasonable "Hansenaz" approved size loop. I wrote to him
    this isn't super exciting but it's been on my wish list for a decade (and very in-season)

    My expectations were rock bottom. I was expecting pleasant temps with a lot of junipers and low chaparral.

    The drive to the trailhead was interesting in itself. I knew the only thing that keeps Prescott from being a suburb to Phx is the Bradshaw range. I didn't realize it went halfway to Nevada. So this is where all the Californians have decided to call their new Moderately nice homes dot hill after hill further than most probably imagine.

    Oaks and Willows Trail #3
    The trailhead greeted us with some nice fancy trees. I assured Bruce this wouldn't last. Boy was I wrong. While it isn't a desert fairytale hike under a tree canopy there are trees galore. Only a handful of the pines are huge with the red bark. George Wood Canyon is probably the sweet spot for most.

    #3 drops down into Pine Creek via what may be an old road through thick medium sized pines. There is an abundance of oaks throughout. Many of which grow in those circle boquete patches with the outer ones arching out. I'm not gonna call the guy that named the trail a liar but we didn't find the willows referred to in the name. I imagine it was near one of the springs. Since they all seem to be piped and contained these days the ol' willows are probably long gone. :(

    Further down Bruce was babbling his head off as usual. I looked over and saw another hiker next to him. My mind processed real quick that it was a rattlesnake. In a funny twist I couldn't verbalise it correctly to Bruce. Which led to him getting extra close followed by the funniest rising kachina dance I've ever seen.

    Trail #9124 - Prescott NF
    This trail may see a hunter every other year at most but it worked out well for our reasonable sized loop. When it ended we followed a route Bruce created. We got semi lucky as there is a hint of a game trail. We lunched at 10.7mi into our loop at the 6,650 ft contour. The rim was only 400 feet away but we needed to eat and thoughts of lack of shade sealed the deal.

    After a pleasant lunch Bruce aborted the ravine and picked a clearer route.

    Juniper Mesa Trail #20
    We stumbled into #20 and were immediately taken by the rim views. We proceeded west and up for 5-10 minutes then checked out multiple outcroppings. Albeit windy as heck we agreed this was one of the finer parts of this hike.

    The western end of #20 was a little more of what I expected. Yet the junipers were more exciting being 4 seed alligator vs 2 seed Utah or 1 seed I'd envisioned.

    Bull Spring Trail #100
    This one heads STRAIGHT down like a screaming 2 year old. Luckily it eases up quick. After Bull Spring it rides a bench west then contours some ravines before it meets up with #3.

    #20 & #3 are most enjoyable. Just not enough for me to slap on a 4 of 5 rating. #100 is best traveled down if you despise sweating profusely. Trailhead registers suggests very few enter the area. I think it's a local hush. Our average high temp for the day was around 75. Typically breezy it felt nice. When the breeze died and the shade let up it felt like the hottest 75 on There are better hikes closer to valley but this was nice enough for me. I think it would make an excellent backpack if you are into that type of torture.

    Thanks to Bruce for getting up several official routes for the area, driving and reminding me how to claim food by licking it!

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