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Ash Canyon Trail #539, AZ

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Distance One Way 2.89 miles
Trailhead Elevation 6,704 feet
Elevation Gain -662 feet
Accumulated Gain 206 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 3.58
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13  2018-07-28 RowdyandMe
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18  2018-06-09
Yeager - Gaddes - Burnt Canyon - Ash Loop
10  2018-06-09
Yeager - Gaddes - Burnt Canyon - Ash Loop
8  2018-06-09
Yeager - Gaddes - Burnt Canyon - Ash Loop
19  2017-08-08 kelly14
24  2014-08-09
South of Mingus Mtn Loop - from Fr132
27  2014-08-09
Gaddes Canyon - Ash Creek Loop
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    Ash Canyon Trail #539
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    Yeager - Gaddes - Burnt Canyon - Ash Loop
    Joe had us up in the Mingus area again to hit some old favorites, look for some stuff and hit some new areas.

    We started on the well groomed 1500' climb up Yeager Canyon Trail. Once up top, on FR9003P we stumbled onto the remains of an old cabin structure. Pipe in the structure, suggested there might be a spring in the area. After a bit of a search, we have a new named spring.

    Next, the adventure of finding a way off the rim. Chums found us a break in wall to get down to our next search. Geronimo's cabin had been on my list since @PrestonSands was there years ago. This is a place that you could walk right past, if you were not within 50' of it. Gernomio's Cabin was built by Geronimo Pena. He worked as a woodcutter for 37 years, supplying the community of Jerome with firewood. Born in 1877, he passed away in the cabin in 1957 of heart disease. His boots are still supposed to be there, but I did not notice them.

    Leaving the cabin we found an old use trail. We lost it and found again, along with the remnants of another unmarked near dry spring.

    Back on the familiar Gaddes Canyon #110, Gaddes #9037 and Black Canyon #110, we turned into Black Canyon/Burnt Canyon. Bovine traffic made our travel much easier.

    Next up was Ash Canyon #539. We found a shady spot for lunch, before heading up to Kendall Peak.
    It was a bit of a huffer for me on that climb in the heat. The views are totally worth it.

    We finished off the hike exploring the off trail Little Yaeger Canyon. Slow and brushy in spots, with a few down climbs that we practiced Safety First.

    Good times, Thanks for driving Chums, great hiking with you again.
    Ash Canyon Trail #539
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Yeager - Gaddes - Burnt Canyon - Ash Loop
    Yeager Canyon Trail #28
    6 years since Bruce and I hiked this one. The trail is very well maintained.

    Gaddes Canyon #110
    Short leg to make the loop work. Never tire of this one.

    Gaddes Canyon Two Trail #9037
    Long standing fav, prefer up. Dry, no wildflowers.

    Black Canyon Trail #114
    Almost felt like cheating since we just hiked the nicest upper end. Columbine patch. Box Elders stood out with their bright translucent green leaves.

    Offtrail Black & Burnt Canyons
    1.5 mi portion we did on a 17 mi loop Aug `14. The most notable pools of water all day. Bring your own, this canyon travels easy from all the cow trails-of-use.

    Ash Canyon Trail #539
    Only 1.5 mi, perhaps the best part of it too.

    Yeager Cabin Trail #111
    Whopping 0.5mi of this gem. 9Lee linking at it's best!

    Little Yaeger Canyon
    Looked forward to this the most as somehow it never made the mix. Heading in I couldn't figure why Preston mentioned...
    Reversing your route back down Little Yaeger Canyon is the most difficult option.
    Crystal clear now. I barely made it down with lots of help. The sword was double edged as the guys spent the previous hour suggesting changing this final leg to a nearby trail... lol
    I'd still go up this canyon since I forgot to keep an eye out for the Aspens. Forget descending until memory fades!

    Enjoyed the loop once. Not itchin to do it again. Mingus is my fav so neva say never but I'd reverse it. Good to see Chums jump in on this one. 18% of the hike was breaks =)

    One Columbine patch and a fair amount of raspberry in two canyons.
    Ash Canyon Trail #539
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    South of Mingus Mtn Loop - from Fr132
    It was Joe's week and he came up with a beauty.

    After he proposed it to me, he quickly recanted, saying he thought FR 132 was 4x4. I looked at the Sat. view and it looked fine, then checked the interweb and found a Youtube video, taken that day, which filmed the road almost completely from where we'd be driving. (What are the chances)... All looked good.

    We started our off trail with an easy climb up what appeared to be an old fire break. The only thing you needed to watch out for was the small easy to miss Agave, which got me. I stepped on one, it broke off from the bottom of my shoe while embedded in my foot. I couldn't get my shoe off with the agave through both, so Joe used some pliers to extract it.

    The 360 views from atop of 6959 were incredible.. After checking out the planned exit, we opted for for a less brushy route down to the west. We followed numerous game routes down the sweet forested area, until it opened up to a used two track. A few minutes later we were informed by the owner of the property that we were trespassing (no signs were seen). We explained our situation to the land owner and he let us pass through to our destination. He has a sweet little area back there.

    Up the Black Canyon Trail #114 to the Gaddes Canyon Two #9307. I been on these before and have enjoyed them every time. The other times we've done these trails the sign of Bears were everywhere. This sign what-so-ever.

    Next we make the turn on to a section of the Gaddes Canyon Trail #110 that I had not been on before. It hops off the ridge with sweet views of Burnt Canyon. Once again, like many times before, I was used as a Teva Shield. There was hundreds of rounds of automatic rifle fire echoing in the canyon below.

    West On FR413, to FR132, to the turnoff for Kendall Peak. We signed in and took lunch there.

    The Ash Canyon Trail #539 was a pleasant stroll and cairned well.

    The Ash Creek Trail #9705 was less of a trail, but you are following Ash Creek, so no Route finding issues. It wouldn't be a Summer hike with Joe if Thunder, Lightning, Rain and Hail weren't involved. So we had about 45 minutes of that. The temps at this time dropped to a nice 63 degrees....

    Now the fun... Joe had it drawn up to follow a drainage back up to FR132. It went pretty easy for a quarter mile, then the canyon started getting real thick, with no indication of letting up. Joe suggested, and luckily I agreed to jump out and climb up high on the ridge. We found paths through the scrub, until we lucked out and found an area where they were re-stringing a fence and had cut out all the brush around it! This probably saved us at least an hour of hell.


    Pleasant hiking with mostly cloudy sky's all day with temps were in the 80's most of the day, but dropped into the low 60's during and after the rain. That's some good weather for August!
    Ash Canyon Trail #539
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Gaddes Canyon - Ash Creek Loop
    This summer adventure falls within 80 miles of the valley. It opened my eyes to a few opportunities south of Mingus. It was nice to get in a cooler weather hike after months in the skillet.

    The drive in is easily within 2wd-HC in dry conditions. Looks like it could get sloppy under deluge.

    We headed up to 6959. Unexpectedly witnessed stellar views of Mingus with a San Francisco Peaks background. The Verde Valley was filled with smoke and Fraleys to round out the scene. The idea was to beeline down to #114. Bruce didn't care for my planned route through chaparral. The bypass started off wicked cool through storybook oaks. Our feet crunched through eight inch deep leaves. Which made the steep descent enjoyable. I was tempted to take the Nestea plunge. Unfortunately part of getting old involves wisdom. Those underlying rocks would have wrecked havoc.

    At the bottom of the disneyland of oaks we unknowingly entered private property on a well maintained dirt road. Within minutes a calm yet understandingly disturbed property owner let us know we were trespassing. In my posted GPS Route I have included a legal alternative through "Burnt Canyon".

    Onwards to Black Canyon Trail #114 for a short stint then on to one of my favorites Gaddes Canyon Two Trail #9037. Then into new terrain on the southern two-thirds of...

    Gaddes Canyon #110
    Wow. Roll the dice and watch the money fly. I've hiked the upper third many times without a clue about this gem. Sweeping views. Gorgeous stretches under canopy or aside enchanting trees. Somewhere in the 7,300 foot range is just dreamy.

    Nearby sounds of birds chirping to not so distant rapid fire automatic rifles held our attention. Naturally I allowed Bruce to block, I mean enjoy, the artillery side of the trail.

    Kendall Peak
    "Nice", no comparison to 6959.

    Ash Canyon Trail #539
    This is a great canyon. Trail maintenance is not great, certainly not difficult either. Our route continued past the designated trail. Which looking back is probably why the cairns stopped.

    Thumping rain drops entered the mix. The mind races through thoughts. The "I'm tired" mentality turned to please let this be over. With a ten percent forecast I opted to forego the umbrella in favor of a dollar rain jacket ( plastic bag ). More of a concern was the route "out" of this loop I created... it was seriously messing with my enthusiasm. The plastic rain bag worked well. Uphill would be a sweaty mess. Downhill was perfect. Better than an umbrella in keeping you dry from brushing friendly foliage. I would opt for an umbrella though as the crunchy bag noise was slight torture. Ear plugs!

    In the end it all worked out. We got lucky. Aside from the private property segment I recommend this loop for those seeking to see the terrain.
    Ash Canyon Trail #539
    rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
    Drove up over Mingus after work to hike to the summit of Kendall Peak. It was a very short off trail hike to a summit with a great view. Even found a register to sign. On the way down I stumbled upon a trail sign for Ash Canyon Trail #539. I was surprised, as I thought I had hiked this trail back in June, just one canyon over. I followed the route of this trail as it wrapped counter clockwise around Kendall Peak, following a closed road marked with pink flagging. A couple of miles later and I was at the start of what I had thought was the trail back in June. It was nearly dark now, and I followed Cherry Road back to my truck. Along the way, what sounded like a tyrannosauras from Jurassic Park roared at me from the trees. Freakin' obnoxious bull! Not the most interesting trail, and the route didn't make much sense, but a worthwhile evening nonetheless.

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