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Murphy Ranch Trail #141, AZ

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Trailhead Elevation 7,258 feet
Elevation Gain -639 feet
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16  2019-07-22
Reynolds Creek Loop
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Reynolds Crk Tr RIM Loop - Sierra Ancha
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Tour de Anca
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Rim #139 - Murphy #141 - Abbey's #151 Loop
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Aztec Peak and Six Disks
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Reynolds to Aztec
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Reynolds to Aztec
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This trail drops down to the Rim Trail 139 from near the privately-owned Murphy (Haldeman) Ranch. It travels through mixedconifer and some thickets of New Mexican tree locust.

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    Murphy Ranch Trail #141
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    Reynolds Crk Tr RIM Loop - Sierra Ancha
    With some challenging off-trail and route finding required, this was my fourth (and last) day hike on day five of Oregon_Hiker and my planned 6nt/7day Sierra Ancha Wilderness Vehicle Camping Trip on upper Workman Creek Road (FR487).

    I had originally hiked this remote and very scenic, enjoyable Sierra Ancha Wilderness area nine years ago in May, 2010, with our late HAZ-GPSjoe. It had left a lasting memory, especially our primary destination [ photo ] and I was very pleased to have interested Oregon_Hiker in adding it on our trip hike agenda for this week trip/monsoon period revisit to enjoy cooler Summer temperatures above ~7000 feet.

    With all the off-trail bushwhacking that we do enjoy hiking which most always includes a certain amount of overgrowth, down trees, and etc. that we just take for granted, I should mention that for this 7/22/19 loop hike on these three official trail sections linked above, that there is presently a significant amount of heavy Spring overgrowth with down trees to negotiate over, under, and around.. but still a beautiful, peaceful, and remote deep forest/spectacular canyons area to be and to enjoy.. which we did! :D
    Murphy Ranch Trail #141
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    Reynolds to Aztec
    Originally I was hoping to catch some fall colors since they typically seem to linger in Reynolds Creek much longer than I would think based on the elevation. But after midweek rain, I was pretty confident that there wouldn't be much left. Sure enough most of the leaves were on the ground making a carpeted forest of rain-soaked foliage.

    My second priority was to see the effects of the Juniper fire, and for that I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The Reynolds Creek drainage was almost entirely affected only by low-intensity ground fire. In many areas I would think that fire managers actually would have hoped for more burning as there is still quite a bit of fuel to burn. There were some small pockets of crown burn, but they were quite limited in this area. (Looked like the Parker Creek drainage was not spared this fate). I'd still like to see the FS post a burn severity map, but I wasn't able to find one online.

    Weather was perfect in the 40s to start, 60s by the end of the day. The trail conditions were generally excellent, which was a surprise to me given the potential for fire erosion. The exception being the trail section above Pueblo Canyon from the Center Mtn trail up the switchbacks to the 7400 foot contour. There were spots here where post-fire erosion has destroyed any former trail tread. It's a short section though and not difficult to travel without the trail. (While this section is on topo maps, it is not a signed or named trail, so it's possible that it will not be repaired/maintained).

    Turned out to be a pretty good day. It's nice to hike at elevation at this time of year to actually feel like it's autumn!

    Mostly on the ground after rainy weather. Poison Ivy looked best!
    Murphy Ranch Trail #141
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    Cold Spring Canyon - Box Canyon Overlooks
    Excellent "off-trail" high rim plateau viewpoints down into Upper Cold Spring Canyon, UN-named Box Canyon, and at our hike high plateau ending point, outstanding views down into Devils Chasm- North Fork & Main South Fork :D
    Murphy Ranch Trail #141
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Luckily Wally warned us of the stinging nettle in the first quarter mile. Just as I was relieved to be out of the nettle mine field I realized it was being choked out by a more vicious beast, large leaf poison ivy.

    Pants would be wise. Somehow I didn't get torn to shreds by the fair amount of wicked red raspberry.

    We didn't see another soul. Bummer. Guess all the people haters are on the popular trails.

    Does anyone know the correct location for Knoles Hole Spring?

    I'm still a fan of descending Murphy Ranch Trail #141. It does need fallen tree maintenance. If you look at it on satellite it looks bleak. Must be a February shot when the oaks have no leaves because it's not bleak on trail.

    This was my first time heading over to the overlook. I enjoyed the hike over if not more than the overlook. While it was warmer than up on Reynolds there was more of a breeze being on the edge of the rim. The views change and Cold Spring Canyon is a gem. Edwards Spring is "nice". Surprisingly I had cell service on my cheapie plan.

    The Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth dad is getting old, he was complaining about kids these days and their

    Consumed 2.5 liters, Chris knocked out 7.5 and ran out with 2 miles to go.

    minute - thirty nine seconds ... ZVds

    a few nice flowers in season. Nothing unusual.
    Murphy Ranch Trail #141
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    Parker - Abbey - Murphy - Rim Loop
    Ray had never been to the Sierra Ancha's and I had a hankerin' get back to the Parker Creek Canyon Trail #160 to see is we could scare up any color what-so-ever. I also wanted to check out the part of the Rim trail that I hadn't be on yet from the Murphy Ranch area.

    The climb up Parker is a steady 2000' climb in 3 miles to get to the saddle. You climb through Sycamores, then some conifers, Maples and Aspen. We were lucky enough to have some of the Fall Rainbow left to accent the climb up. I really love the feel of this trail, even without the added color.

    While on the Abby Way Trail #151 I wanted to check out the old Peterson Ranch area, to see what was left. There are some sizable flat open areas that appear to have supported the ranch, but nothing of substance was found. Like a couple of shrews, Joe and Ray followed me on the “shortcut” back to the Abby Way Trail (don’t take the shortcut)

    Making our way up to Aztek Peak, we paused to take in the Flintstone furniture (Note to self, bring cards next time).

    A short Road walk got us over the Old Murphy Ranch area. All was quiet at the ranch, but the aspens were in their richest golden form. We hopped on the Murphy Ranch Trail #141. This trail is slightly overgrown, but not bad at all. We took lunch on this trail and enjoyed the perfect temps and the vast views to the east.

    I always enjoy the Rim Trail #139 for the views, but it does seem to drag on and had some patches of ankle busters. One such ankle buster took me down for a few minutes, my ankle is still swollen today, but surprisingly, it does not hurt.

    The hike back down the Parker Creek Trail was just as enjoyable! We had absolutely perfect weather and surprising great color for this hike. Thanks for driving Ray, hope you enjoyed your first foray into the Sierra Ancha’s

    Video :next:
    Murphy Ranch Trail #141
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    Parker - Abbey - Murphy - Rim Loop
    Sierra Ancha in November after the height of Autumn foliage? A dismal forecast of 32 mph gusts and rain. Did we really think this over?

    For we are hikers, the chances taken are a roll of the dice. The perfect hike unexpectedly presented itself. A cloud worthy of dropping a raindrop never shadowed. Chilly is not an ingredient of perfect. There is wind and there is the essence of wind. Hiking in a breeze we could hear the wind howling through the high pines.

    Autumn snuck up on us. Color in the ravines. High fidelity creaking trees would have sent a brave sleeping boy scout into nightmares. There is no second chance on the confetti of Autumn. A leaf falls only but once. With that an occasional star of the show auto rotated safely to the ground. Dozens once, maybe twice. The Sierra Ancha Symphony played out.

    Parker Creek Trail #160
    A fifty yard stretch of large crispy sycamores leaves covering the trail provided the perfect crunch. Smooth Sumac was on fire. These may be the garnish or stepchildren of Autumn. Most appreciated if you haven't recently experience foliage overload.

    The SE stroll along Carr Peak is no longer the lunar landscape I recall from years past.

    Abbey's Way Trail #151
    Bruce wanted to check out the Peterson area. Then he introduced Ray to the darkside of off-trail hiking for a short quarter mile. Back on sound ground the trail is good to the top. We checked out the Bedrock Furniture Showcase then moseyed on.

    I was in disbelief Bruce didn't want to go check out the tower. Granted it was windy, it barely interests me, we'd been there numerous times, it was closed and the list goes on. I thought I knew this man. Seriously we are talking about Bruce. He has this built in hormone where he must check everything out then rub it like a cat or mark it like a dog.

    Murphy Ranch Trail #141
    Bruce altered the game plan mid-hike adding this trail. It sounded like a great idea so off we went. It's a tad brushy and you have to step over stuff on occasion. That aside I loved it. Keep in mind the symphony was playing and we were hiking down hill.

    Rim Trail #139 - Sierra Ancha
    The vistas keep this on the winners list. It still gets a bit draggy.

    Carried 2.5 quarts, consumed about 1.8

    Hanging on better than anticipated. Depending on the elevation full color spectrum on the oaks. Enchanting maples, not loads of incredible deep reds.

    Shocking variety for November. Likely due to the record summer precipitation.

    Bull Thistle is dominate. Crisp Mexican Silene in a two spots. Scrophulariaceae stuff fading on my memory.
    Murphy Ranch Trail #141
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    Parker - Abbey - Murphy - Rim Loop
    I had the good fortune of being invited to join The Eagle and Joe on a loop hike to Aztec Peak in the Sierra Ancha Wilderness. Bruce and I had talked about a Sierra Anchas hike a couple of weeks ago while on the Pinal 4X. A hike in this area was high on my wish list (I hadn't been out there yet), so I was all too happy to take him up on the offer.

    There are good hikes and there are great hikes. This was a great hike on many levels. From the start we had clear blue skies, perfect temps and nice color all along the trail. The trails we took were in good shape and easy to follow. The elevation gain was stretched across so many miles that you don't really notice it. The steepest part was the beginning and end of the hike along the Parker Creek Trail, but it was gradual. Bruce led us on a side trip from the Abbey trail through a nice meadow in search of an old foundation. No luck on the foundation. We returned to the Abbey trail through some thick vegetation that we had to pick our way through, but even that was kind of fun.

    Along with the many beautiful colors we saw, the views in some areas were astounding. Coming up the Parker Creek trail, we paused for a look at the Four Peaks towering above Roosevelt Late. Atop Aztec Peak, the views from the "Flintstone Terrace" were amazing as well. We took our lunch about two thirds of the way down the Murphy trail. Sitting among the pines enjoying a PB&J sandwich and an apple, I couldn't help looking up at the tops of the trees against the backdrop of the beautiful blue sky. It just doesn't get any better than that. Along the southern facing portion of the Rim trail, we took a break to enjoy the views above a craggy chasm with some very interesting rock formations. That was breathtaking.

    I had a "walk much?!" moment shortly after turning onto the Rim trail. I was stepping over a tree laying across the trail, caught my foot on a branch and tumbled. I knew I was going down, so I just went into a barrel roll to make it look as graceful as possible. A fall is anything but graceful, but the roll softened the blow and the only injury was a little embarrassment. Joe took his camera out after the fall, hoping I might offer up a repeat performance, but I wasn't about to let that happen again! Bruce saw an elk around this same time, but it quickly disappeared, leaving only the dust it kicked up as evidence of its presence.

    I've only been hiking in AZ since moving here three plus years ago, so I'm still getting to know this wonderful state and the many outdoor adventures it has to offer, but this hike moves up near the top of the list, if not the very top. Great hike, great company, and a great day. Thank you Bruce and Joe for a most enjoyable day!
    Murphy Ranch Trail #141
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Sierra Anchas Loop
    Mike and I did a Sierra Anchas loop. We parked/started at the Parker Creek TH and headed up to the Rim trail. We took the Rim trail to Pueblo Canyon overlook. We didn't stay too long because the temps were a bit toasty .
    We back tracked to Murphy Ranch trail and went down Reynolds Creek trail. It was great hiking on a soft dirt trail. I had forgotten how nice and shady Reynolds creek is. I’ll have to return again this summer.

    We returned back to FR486 and hiked down the road back to Parker Creek trail , then the TH.

    This is a great hike on a warm/hot day. There’s enough shade on the Parker Creek trail to keep the temps down until you hit the upper trails. The Rim trail has some sun exposure, so it may not be a good choice in the heat of the summer.
    Murphy Ranch Trail #141
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    It's been a couple of years since I've been in the Sierra Anchas and since it was new to Fan, we did a sampler hike.

    We started at the Parker Creek TH and headed up. It was a bit chilly in the shade. We went down the Rim trail to the Moody point intersection. I went south on the Moody Point trail to almost where it meets up with the Deep Creek trail and then returned.
    We then had lunch at the Pueblo Canyon overlook. Then we doubled back and took the Murphy trail to FR486. Fan took a rest as I went down the Reynolds’s Creek trail. I had forgotten how nice this trail was. I re-discovered ' the abandoned trail/road that Hank and I found years ago.

    Fan and I took FR486 to the Carr TH and returned to the Jeep. If we had time, we would have gone to the fire tower.

    I was impressed with the trail maintenance.
    The Parker Creek had 2~3 small fallen trees.
    The Rim trail had 3~4 minor fallen trees between Murphy trail and the Pueblo Canyon.
    Murphy trail had some major clean-up. The removed dead fall made bumpers on the trail. There was one fresh fallen tree
    Reynolds's trail had 3~4 medium to major fallen trees
    The unnamed trail had 3~4 medium/major fallen trees

    I'll have to remember to come out here more often in the summer. The views are always fantastic!

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