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Myrtle Trail #30, AZ

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Difficulty 3 of 5
Distance One Way 1.24 miles
Trailhead Elevation 6,755 feet
Elevation Gain 1,125 feet
Accumulated Gain 1,125 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 4.99
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19  2018-05-05
Highline - Myrtle - Devin Loop
15  2018-05-05
Highline - Myrtle - Devin Loop
18  2018-05-05
Highline - Myrtle - Devin Loop
12  2015-07-11
Myrtle - Knoll Lake - Babe Haught Loop
19  2015-07-11
6  2012-07-21
Highline - Myrtle - Babe Haught Loop
13  2012-07-21
Highline - Myrtle - Babe Haught Loop
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Travels through the "Dude Fire" burn. This area is the scene of the most devastating wildfire in Arizona history. This area is ideal for the study of the rejuvenating power.

The trail climbs through juniper, Gamble Oak and pine. Because of the Dude Fire and heavy precipitation, this trail is washed out in many locations. Parking is limited at the north trail terminus on Forest Road (FR) 300. There are a few clearings across the road. Be sure to park well off the road because logging trucks may be using this road.

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2018-07-14 HAZ_Hikebot

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    Myrtle Trail #30
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Highline - Myrtle - Devin Loop
    Highline Trail #31 - Washington to Myrtle
    First 3 miles exceeded my expectations. The balance was toast or just fair.

    Myrtle Trail #30
    Toast but a great lil ascent.

    Colonel Devin Trail #290
    Bumped it up from a 3 to 4 rating.

    Weather was outstanding. Enjoyed the hike much more than anticipated. Not itching to do it again.
    Myrtle Trail #30
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Highline - Myrtle - Devin Loop
    Highline Trail #31
    I needed this section of the Highline Trail, between Washington Park and the Myrtle Trail, to Gir-er-Done.
    I was not expecting good trail conditions based on my last time out by the Myrtle Trail. I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent conditions all the way to FR144. Numerous sections have been redone/rerouted since the Highline fire of 2017. Great water was flowing along the way at the East Verde, Dude Creek, Bonita Creek and Hells Gate Canyon. Views along the way with aren't bad either. Evidence of the fire was there, but did not take away from the Trail.

    Myrtle Trail #30
    This trail at the intersection with the Highline Trail, took some fire damage. The old sign at the intersection is no longer around. [ photo ] It is a steady steep climb, giving you good reasons to stop, take a breath and take in the views.

    Trail 300
    With this trail being reopened, we expected to see plenty of activity. Not a single soUl was seen. The trail was wide, smooth and free of Cat Claw. Some of the best views in the state.

    Col Devin Trail #30
    Karl and I evidently did not know what the L was going on here. We met a solitary through hiker climbing as we were going down. He said he started 5 weeks ago. I LOVE the re-route.

    Great day with near perfect weather.

    Myrtle Trail #30
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Myrtle - Knoll Lake - Babe Haught Loop
    From the Hatchery Trail on FR289 we toured west on Highline Trail #31. It starts off Sedonesque. Remember to bring your route finding awareness for a few hiccups along the way. After 2 miles the joyous Sedona motif gives way and the tread turns to old school Y-Bar in the Mazzies... ankle buster blah. I'm now even more impressed with Boone's 2011 10 hour Zane Grey 50 Mile Endurance Race.

    Myrtle Trail #30 is statistically similar to the best damn mountain on planet earth, Squaw Peak. We lost the trail once but found it quick. This was through a large stretch of waist high grass. Reminded me of the turf at Bay Meadows around '91. I liked this trail and would guess most are not so fond.

    Up on the rim we figured the grunt work was done and moseyed off trail through the pines. Bruce plotted out a whiplash roller coaster ride across the ravines. Grossly over exaggerated but we did revise the gameplan upon realization time was slipping away.

    Knoll is a gem, almost as nice as the fond memories I have of Bear Lake. We enjoyed a late 3pm lunch then worked over to Babe Haught #143 based on Dave's butter knife sharp knowledge. Weather was fairly nice all day. It crossed over to fabulous after lunch. Descending #143 felt steep but seems to be a better maintained trail than Myrtle Trail #30 or Horton Springs Trail #292 ( not to be confused with the popular CREEK trail #285 ).

    Most exciting was before the hike along SR260, dense fields of Mexican Hat Ratibida columnifera.
    Myrtle Trail #30
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    I threw together a loop that hit a couple of my To-dos.
    - Hike from the Hatchery TH.
    - Hit a section of the Highline I hadn't been on before.
    - Hit the Myrtle Trail to the top of the rim.
    - Explore a bit of the off trail stuff on the way to Knoll Lake
    - Go down the Rim on the Babe Haught trail

    Not completed - Hiking the circumference of Knoll Lake. We ran out of time and mainly energy.

    Highline Trail #31 - Almost all the sections of the Highline I'd been on to this point, had been in decent to great shape.
    I don't need to do this section again.. Rocky and poorly marked in spots, we actually lost the trail 2 or 3 times.

    Myrtle Trail #30 - A bit overgrown with grass (No big deal) this trail is mainly a steady ramp to the top. It gains 1100' in a mile. It provides some expansively wide views of the rim country.

    Next we went cross country to Knoll Lake, crossing three 100' plus canyons on the way. Middle Leonard Canyon the tallest at a steep 200'.

    We only had the time and ambition to skirt the southern portion of Knoll Lake. We had out lunch from a perch above the lake. I need to come back to do the circumference.

    Babe Haught #143 - We scrambled off a southern ridge of Knoll lake, to hit this trail. It's a gentle climb with one steeper section, to the rim. The Babe going down the rim to the Hatchery, was steep and rocky in places, but once again some great views!

    Clouds and breezes made the hiking mainly perfect.
    Myrtle Trail #30
    rating optionrating optionrating optionrating optionrated 1
    Highline - Myrtle - Babe Haught Loop AZ
    I did a loop hike with the Highline / Myrtle / Gen. Crook / Babe Haught trails.
    I started out at the Fish Hatchery TH and headed East on the Highline. I went north on the Myrtle trail.

    It's been about a year since I've done the Myrtle trail and I remember why. The trail is all sun exposed and there are some route finding issues on it. The climb to the false summit went without issue. The high humidly and heat slowed me down some. There are three routes now! 1) The original cairns 2) old rusty orange flags in the ground and 3) newer blue ribbons. They split at times and then re-converge later on. I followed the old trusty cairns and somehow got messed up on the false summit. I was on the wrong side of a rock pile and had to backtrack and do some very mild rock climbing to get back on-track.

    I did some exploring on rim. The only thing that almost panned out was locating the Holder Cabin. My older topo map and GPS showed a Holder Cabin in the vicinity of the Upper Buckskin spring. I got within 1,000 of it and luck would have it, a forest ranger came by. I asked him about the cabin. The ranger knew of it, but it was torn down years ago. There was forest thinning going on where the cabin used to be, so I didn't stick around.

    When I was ready to come down the rim, it started to sprinkle on me. As I got a half mile from the Babe Haught trail and the heaven's open up and it poured. Then the hail, lighting and thunder started! Some of the strikes were close :scared: . I didn't want to go down the Babe Haught with the lightning strikes (not to mention a slick trail). There's a section of the trail that goes straight out with drop-offs on either side and you’re the tallest thing. I would have made the perfect lightning rod :o . So I hung out on the rim as long as I could. I waited until the rain started to ease up and headed on the Babe Haught. The trail was a stream. When I got to the drainage's, the water was a foot to foot and a 1/2 deep. By the time I came to the edge of the forest the rain stopped and wind was bitter cold. On one of the switchbacks down there was a cool 200 foot waterfall. It was about a 1/4 mile from the trail and too dark for any pictures. The lightning was striking to the south. It was pitch-dark when I got to the TH.

    The lightning keep the sky lite-up as I pulled both of the rain covers from the Jeep.

    I'll remember this hike for a while!

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