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Deep Creek Trail #128, AZ

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Distance One Way 4.66 miles
Trailhead Elevation 5,039 feet
Elevation Gain 411 feet
Accumulated Gain 1,150 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 8.49
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Sierra Ancha
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Sierra Ancha
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Upper Deep Creek
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Upper Deep Creek
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Upper Deep Creek
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Coon Creek Ruins Overlook via FR3368
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This trail provides nice hiking and passes through a chaparral grassland basin with fine views of the bluffs of the Sierra Ancha Mountains.

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    Deep Creek Trail #128
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    The last time I was in this area, I spotted the Moody Point ruins from a distance, however, there was not enough time to scramble over to them and check them out. I was finally able to make it over there today. I drove up on Friday and got to the trailhead late, but the goal was to start as early as possible to beat the heat and I would rather drive a little into the night than get up at 3:30 in the morning to drive to a hike. With the advantage of sleeping at the trailhead, we were able to start at 6 on the dot and I was able to sleep in past five.

    The hike to the off trail traverse to the ruins went by pretty quickly, but the traverse was a little more tedious than I expected and it seemed to have taken longer than it should of. But it may have just felt longer because of the direct sunlight that baked us along the south facing route. The ruins were pretty impressive in my opinion and they had some interesting and unique qualities, but I kept my tour brief, so I could get Cup back to the car before the trail really heated up. The hike back was a little warm, but the cool breeze mitigated that a little. I carried a ton of water and even cached some on the way in because I was worried about the heat, but it ended up staying just cool enough for Cup and we were back at the car a little after 12 and that was even after several rolling shade breaks for Cup along the way.

    I had hoped to link up with Larry and some HAZers after my hike, but they were on another hike and not expecting to finish until around five, so I headed back to Phoenix. I planned on exploring another site in the area, but I was just happy to get a tough 12 miles out of Cup and did not want to push it, so as with most of my hikes out here, I will probably return.

    Bear Sighting

    I saw a bear on the drive in. It was probably close to five miles in on FR 203. I know they frequent the desert, but this was my first sighting at that low of an elevation, so I found it kind of cool, as I am not accustomed to seeing them with saguaros. Had I not spent the first ten seconds telling myself it was a cow, I could have got a great picture!
    Deep Creek Trail #128
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    Sierra Ancha
    Larry knows I can't turn down a good ruin lead, so when he told me that @ssk44 had found one on a rugged mountain top in the Sierra Ancha, I was game, (after demanding naming rights of course). I finally got to checking out that ruin today with @carriejane.

    This was my first time in this area of the Sierra Ancha and I left a little more intrigued and eager to come back. The route to the ruins was the best of times and the worst of times. However, for an off trail route in the Sierra Ancha, I thought it wasn't that bad. Although, @carriejane would certainly disagree with that assertion. In fact, I may owe her a trip to the Canyon for dragging her through this one today. The ruins were just one rectangular structure, but with nicely defined and generally well stacked rock wall, maybe arm-pit high. Moody Point Trail kind of sucks, but Deep Creek offered some decent views, no water, but oddly enough a little snow. Nice to channel my inner catclaw lovera little today, its been awhile. Sorry for dragging you on this one @carriejane and thanks for waiting with the pups while I checked it out!

    Oh and let's call it Bull Canyon Lookout.
    Deep Creek Trail #128
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    I had previously entered this hike on my HAZ "wish list" back in April'13, shortly after Oregon Hiker wrote-up this mostly off-trail hike which goes in from the Bull Canyon TH at the end of FR203A. I had been awaiting a good opportunity to plan this hike as a group hike to introduce others to another most interesting area of our Sierra Ancha Wilderness with 1950's uranium mining, old ranching history, as well as a very scenic, rugged upper section of Deep Creek Canyon to visit.

    Mnlumberjack's winter escape (from MN) back to his second home here in Arizona along with an earlier discussion with Jack regarding us getting together again, prompted me to begin the initial planning back in early Jan'15 for this group hike. With six of us interested in going, it became more of a logistics issue for carpooling / driving and the need to select a satisfactory date all six of us were available..then there was the needed cooperation of Mother Nature in our AZ Winter month hiking at a altitude range of around 5000 feet. :sweat:

    All the logistics and our needed cooperation with Mother Nature worked out well and from reading the others trip logs, I do believe we six had a rewarding and fun day.. I know I did! :D

    Jack- good to visit with you again and thanks for driving the required second vehicle;
    Larry- a bonus having you, the author of this Upper Deep Creek hike & thanks for also driving;
    Kelly- always enjoyable to have you join-in;
    Tim- nice to have met your acquaintance back in mid-Dec'14 & thanks for joining us on this one;
    Mike- nice to meet you and welcome to our amAZing state;
    Deep Creek Trail #128
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    got to tag along with the boys on this interesting and scenic piece of the sierra anchas
    rocky drive to bull canyon trailhead, with a stop at an overlook into the coon creek ruins
    took deep creek trail, then off trail across a mesa, which featured a tank and a corral
    then along an old mining road to the two donna lee uranium mines
    both shafts seemed in good condition
    went in about 15 feet, but a funny smell and a lot of flies didn't entice me to go in further
    on the way back, dropped into deep creek on a nice set of switchbacks
    went down canyon about a quarter mile, where we found a 50+ foot dropoff with a small waterfall and a good sized pool at the bottom
    no way to get down it without gear
    found webbing anchored around big rocks with rap rings so someone has done it
    had lunch here and had to be content with looking down deep creek canyon at the spires and hoodoos
    it would be way cool to go down there
    headed back up and out
    very nice day for this, in january no less
    had fun exploring with some pretty good guys
    nice to meet varmit (tim) :) and see the others again
    thanks for including me in this one!
    now i have about a dozen more hikes to put on the list ;)
    will adjust stats when other tracks are posted
    Deep Creek Trail #128
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    This seldom mentioned and hiked Sierra Ancha Wilderness- Deep Creek TR#128 provides a 3rd way to access the ~700 year old Salado Cliff Dwelling/Ruins Site up from the Moody Point TR#140. As I discussed in my HAZ hike description for this in and out hike, I do believe this 5 mile(one way) trail provides a better option than hiking to these ruins from either the north TH access at the Workman's Creek area via the Moody Point TR or the south TH access at the Leisure TH(off Cherry Creek RD-FR203) via the Moody Point Trail.

    Depending on your interests and hiking level, this day hike would be a nice drive and day outing just hiking in 5 miles on the cairned, easy to follow and scenic Deep Creek TR to its intersection with the Moody Point TR(at 5450ft), then returning back to your beginning TH start at the remote Bull Canyon TH(at 4825ft).

    For those wanting more of a hiking challenge with additional payoffs for more effort required, then consider doing this entire 6.4ml one way route via an interesting and challenging route-finding hike (with ?trail? overgrowth) by continuing down the Moody Point Trail and up to this ancient cliff dwelling site. This complete 12.8ml R/T hike will assure you a real workout with only +722ft of elevation gain, but with enough trail and off trail "ups and downs" to tally an AEG of 3927ft..see this hike description's "elevation profile" for what your body will surely confirm :sweat: and still a very enjoyable and rewarding hike!

    Just wish I could find a way to entice more of you into experiencing our wonderful Sierra Ancha Wilderness trails! Ken and I have one more published S/A trail hike to have finally completed them all over a past 3.5 year effort. Maybe after final completion, a celebration dinner at Joe and Preston's favorite-Chalo's La Casa Reynoso in Globe, or Al's favorite- Guayo's El Rey in Miami.. :DANCE:

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