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Crest Trail #25 - Lincoln NF, NM

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Difficulty 4.5 of 5
Distance One Way 19.88 miles
Trailhead Elevation 9,295 feet
Elevation Gain 1,928 feet
Accumulated Gain 4,297 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 34.2
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42  2014-05-05
Three Rivers to Lookout Mountain 11580'
60  2013-10-04
Three Rivers to Lookout Mountain 11580'
31  2013-07-02
Nogal Peak Trail #26
22  2013-06-30
Argentina - Bonito Loop
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It begins at Skyline Campground off of Forest Road 117 and ends at Forest Road 108. This trail offers spectacular views of much of south-east New Mexico. Great opportunities for the experienced hiker. The trail is open for the following uses: Hiking, Horseback Riding.

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This is a more difficult hike. It would be unwise to attempt this without prior experience hiking.

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    Crest Trail #25 - Lincoln NF
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    Three Rivers to Lookout Mountain 11580'
    Of the three long hikes I did last Autumn, this was the one I did not repeat and I wanted to do again. It was a wait, but it was worth it, despite the high winds up high. It was also my first time at high altitude (>10,000') since my last hike here in early October. This was also a good fitness test hike for Santa Fe Baldy, which I hope to hike next week.

    The lower parts are always enjoyable with the flowing water, the smells of the pine and the bird calls in spring. After I left US 54 I saw and heard no one for the entire time I was out, until I got back to 54. This might be a beautiful area, but it is lonely.

    Higher up the smells transition to Doug and White Fir, and then Spruce and Elk, or their feces; hard to tell as they go hand in hand. I spotted several Elk, both in the upper end of the canyon and well below me in the same area as last fall. Evidence of herbivory is everywhere. I also saw what must have been a fox, not coyote, judging by it's tail, posture and huge ears, trotting across the ridge near the ski resort.

    It was cold and windy on top, but the views were pretty good. I never planned on Sierra Blanca today, but the south views would not have been that great anyway, as there was dust from the basin hazing things out. Lots of snow still on Blanca, and you can really see just how rocky that peak is, despite trees nearly to the summit on the NE aspect. If it were not so windy here, it might be covered in trees.

    Travel time was about the same as last time, but I started at 1125. Got back to my car at 805. It took me almost 5 hours to reach the top, but 15 minutes less than 4 to get down. Might have been faster, except my Altras are totally worn out.
    Crest Trail #25 - Lincoln NF
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    Three Rivers to Lookout Mountain 11580'
    I thought this was going to be longer in mileage, but I am happy with the elevation gain. I trust the GPS, and the map elevation readings, but it didn't feel like close to 6,000'. I trust it.

    I started at 10 of 11 this morning. Even with the shutdown, I was able to park at the trailhead, as had numerous other vehicles. Wind was up slightly, but not too bad. I enjoyed the smell of the pines and the running water. It took longer than I thought it would to make the crest trail, close to 3 hours, but a lot of the elevation gain is made on this section.

    Rounding on to the Crest Trail and exposed to the wind, the hiking was harder, but not due to the trail. I encountered a flowing spring on the ridge, which is incredible given how high up it is. Flowing to a gallon+ per minute, I say.

    Much of the views from the Crest were destroyed by the Little Bear Fire in 2012, but it is still very scenic. The grass is lush, and some erosion has roughed things up a bit, but overall it is in good shape. Had it not been for the wind, and the grass and herbaceous vegetation bothering my legs and getting in to my shoes, this was my favorite stretch of trail. Well, except for the end.

    When you reach trail # 78, most of the hike is done, and in reality the real hike is up to this point. This may be the nicest of the hike. It has a Kendrick Mountain (Flagstaff) feel to it. The spruce is very nice, and the grass short and shady, for the most part. Very nice to walk on. Reaching the ski lift marks just about the end, and then it is a short hike up to the 11,580' summit, with a round wind break and views. I summited at 15:35.

    On this day, I started too late to do Sierra Blanca, and the wind was nasty enough that I wouldn't have wanted to summit. Views were pretty good, and dust wasn't up much at all. Up from Monday's flawless sky, but not bad considering.

    Hiking down went a lot faster than I thought. Then again, the hike was 3 miles shorter than I originally expected. I was down in 3 hours 38 minutes, total. Nothing impressive, but I thought I would be out later.
    Crest Trail #25 - Lincoln NF
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    Argentina - Bonito Loop
    to start our week of new mexico fun, we decided on argentina canyon. there were two springs near our planned route, as well as a peak, a cabin, and a geocache for bobby. and oh, the flowers! :budrose: :kf: i was in serious tibber mode with all those flowers. the flowers were not only in the canyons, but on the ridge as well. so pretty!

    we started up along argentina canyon trail #39 to artentina spring, where we didn't see a spring, but a pretty fenced off area. then we made our way on the crest trail. bobby wasn't counting on going up to argentina peak, but it was right there! i had to have somewhere for my peak beer. there isn't an actual trail up to the peak, but it wasn't a hard bushwhack, either. we came back down and continued on the crest trail to another junction, where we headed toward spring cabin spring. after that we bushwhacked for a while to get back up to the crest trail. we followed that to the junction with little bonito spring trail, then big bonito trail, and back to the trailhead.

    great day! :FG:
    Crest Trail #25 - Lincoln NF
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    Finally... a decent day on the trail! Lungs a problem during the first hour, so Tim and Yubao went on ahead... I knew I did not want to drift above 10,000'... so did a loop around, some off trail... then down Dry Canyon. It was good... pulse up into the 150's... maybe I can train back up? Of course, I am now way out of shape!
    Crest Trail #25 - Lincoln NF
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Meetup Group hike out of Las Cruces... nice to finally get over and see a new area. Lots of burn damage, but the vista views were exceptional. Lung issues stopped me short of the peak; I guess it may not have been the flu in Hawaii... to linger this long... bacterial? Irritating to have to figure out what is going on... and to delay the fun training. Oh, well. Back up to the area Monday for another hit! I'll just go slow.

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