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Hamilton Crossing Trail #45 - Coconino NF, AZ

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Difficulty 0.5 of 5
Distance One Way 1.85 miles
Trailhead Elevation 6,573 feet
Elevation Gain -571 feet
Accumulated Gain 69 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 2.08
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Hamilton Crossing rim to rim to rim
17  2015-10-15
Hamilton Crossing Trail #623 - Sitgreaves NF
17  2015-05-15 Oregon_Hiker
19  2015-05-15 Grasshopper
30  2015-05-13
Camp Grasshopper - Hwy 87 No- East Clear Creek
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    Hamilton Crossing Trail #45 - Coconino NF
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    I'm sure that the history of this "old-historic" ? 1800's - 1900's ? Pack Route which enters East Clear Creek Canyon from the West side via Trail #45 (the Coconino NF side) and from the East side via Trail #623 (the Sitgreaves NF side), would be interesting to read about, but I unfortunately have just not taken the time to research it.. but I bet it's out there.

    In May'15 Oregon Hiker and I hiked the west side down (Trail #45) to East Clear Creek Drainage and explored the immediate area. There was a lot of water in ECC drainage during this visit so our exploring progress up and down the canyon was limited unless we were willing to swim a little and we were not. We were both intrigued by the possible Trail #623 Sitgreaves NF- East side route but we did not have time on our May'15 visit to scout it out to see if it was for real. Later I was unable to confirm on the Sitgreaves NF website and their Forest Map that it even still existed..

    So, for my 10/14 to 10/18/15 Camp Grasshopper visit, this hike was high on my priority list. The problem was that it was a fairly long way from where I was actually camping and the secondary dirt roads for access, especially 6.25ml one way FR63B was a pain in the :pk: to drive being required 4WD, very rocky, rough, and slow for my to be "in & out" hike of only 1.5 miles. Maybe it was best that this first day's hike was mostly driving and less hiking since viewing my profile, I actually had not done/posted another hike on HAZ since June 2, 2015 :oops: . Out of state family visit priorities and some recent surgery with a longer waiting & recovery period than anticipated is my excuse.

    Now that we have confirmed that these two West and East Side trails really do exist and have now documented them here on HAZ, it would be an interesting trip for others to hopefully consider hiking both trails with some time to explore up and down this very scenic & remote East Clear Creek Canyon drainage area.. probably mid-May again would be my recommendation and driving in via the Coconino NF West side (Trail #45 TH Start).
    Hamilton Crossing Trail #45 - Coconino NF
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Oregon Hiker and I needed to come up with a few additional hikes to justify our recent 5/13 to 5/17 (4 night/5 day) vehicle camping and hike exploration trip to this northern section of Coconino NF off the east side of Hwy 87 north, approx 30 miles south of Winslow, AZ.

    Using our valuable HAZ- TrailDEX, we found this Hamilton Crossing Trail #45 on HAZ with yet to be posted activity :-k Being only a few slow driving miles from our planned Camp G/H, we added it to our planned agenda mainly since it allowed for a supposed trail access into the bottom of East Clear Creek Canyon Drainage which we had hoped to access.

    Little did we know that this trail was a hidden gem with very scenic and wooded trail access into a very lush, riparian, and possibly perennial section of ECC. I rated this one a 4 of 5 and adding the additional value of it entering ECC close to the historic Hamilton Crossing at Coconino NF & Sitgreaves NF Pack Route TR 623 connection, it was a winner in my book :DANCE:

    I enjoyed this trail enough to take the time to send the Coconino NF- Blue Ridge Ranger District an email to say :thanx: and I later received a nice acknowledgment back from their trail planning staff :)
    Hamilton Crossing Trail #45 - Coconino NF
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    This trip was a few months in the planning to a new (for me) area south of Winslow, AZ, off Hwy 87 that I was totally unfamiliar. I have made numerous trips over the past years to our Mogollon Rim area off Rim Road FR300 to vehicle camp and day hike-explore for summer and early autumn visits, but never north on Hwy 87 past the Coconino NF- Blue Ridge Ranger Station at FR95.

    With some valuable tips and advise from HAZ-ssk44, Oregon Hiker and I spent a considerable amount of time reviewing Google Earth, HAZ-TrailDEX Topo/Satellite Maps, and drawing up various drive and mostly "off-trail" hike plan options on HAZ-Route Manager to justify this five day trip (2 days driving with 3 full days to explore) to this interesting, higher elevation vast plateau area labeled on some maps as the San Francisco Plateau.

    After deciding on our three days of planned day hike exploration areas, we settled on this "Camp Grasshopper - Hwy 87 No- East Clear Creek" location centrally located within the Coconino NF boundary, 5.4 miles in on the east side of Hwy 87 at 6385ft elevation. It always take me a few nonstop hours to setup my Camp Grasshopper and doing so at a new location is always more interesting :) I'm happy to say that this new campsite location is a solid contender for others to consider and the grouping of fairly large and numerous Juniper trees provides a nice wind break which is often needed camping in this higher elevation plateau area of Coconino National Forest.

    It should also be noted that this campsite location is .40 miles from a historic ranching homestead with now abandoned outbuildings (possibly "Red Hill Ranch"?) with an active ranching water well that is not run by an historic windmill but rather by a huge diesel generator.. [ photo ] that ran continuously for 24 hours a day for our 5 day stay. I mention this because when the wind blows in the direction of this G/H Campsite area, you will hear the distant hum of this pump generator.. not that annoying for our five day stay, but next might be introduced the ranging cattle herds ;) (we saw no recent signs of active cattle this stay).

    In Summary (quoted from Oregon Hiker's trip log and I agree): :D
    Despite having one night of bad weather it turned out to be another successful outing to a new Camp GH location. We found some cool Indian ruins, climbed a peak that wasn't a peak, explored the Hamilton Crossing Trail #45 into the bottom of East Clear Creek Canyon, and saw lots of awesome scenery on this high desert plateau.

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