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Philomena Spring from AZT #34, AZ

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Distance One Way 2.75 miles
Trailhead Elevation 8,977 feet
Elevation Gain 2,683 feet
Accumulated Gain 2,726 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 11.83
Interest Off Trail Hiking & Historic
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11  2018-09-22
12  2016-06-04
Humphreys - Philomena - Walker Lake
7  2016-06-04
Humphreys - Philomena - Walker Lake
24  2014-10-04
Philomena Spring using Humphrey Summit Trail
14  2013-06-29
Philomena Spring - Humphreys Loop
22  2013-06-29
Philomena Spring - Humphreys Loop
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We started at the Aspen Loop to "AZT#34 - San Francisco Peaks". Start off trail by the "Snowmobiles forbidden in the Wilderness" sign. Follows an old, barely visible (in spots), 2 track until it reaches the woods and starts climbing. In the woods, the route is cairned and gets considerable Game traffic. Follow cairnes to the end, or do like we did, follow to the metal pipe and follow to the spring. First stop is an old wooden water catchment. Then up the scree SE to the water catchment (.2 miles) away and the end of the pipe. Actual Spring is 100' to the NE of the Catchment

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This is a difficult hike. Arrive fit and prepared or this could get ugly.

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2018-07-14 HAZ_Hikebot
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Philomena Spring from AZT #34
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Humphreys - Philomena - Walker Lake
Parking Lot to Humphreys Saddle
4.05 miles, 2545 AEG

The lot was probable 1/3 full at our 8:10 start when Ray dropped us off. The trail was not as crowded as expected. Met HAZ members @mr14ner, @DallinW & @adrenna on the way up. Great to meet you all! Temps were perfect.

Humphreys Saddle to The Top of Arizona,12,633'
1.07 miles, 819 AEG

A 200' patch of snow to get to the peak, 72 degree temps and gnatty when the wind stopped. Two fires could be seen north of Kendrick, close to each other and two more in what I'm guessing to be the Pivot Rock areas. The Inner Basin has a bit of snow and the Aspens are greening up nicely

Top of Arizona 12,633' to Philomena Spring
.57 miles, -972 AEG

Not as bad as feared

Philomena Spring to Hot Tub Time Machine
.26 miles, -358 AEG

Dodged some snow to get here.
Time Machine has not changed in 3 years since we'd been here.

Hot Tub Time Machine to AZT#34
2.76 miles, -2333 AEG

We had to get off the unofficial trail because of snow. We Jigsawed around the snow and downfall to get back to the trail. Once out to the meadow area, we ran into the couple who unofficially take care of the trail. They said they did not get to any maintenance last year. They gave us some great info about the area and Philomena Spring. There used to be a trough system that ran over to the old ranch carrying water from Philomena Spring. My rough estimate shows that to be more that 3 miles of trough! The trough has been replaced by pipe and the pipe no longer works. There are remnants of both in the area.

AZT#34 to Walker Lake
6.42 miles, -1059 AEG (+252)

Nice to be back on a trail, and the AZT to boot!
Ray was waiting at Walker Lake when we got there.

We took a quick spin to the lake to check it out.
Walker Lake Video :next: ... DkTc

Thanks for driving Ray!
Philomena Spring from AZT #34
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Humphreys - Philomena - Walker Lake
Nice to be in the cool pines. Much cooler than 2 days ago heading up from Lockett. Didn't seem as busy as expected. We've had to park in the nose bleed section of the Kachina lot in June many times in years past. The main lot was about 70% full at 8am. Friendly hikers throughout with several HAZ hellos! Great to meet @mr14ner, @DallinW & @adrenna! The monster gnats were fairly tame until the breeze died at the summit.

Hit up Philomena Spring and the Hot Tub Time Machine down to AZT 34. Kinna warm for 9k feet. Met some nice resourceful locals just before the AZT, then the friendliest mountain bikers on earth along the AZT to Walker Lake. The lake albeit dry turned out to be a nice gander.

Thx Ray for driving & shuttling the chariot

1 Indian Paintbrush along AZT
Philomena Spring from AZT #34
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
A very good hike and some new terrain was covered, which is always nice. The conditions could not have been better for this, and a bear was spotted in addition to elk and deer. Larry had trouble with his ankle and we decided to descend the other route, which proved to be a bit more scenic and was a really nice way to go. I still prefer to ascend my way, becuase I am better at knowing where I am with regard to elevation, and the views are better overall. You can go faster downhill on the game trail, however.
[ gps route ]

I finally visited the hot tub, and spent some more time at the spring. The only draw back for this was myself thinking that I wish I had been a back country skier when I lived in Flag, but that was never a priority. The AZ trail is really nice up here, and it looks like it would be a fun bike ride. The Aspen loop is a cruel series of gentle snake curves.
Philomena Spring from AZT #34
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Philomena Spring - Humphreys Loop
A brilliant orange sunrise on the drive up ( Silver Fire in New Mexico 260 miles away ) put Bruce in a good mood singing kumbaya.

Our plan was to hike to Arizona's highest spring Philomena on what we dubbed the "outer basin" of Humphreys. Next summit the beast then return on the summit "trail". The high in Flag was 96 degrees so it was no surprise the massive TH parking lot overflowed to the Kachina lot.

Onto the Aspen Loop we dropped 300 feet. Despite sub-seventy degree temps humidity was knocking. The only noticeable sweating was on our initial ascent.

The route to Philomena is arbitrary. Heading up we found a network of criss crossing trails and cairns galore. Excitement began to build when we found a pipe then started following it up. The hike went from fair to memorable stumbling upon a hot tub! Obviously it's not a hot tub for those in three dimensional zoomable mindsets.

Continued following the pipe to it's end just into the rock slide pitch. Then on up to the summit. The primo segment from the hot tub up through the slide is on video. I enjoyed this hike much more than anticipated.

Carried 4 quarts agua of which I consumed 1.75. We took maybe a dozen short breather breaks on the ascent in addition to standard snack and lunch breaks. Footing to the catch a hundred feet away from the spring is doable by most. Continuing to the summit is moderate-difficult to very-dangerous depending on your ability, experience and nerves.

Parry's Primrose, Columbine, plenty o' aster
Philomena Spring from AZT #34
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Philomena Spring - Humphreys Loop
My turn to pick and this ones been on our Radar for awhile.

We got to the Snowbowl Trailhead around 7am and were shocked to see the lot almost filled. Escaping the valley heat I guess. The Lemmings were lined up to climb the Humphreys Summit trail. We had plans to get to the top, but choose a different route.

We got on the pleasant and gentle grade of the Aspen Nature Loop and AZT# 34, taking them over to our off trail turn by the "No Snowmobile" sign. We followed the clearing and occasionally an obscure two track, to the end and started climbing the ridge.

I was surprised to find a cairned route that led directly to the spring. Careful though, there seem to be multiple cairned routes. These days it seems that the Elk are keeping the Trail going. It was freshly worn in most spots for us. we followed it until we found the pipe and then decide to follow it to find the spring.

On the edge of the woods, with views of Humphreys, we got to an area where there was a wooden container for storing water below the spring. This was 4' in diameter and about 6' tall and banded together.

We continued up hill .2 mile to the end of the pipe to what we thought was the spring, only to determine while we took a break there, that this was a catchment area. The actual spring can be found by following depression trough like area, NE 100' through the rocks. The water can be heard and if you check down between the rocks, < a gallon per minute flow can be seen.

Please note that this spring location is .3 mile SSE from the location on the Topo maps.

From here we made a direct assault to the Humphreys peak, 1/3 mile straight up hill. (OK, it was only 1,100 feet up, but it was loose boulders, and with the thin air, took some effort.

At 12,633', atop of Arizona, the view was Awesome as always. Thunder crackled, there was lightning in the area and the gnats were ridiculous, so we retreated down the actual trail. We did get rained on for a bit which actually felt real good.

Here's a short video, including the spring flow at Philomena Spring = :next: ... YRrjYvcHUA

Permit $$

Map Drive
Connector trail - Not Applicable

To Humphries Trailhead
From Flagstaff follow Highway 180 West 7 miles to FR516. Turn right onto FR516 (N. Snowbowl Dr) and follow 6.2 miles to the first large signed parking lot on the left.

From PHX (I-10 & AZ-51) 164 mi - about 2 hours 41 mins
From TUC (Jct 1-10 & Grant) 269 mi - about 4 hours 9 mins
From FLG (Jct I-17 & I-40) 16.0 mi - about 31 mins
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