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Chupadera Wilderness Trail, NM

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Distance One Way 4.76 miles
Trailhead Elevation 4,523 feet
Elevation Gain 1,746 feet
Accumulated Gain 1,810 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 10.79
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51  2015-11-28
Hiking a Refuge
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Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge USFWS
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    Chupadera Wilderness Trail
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    Hiking a Refuge
    7 Day Trip to Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico. My Thanksgiving Getaway and the First Time I've been here. On Day 4, 5, & 6, I made a Point to Hike the Trails in the Refuge...I got them all in. For some of them, the Term "Hiking" would be a Stretch. More of a Walking Nature Trail. But with all the Driving, they still helped stretch out the Legs... :) The Mileage on these Trails is so Minimal that I'm just going to Lump them all Together...

    Day 4
    Marsh Boardwalk Trail .4 Miles One Way Only 1 Bird to see in the Entire Huge Pond here. Nice Boardwalk though. They had the Crossover Trail closed to get to the Marsh Overlook Trail, stating that due to Flooding, the Trail was too hard to follow. I took it anyway and with a little Common Sense and following some other Footsteps in places, it was Fine... :D I added that little bit of Mileage to the Overlook Trail.

    Marsh Overlook Trail 2.0 Mile Loop Fairly Nice Trail that takes you through the Trees, around the Big Marsh and up to an Overlook where you can pretty much see the whole Refuge on a Clear Day. Most of this Trail, with the Exception of the Crossover (Closed) Portion, and the actual Overlook Portion, is a Road Walk...

    Lagoon Trail 2.1 Miles One Way Another Road Walk that Parallels the Road you Drive, but on the other Side of the "Canal"...One and Done...To make a Loop, you would Road Walk the Road that Everyone Drives, but I got Lucky and my Friends from Colorado pulled in at just the Right Time and I got a Ride back to the Escape. :D

    Day 5
    John P. Taylor Trail 1.0 Miles Roundtrip Just a short Nature Walk

    River Walk 2.0 Miles Roundtrip Just some Exploring along a Back Waterway with my Friends from Colorado....

    Day 6
    Chupadera Loop and Chupedera Wilderness Trail 3 Miles Roundtrip On the other Side of the Highway away from all the Ponds and Water...To an Overlook and beyond, leaving the Refuge Boundaries and entering into the Wilderness...Unless you are going all the Way to the Peak, I wouldn't bother with this Trail past the Overlook...I would just do the Loop to the Overlook... ;) It might be different at a different Time of Year when there is something else moving besides me up there....Nothing, but Creosote and Gravel for several Miles, probably until you Cross the Interstate and start your Ascent up to the Peak itself...You could really Cruise the Part of the Trail I did though. Trail Runners might like it if you can keep Track of the actual Trail moving that Fast. It kind of "Blends" in to the Rest of the Gravel in Spots...Cairns helped... ;)

    Rio Viejo 1.7 Miles Roundtrip Loop Nice Nature Walk through the Trees...I guess one of the Trails where you are most likely to run into either a Bobcat or a Mountain Lion according to the Staff of the Refuge. The Lone Herd of Roosevelt Elk has been seen along this Trail as well. Looking at the Habitat, it's hard to believe that there would be either Lion or Elk in here, but apparently there is. They used to have a Black-tailed Prairie Dog Colony that they Reintroduced to the Refuge, but the Bobcats, Mountain Lions and Raptors took them all out...

    Canyon Trail 2.2 Miles Roundtrip Loop The other Trail that is on the other side of the Highway away from the Ponds and Water...And a Trail that I will continue to Repeat whenever I go there. I actually felt like I was on a Hike on this one and there is some Cool Areas back there. More Exploration next Time. This Time I stuck to the Trail and it went through a Box Canyon and then up to an Overlook. I actually broke a Sweat for a minute or two on this Hike... :lol: When I do it next Time, I'll go CCW for a bit more of an Aerobic Workout...

    And that is the Extent of the Hiking on this Trip...The Rest was Driving to and from New Mexico and Driving/Photographing along the Roads and Ponds in the Refuge....It was a really nice way to Spend Thanksgiving... :)

    Still some Color, but almost Done....

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