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Tipton Overlook Trail - Hualapai Mountains, AZ

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Difficulty 1.5 of 5
Distance Round Trip 1.08 miles
Trailhead Elevation 7,551 feet
Elevation Gain 336 feet
Accumulated Gain 347 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 2.82
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10  2018-07-22
Hualapai Peak & Hayden Peak
10  2017-11-18
Hayden Peak Summit Road - Hualapai Mountains
20  2016-11-05
Potato Patch Loop and AHH Peaks
23  2016-10-08
Hualapai Super Loop
22  2016-09-24
Hualapai Super Loop
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This half-mile spur trail leads to the Mt. Tipton overlook (park map point #11). This trail also accesses the Dinosaur Rock Overlook (point #12) from a spur trail that begins at the halfway point of this trail.

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Tipton Overlook Trail - Hualapai Mountains
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Hualapai Super Loop
Irony: I had planned on a trip to Flagstaff to visit Philomena Springs on the Peaks, for about a month, but decided to drive to Kingman to hike this loop instead, as the forecast was for cold temperatures on the Peaks. I also had no real desire to revisit the Mazatzals so soon, which I had considered doing. Either way, the forecast for sun and mild gave way to increasing storm chances as the hike day approached. By the time I was out there, I had barely any sun, it was cold for me (but likely still warmer than it would have been on the Peaks even at 11,600') and I had hail, some passing rain, and cold wind on any summit or high ridge. I guess the gods didn't want me to have what Todd and Kyle had 2 weeks ago, out here, or myself and Linda had the same day in the Mazatzals. Oh, well.

Todd's loop from 9/24 and his photos of great views with excellent sky conditions had me excited to head to Kingman (yes, really) to explore this range I had never visited, despite expressing a desire to do so 8 years ago. The hike is solid, the park pretty nice, the range interesting, and the views on a nice day are probably very worth it. I followed Todd's loop route exactly as he hiked it so I could use his stats, but also as it was a pretty good loop, and nothing here is ever very long. Counter clock-wise on the Potato Patch Loop, Aspen Peak, Hayden via the road, than a cut over to the Tipton overlook using the Upper Dinosaur Trail, down the road and up the slope to Hualapai Peak, and back to the trailhead finishing on the east side of the Potato Patch Loop.

I was not really surprised it was over 13 mile, but I don't really feel like it was over 4,000' of AEG. Still, I trust the GPS route and stats, and rolling terrain is generally easier to take than a steep up and down. I wish I had those clear blue skies, long distance views, and pleasant hiking conditions, but I guess it was better than a trip to the Peaks, and I did get to use my poncho for the first time this year, as I had good fortune on the Peaks for every Humphrey summit, or I was smart and didn't hike there in the Monsoon season. I took advantage of the storm shelter below the Tipton Overlook and ate lunch for about 10 minutes during the hail storm, and even though I considered skipping Hualapai Peak, I scrambled to the summit of that through New Mexican Locust, as I was there and could tolerate the cold wet wind for a little while. I was in shorts and t-shirt for this.

I highly recommend this hike, but also recommend better weather! I guess I could have canceled my hotel reservation, but I didn't want to, and in the end, I did something new.
Tipton Overlook Trail - Hualapai Mountains
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Hualapai Super Loop
I was so surprised on my first visit here that I knew I had to come back. Upon returning, I forgot how much I like this park! With eyes set on the two peaks I had previously missed, we started with Aspen. This one is a winner. The trail is great to the Dean overlook, and then the unmaintained route to the summit is nice enough and easy to find. Below the peak is an A-Plus camping area with awesome views in all directions.

Next up was Hayden. We took the road which is super steep, but not that exciting. The park literature indicates that visitors should not disturb the equipment on the peak, and we didn't. Though we did observe it from a fairly close range. :scared: I decided to hit the second hump on the peak while Kyle headed back down. On my return I found a short crossover to the Dinosaur Rock trail and decided to descend that way instead. Then I got to the Tipton Overlook junction, and it would just be dumb not to go out there too. Kyle would have to wait!

In retrospect, if doing this peak again I'd skip the road altogether. The upper part of Dinosaur Rock was awesome. A beautiful grove of aspen was the highlight. Tipton Overlook is worth the price of admission too. (That price being annoyingly flat switchbacks which I cut vertically on the way down :oops: )

Next up, we decided there was no reason not to bag Hualapai too. While I had been there before, Kyle had not, and it's a fun one I didn't mind doing again. We took turns Lily-sitting since the summit is not dog friendly. Thousands upon thousands of ladybugs covered the peak, but I think it's past their season. They were pretty docile and even their color looked dull. I don't know anything about ladybugs but I was a little surprised to see them this late in the year.

We headed down and finished on the other side of the Potato Patch Loop. This northern slope is a different world of shade, grass, and trees. It's almost as if Kingman isn't... right over there. :A1:
Tipton Overlook Trail - Hualapai Mountains
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I broke loose from a business trip to visit Cousin G. in Kingman, and she put this local favorite on the list of possible hikes. With such warm weather, higher elevations seemed like a good idea, and we had enough time to explore some of the side trails. We sat on Hayden Peak for a couple hours and caught up on family news under a beautiful sunny sky with a nice cool breeze. Numbers are for the total trip, somewhat approximate, but reasonably close.

Aspens higher up were turning. Lower aspens were still green.

Permit $$
Hualapai Mountain Park $10 - Day use, $20 camping.

Map Drive
Connector trail - Not Applicable

To hike
Trail begins at the western end of the Potato Patch Loop.
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