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Sunrise Peak from 136th Street Spur, AZ

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Distance Round Trip 5.3 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,754 feet
Elevation Gain 1,290 feet
Accumulated Gain 1,560 feet
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Kokopelli Seeds 13.1
Interest Peak
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Sunrise Peak from 145thSt & loop 136thSt Spur
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Sunrise Peak 136th to 145th Loop
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Location Mesa, AZ
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by saadirose

The 136th Street spur is a less traveled and rugged trail that eventually joins the Sunrise Peak Trail. For the suburban hiker, this is a quick way to transition from the safety and sanctity of the gated community to the hot, wild, and deserted desert. Driving through the gates of the entrance brings an immediate change from community to nature as if walking onto a movie set.

Starting in a wash that parallels 136th street for about 1.4 Miles, the trail leads to climbing over a few challenging boulders and slowly ascends to meet with a trail to the left that climbs quickly to the junction. Ravine walls on both sides of the wash filter the community life from the hikers temporary world and provide beautiful views as well as solitude. The first thing that I noticed was the erosion of the land, both on the sides and the floor of the wash. Nature is clearly at silent work here. The wash is littered with beautiful and unique Saguaros and Jumpin' Cholla. The wash, as well as the trail leading out of the wash, is not well maintained and therefore, offers the hiker a sense of the pioneer spirit. The last turn from the wash onto the trail that switchbacks up the left side, is marked, however the sign is small and is off to the left somewhat. The sign is easily missed.

The only "signs of man" that I found were two overpasses from 136th street to the surrounding gated community and some footprints in the wash. While in the wash the trail is not steep, but some of the boulders are a little foreboding. I treasured my climbs on Camelback Mt from Echo Canyon as experience to deal with the boulders. As the hiker leaves the wash and begins the ascent on the left, she/he can see the beautiful Sunrise peak and most of the Valley below. Interestingly, should 136th street continue through the landfill it would become Gilbert Road.

From the trailhead it is about 1.6 miles to the Sunrise trail intersection. Once joining the main trail, the hiker can turn to the Lost Dog Wash (2.1 miles) or continue to Sunrise Peak and on to the Via Linda trailhead (2.8 miles). The trail is very rugged, in some places very steep, and is not recommended for horses or bikes but, offers the hiker the sense of being totally alone in the desert. Since the trail is not hiked by many it is possible to lose yourself in the buzzing of the occasional fly or the total silence.

Shuttle: It should also be noted that this hike starting or ending from the 136th Street TH combined with any of the other Via Linda Street TH options (from the 124th St-Lost Dog Wash, 128th St., or 145th St.) would make for an excellent car shuttle hike opportunity with minimal driving time-distances to retrieve your other shuttle vehicle. If planning a shuttle which includes the 136th Street TH, it is recommended to end your shuttle hike hiking down the 136th Street Spur Trail wash to end at the 136th Street TH.

Check out the Official Route and Triplogs.

Gate Policy: If a gate is closed upon arrival, leave it closed after you go through. If it is open, leave it open. Leaving a closed gate open may put cattle in danger. Closing an open gate may cut them off from water. Please be respectful, leave gates as found.

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2009-01-03 saadirose
    WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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    Sunrise Peak from 136th Street Spur
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    I have not been out to Sunrise this year, so this seemed a great alternative to my heavy doses of SOMO and the Phoenix Mountain Preserves lately. Pulled in to the 136th street TH about 4:30 to get my hike started. I did not like the look of the automatic closing gate and 'closed at sunset', so I backtracked and parked in the almost deserted shopping center at 136th & Via Linda. I started up the wash, this is definitely the best trail on the Sunrise end of the park. Made it up to the summit in pretty good time, and saw my first other hikers of the day. I took a nice break up top to enjoy the views and then made my way down the 145th side. Saw about a dozen hikers coming down this way, nice easy decent too. I took the Equestrian spur from the 145th TH and followed that around to the dirt 'trail' that follows along Via Linda and took that back to the van. Absolutely fantastic sunset tonight, so much color in the clouds!
    Sunrise Peak from 136th Street Spur
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    Record warmth means that any desert hiker has got to get out there! I opted for a quick hike that wouldn't leave me too sore for a softball doubleheader a day later. I pushed hard on the way up, no breaks, and got to the top just as some others were leaving it all to me. Great views and visibility, I particularly like looking south from the top. En route back down I took the other peak trail to get more of a view to the north. There looks like a saguaro growing area and a service road of some sort, also fun to check out. I elected to run the whole way down, much of it gingerly as there are plenty of jagged rocks sticking up on the trail. Quick up, quick down, beautiful drive back there too.
    Sunrise Peak from 136th Street Spur
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    Sunrise Peak 136th to 145th Loop
    Nice late afternoon hike. We started around 5:30pm and made our way up the 136th St wash. This is a fun section that I always enjoy. From there we reached the Sunrise Trail and made our way to the peak. After a short break, we made our way down to the 145th St TH and then took the equestrian trail back to the cars. It was a good evening.
    Sunrise Peak from 136th Street Spur
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    Sunrise Peak 136th to 145th Loop
    9L and I met up with Not Julia, DB and Hiker Dan for my first night hike of the year, whoo!
    Ran into a javelina before we were even out of the wash...

    Pretty sure it came running out of the drainage tube with some Goompas chasing after it!!! The Goompas never made an appearance but the Javelina posed for a few photos...darn thing refused to let me pin a "Hello my name is Fred" sticker on it...

    Brisk hike up the hill, we regrouped at the major saddles, made it to the top in under an hour and breezed down the other side at what felt eerily like a jog to me!! :sweat:

    Great to see everyone again, I suspect this will happen again soon. Whoo!
    Sunrise Peak from 136th Street Spur
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    Quick morning hike. I saw only three other guys on the spur trail. There were lots of people up top on the Sunrise Trail. I made my way to the summit and was back to the car in no time. This was a nice and quick morning hike. I definitely recommend this trail if you live in the area. It's worth doing at least once.
    Sunrise Peak from 136th Street Spur
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    I made this hike with my brother in law and my six year old nephew. It was a very slow and casual pace through the wash. We had to help Jacob on a few of the sections. He did great overall. Once we reached the main trail to Sunrise, Neil and Jacob took a rest while I made a quick trip to the summit and back. We met again back in the wash and finished off the hike. It was a nice day out on the trails.
    Sunrise Peak from 136th Street Spur
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    I decided to do another short hike relatively close to home. I've been up Sunrise Peak a few times before but never from the 136th St Spur. I pulled into the empty parking lot around 6:15am and I was off. You start out in the bottom of a wash and work your way up it. I had low expectations but was pleasantly surprised. The hike is a lot more rugged then I thought. There are a few climbs you have to do. They were a little tricky and good fun! I eventually reached the Sunrise Trail and I continued up to the peak. From there I turned around and made my way back to the trailhead. On the return I saw a rattlesnake within the wash. It slithered down into it's burrow immediately. After that it was a few more minutes and I was back to the car and on my way home. It was a good morning!
    Sunrise Peak from 136th Street Spur
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    Turned these two hikes into a loop. Started at 136th St Spur. Went up the gully to the peak. I enjoyed the little bit of bouldering in the dry creek bed also the nice steep narrow trail up to the Sunrise trail on the ridge. Then back across to the peak. Easy hike down to 145th street and then walked about a mile on a trail next to the road back to the trailhead. Better views this week, not quite as smokey.
    Sunrise Peak from 136th Street Spur
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    I got a PM to see if I could get time off to do a local hike. Fortunately, this was not a problem and I got the ok to leave at 1:30 :y: to meet Hank at the 136th St TH.

    The hike was a little toasty to start but as we began to switchback up the east side of what I think is Scottsdale Mountain, we were in the shade so the temps were much more comfortable from then on. It was fun to hike up the wash and over and around the boulders and flora as well as other obstacles. Of course, the main obstructions were several dry waterfalls. These were a fun and interesting challenge. (It would be so cool to watch the water run down this area.) Other than the houses you could see above you from time to time, this was really a cool area.

    After switchbacking up you soon hook up with the main trail to Sunrise Peak. On the way to the Hitching Post, we discussed Hank's cat-sitting situation and we think we finally figured out where the expression "catty" came from... ;) At the hitching post I gave my new camera's zoom a workout. I could even see the chutes of Four Peaks and could get pretty close to the towers on Mount Ord plus a good look at Sheep Mountain. While here we also noticed a squiggly trail that was going up the side of a mountain to the north of us (could be Eagle Ridge North?) so we're going to have to investigate that one of these times.

    We got up to the top in time to enjoy the fountain and the light across the golden bands of the Superstitions :DANCE: . It was a delightful day on Sunrise Peak and we only saw two other people as we were leaving the top.

    We headed back and of course, going down the wash was a lot easier because you have such a better vision of where to travel. It was even more fun sliding down the waterfalls :D. Toward the end it was getting a bit dark out so we missed our turn back to the TH out of the wash but realized it rather quickly when we had houses on both sides of us that weren't there on the way up :lol: .

    Movie 1 is our hike thru the wash and up the switchback toward the peak: Movie 2 is from our time at the top, including some zooming toward the fountain and such as well as our hike down:
    (FYI - I used the youtube stabilizer and I'm not sure that I like it as the scenery seems somewhat blurred and the stabilizer does quirky things with the stills. I guess the question is, do people prefer watching a clearer video that's not quite as stable or do they prefer a stable video?)
    Sunrise Peak from 136th Street Spur
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    From my Jan'09 "first hike attempt" for this north Scottsdale McDowell Sonoran Preserve hike: This is not and should not have been a difficult route finding hike- You enter the wash, go up the wash(nowhere else to go but up), connect with the "signed" spur trail(on the left side of wash), up hill, and then turn right and on to Sunrise Peak at 3069ft (for a total of ~2.5mls one way). Well, today three of us could not find the "signed" spur trail out of the wash. I had my trusty GPS which said we were 1.4mls up the wash from our beginning TH and at this point the wash was starting to close-in with some more serious overgrowth and 5ft+ dry waterfalls to climb, so I just assumed that we were talking too much at the 1.2ml mark and just missed that "signed" spur trail exiting the wash. We turned around at this 1.4ml point and I thought we carefully viewed the entire wash area going back and we still could not find that darn "signed" spur trail exit point..really pretty embarrassing :oops: !

    On my "second hike attempt" for this same trail route, Angela joined me with her new 24x zoom camera with video to not miss anything and I also spent some valuable pre-route planning time on HAZ MapDEX locating the reference beginning and ending waypoint coordinates for this allusive spur trail that leaves the wash and connects with the official Sunrise Trail. I loaded these two waypoints into my GPS Receiver and all was good :y:

    I probably did an overkill on pics for this 2.6ml one way urban route to summit Sunrise Peak, but I particularly wanted to document it via detail pics with captions along the route, and an official GPS Route with key waypoints noted and labeled.. so hopefully what happened to me on my first hike attempt Jan'09 will not happen to you.

    Also, now having successfully completed this hike as an out and back, if up for this hike, we both recommend it either as an out and back or if more than one vehicle, it would make an enjoyable shuttle hike combined with the Sunrise Peak hike from any of the other TH access areas off of Via Linda (124th St, 128th St, or 145th St).. If you choose to do a shuttle hike, then we recommend you plan your hike so you are returning down wash to end at this 136th Street Spur TH.

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    To hike
    From Shea Blvd, Scottsdale AZ: North on 136th Street, about 1/16 mile past Coyote. Small dirt road entrance to the right.
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