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Maverick Trail - MSPN, AZ

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McDowell Preserve North
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Location Scottsdale
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Seasons   Early Winter to Early Spring
Sun  6:15am - 6:24pm
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An easy winding path
by neilends

This is a connector trail that offers a relaxing, fun path between the Brown's Ranch Road and Watershed Trails. Remnants of the area's ranching history are still visible.

Textbook desert hike. Bring ample water and be educated about hot weather hiking.

The most popular entrance to this trail will be from the Brown's Ranch Road Trail. About 0.9 miles from the Brown's Ranch trailhead and parking lot, there is a clearly marked sign designating Maverick. Once on it, there is a very slight incline (not even noticeable to hikers; noticeable to this novice mountain biker) for its first 0.7 miles. After that mid-point, the trail veers toward the south for a slight decline (same) for another 0.7 miles, at which point it intersects with the Watershed Trail. At the Watershed, you can either head north toward what's known as The Amphitheater, or go south to meet the Powerline trail. Either direction involves no noticeable incline, with largely flat terrain.

The trail is what I call fun, in that it is narrow and winding even though it offers no elevation climb that many hikers typically prefer. In other words, if you're looking for a flat hike, this is a fun one. The desert vegetation is lush throughout, and there are nice views of the surrounding hills and mountains like Brown's Mountain.

Water Sources


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2015-02-22 neilends
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Maverick Trail - MSPN
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Browns Ranch Loop
Nice hike on some trails in the MSPN area with Ryan and Lauren. Saw our first rattler of the year spotted by Lauren in the third hiker position :o Good for Ryan and I it was on its best behavior. Nice morning hike.
Maverick Trail - MSPN
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Well the weather was perfect today for hike with Rowdy. We did meet Sun Ray in the parking lot. He just finished his hike and we were just getting started on ours.
Browns Ranch Trail was busy but once we turned onto the Maverick Trail we pretty much had the trails to ourselves. It is always nice hiking on new trails and checking out the area. I did see a bow hunter just off 118th street and did not see any deer. I am not sure if it is bow season or not. It was really a nice peaceful hike.
Maverick Trail - MSPN
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Cathedral Rock-MSPN
I decided to hike out to Cathedral Rock today. It was really nice and peacful so Rowdy and I took a nice little lunch break. The last time I was here I had also planned a nice lunch break but the bees made me change my mind. So today made up for it. :) There were also a large number of bike riders out enjoy the day.
Also when I got to the trailhead out of habit I grabbed a map. This is a new map and has alot of new trails on it so I'll have to check them out. :D I was just wonder if anyone has checked any of them out yet?
Maverick Trail - MSPN
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Browns Mtn - Cathedral - Amphitheater Loop
It was fine time turtle got a bit of elevation in his rehab diet.
We were treated to a bobcat siting on the way in. Denny about wet himself.

Overcast, misted a couple of times, a bit of a breeze, the weather was perfect.
We saw a couple of hikers and some mountain bikers enjoying the day.

I ran the Turtle up Brown's Mountain, then was going to show him around some of the Brown's Ranch ruins.
The McDowell Mountain Conservancy had a large group of stewards out (15-20) in the Browns Ranch ruin area. They were comparing old documents/surveys to the current ruins, documenting and recording what they found.

Next off to show Denny the Metates at Cathedral Rock and a stop by the Ampitheater.

An enjoyable morning catching up with my favorite Testudine. :y:
Maverick Trail - MSPN
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Granite Mtn Loop via Brown's Ranch Trailhead
wow what a nice morning for a hike. I only met one hiker early on and after that bike riders only. Oh they all very nice and really like how well Rowdy handles himself on the trails.
The hike was so nice early on as we had cloud cover for the first four miles after that we still enjoyed the scattered clouds ever time the got between us and the sun. I counted five Cardinals today got pictures of three but only two came out. And Rowdy got to see his first Gila Monster and it was no big deal to him. We did also see two deer but they were faster than I was with my camera.
It did warm up and Rowdy took advantage of a lot of the pools of water on the trail, mostly to lay down in them. It was a nice day to go hiking.
Maverick Trail - MSPN
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Well it was beautiful day to be out on a trail. This wasn't the hike I planned, but it's the one my ankle would let me do. The trails were really busy with bike riders and only a few hikers.
The Preserve itself is really beautiful this time of year and not so much as flowers but all the other life it has. :y:
This is really a beautiful place to see.
Maverick Trail - MSPN
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Maverick Loop MSP
So I was biking along the Maverick Trail, which is pretty easy, when I decided to take on a little jump to try and catch some air. The failure of the jump became obvious the very instant that I took it. There was a curve right after the jump that I'd badly misjudged. There was a thorny bush behind the curve that I'm very sorry to have crashed into at full speed. Hopefully no one heard the loud grunt that accompanied the crash. But obviously, the bush got the last laugh.

While I was sheepishly wiping off blood from every scratched limb I had (plus my abdomen, I later discovered), I saw what I think was a red-tailed hawk floating by. It landed on a nest about 30 yards from me. For the first time, I was able to take out my binoculars and observe such a large bird properly, for a long time. Between blood mopping and bandaid-applying, I'd watch it hopping around. I think I sat there for a good 20 minutes, recuperating and hawk-watching. Without the spill, I would never have seen the nest. One reason why hiking will always trump biking in my general world view.

The spill forced me to cut my 10-mile plan down to 5 miles. I cut it short by heading from Maverick down to 118th Street Trail (wide, not exciting, looks like it's still under construction), and then to Latigo Trail (incredibly fun for biking, and I think I'd come back and hike this one) for the return home.
Maverick Trail - MSPN
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Wanted to hit both Cathedral Rock and the Amphitheater on Cholla Mtn Loop - but I didn't want to do the whole CML. So came back via Watershed, Whiskey Bottle, and Latigo.

Signs are up on Maverick trail at MV2 showing the legal mini-connector over to Cholla Mtn trail.

The smoothness of the metates at Cathedral Rock is impressive. Oblong shape. Good contrast to the ceremonial cupules at Dove Valley Trail that are circular and not smooth. Different purposes and different methods of creation.
Maverick Trail - MSPN
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Fraesfield Mountain
today's hike was a mash up of a few other haz member ideas
flying_fliver has a summit of fraesfield peak, which according to the northern region map, is the fifth highest:
granite mountain 3526
cholla mountain 3406
brown's mountain 3253
cone mountain 3061
fraesfield mountain 3055
i've been on top of the other four, so thought this one would be fun
have recently enjoyed triplogs from sunray, crazy4az and neilends who have or are trying to complete all the trails up here
first time hiking from fraesfield trailhead
whiskey bottle trail, off trail to the peak, back on whiskey bottle
did a loop of watershed, maverick and vaquero
powerline road to yucca, then back on whiskey bottle
did the full length of whiskey bottle, maverick and yucca
a peak and three new trails made for an interesting hike
fraesfield mountain is easy off trail, only about a quarter mile and 400 feet up
something different, although i like the trails originating from 136th better (terrain with boulders)
will most likely do a trail run on some of the others next time
nice day, pleasant hike in pretty desert :)
*posted my route in case hikebot is missing anything
Maverick Trail - MSPN
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Well I hit the trail sometime after 12pm myabe even 1pm. I ran into New2hyk on Browns Ranch Road of course she did not recognize me, but she did recognize my studly dog Rowdy. we talked for a little bit and went are separate ways.
This hike well I wasn't sure where I was going I was just going. As Rowdy and I hiked I decided to turn here and lets see where that gos and so on. The weather was great so I thought to myself there is really no wrong turn just keep going and keep my eyes and ears open. Well the views were great as the sun started to go down. I was really hoping to run into a Mountain Lion or maybe even a Bobcat but no such luck. I did however run into about twenty or so horseback riders.
I did see a few deer last time and this time I was really hoping to see some more on this hike. And I even got a picture this time sweet.

Permit $$

Map Drive
Paved - Car Okay

To Brown's Ranch Trailhead
From the 101 in North Scottsdale, drive North on Pima/Princess drive and go East on Happy Valley Road to the stop sign at the instersection of Happy Valley & Alma School Road. Follow Alma School Road North past Dynamite until it ends at Brown's Ranch Trailhead.

From PHX (I-10 & AZ-51) 34.0 mi - 44m
From TUC (Jct 1-10 & Grant) 135 mi - 2h 4m
From FLG (Jct I-17 & I-40) 139 mi - 2h 15m
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