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Calloway Trail - Picacho State Park, AZ

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Hunter Trail - Picacho Peak
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Picacho Loop
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Calloway Trail / Children's Cave / Plaground
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Calloway and Nature Trails - Picacho Peak
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Picacho Peak Road from Hunter TH
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Little Saddle under Picacho Peak
by jacobemerick

There is a small spur directly to the north of Picacho Peak, and between that small spur and Picacho Peak there is a small saddle. Calloway Trail starts from Barrett Loop, sharing a trailhead with the much more ambitious Hunter Loop, and climbs up to this saddle. From here there is a view of Picacho Peak RV Park and I-10 to the southeast.

Drive on the Barrett Loop past Children's Cave Trail, past the green water tanks, and park near the Hunter Trail trailhead. There are spots here for about fifteen vehicles. If these are full you can always circle back and park either near Children's Cave or on the Harrington Loop and walk some of the unnamed connecting trails in a general southeastern (towards Picacho Peak) direction to start.

Once at the trailhead follow the signs for Calloway (not Hunter, unless you plan on bagging Picacho Peak). The path immediately drops down into a wash and climbs up the other sign and encounters a few unnamed trails that head left towards Nature Trail and Harrington Loop. There are a lot of unnamed trails in this park. Continue along Calloway, as it stays above the eastern bank of that wash you first crossed, slowly passing by the tall spur on the left.

Just before 0.2 miles the trail begins to curve east and steepens along some switchbacks, with some rocky sections that may have wash-out damage around the stud-enforced stairs. Picacho Peak dominates the view ahead, especially the steep northern cliffs. Eventually things begin to level out near the top of the saddle and the last few hundred yards becomes a pleasant, almost too easy, stroll over smooth gravel lined with small rocks. At the saddle proper there is a nice wooden bench waiting for you. Return the way you came in.

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2017-08-09 jacobemerick
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Calloway Trail - Picacho State Park
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I got an early start before sunrise to beat the heat and only saw one other person all day, a 20 year old from Tucson who had never been up Picacho before and told me he wanted to hike the PCT. I encouraged him to try some AZT segments first to get a feel for through hiking.

Opted for the return on Sunset though I hate that stretch along the road to get back. Tagged on a trip to the Calloway overlook where the gnats were viciously annoying.

Considered a cherry dipp’d and a turd but decided against both and headed instead for the big CG.
Calloway Trail - Picacho State Park
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Calloway Trail / Children's Cave / Plaground
I swear I wish it was me that got hurt over Isaac. I'd take a bullet for my Grandkids.
It's Grandpa Tuesday with Lily and Isaac. We headed down to Picacho Peak State Park and hiked Calloway Trail. Lily doesn't usually lead but did the whole hike. After that the kids filled out their worksheets and we headed back to the Ranger station to get sworn in as Junior Rangers before it closed . All WAS WELL! We circled around to do the Children's Cave Trail and then the playground. It started to sprinkle but the Cave Trail is only .2 each way. Some how poor Isaac fell on a rock, hit his gut, and his head went over and head butted a smaller rock. Uggggg :scared: I'm checking his gut when Lily points out the golf ball on his forehead! OMG I feel sooooooooo bad!! Of course he is a bigger man then me. He did the little cave trail, the playground, and Mcds + playground on the way home. Mom says he is doing good :pray: :app: . Hopefully not the last Grandpa Tuesday... :cry: :pray:
Calloway Trail - Picacho State Park
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Calloway and Nature Trails - Picacho Peak
Before heading home I wanted to try the other two trails near Hunter Trail. After a light breakfast at camp, I packed my stuff and headed on over to Barrett Loop to park the car. There were already quite a few vehicles parked on the right side of this one way loop. I circled twice like a dummy thinking I could find a better spot to park ](*,) which was really stupid since I was there to HIKE. Anyway, I geared up and headed over to the multi-TH and headed down and then up a drainage on the Calloway Trail. It was a bit warm out already but there were still some shady spots.

It's a pretty little hike that heads gradually up a hillside below the little mountain on your left. There were wildflowers scattered about as you slowly gain elevation and arrive at the saddle. I was hoping it was a loop but it's not. The views to the east were a bit hazy but thru the slight morning haze you still get a nice layering effect. I saw the Rincons and Catalinas but not sure of the mountains to their NW. I took a few pics including some panos and movies of course.

On the way down you get a nice view of Newman Peaks on your right and Picacho on your left. I saw some different flora this time as the light had changed enough for me to notice them this time. I got to the intersection with the Nature Trail and took it until it more or less ends and then retraced my steps. There are some interpretive signs along the way. Over to the right or east were some rock formations that had beautifully blooming brittlebush that shined brilliant :D above the reddish rock. However, the sun's shine made it a little difficult to shoot this scene. On the way back you have a choice to go straight or go to the right. I kept going thinking this was a loop of some sort. It kind of is and kind of isn't.

As I got toward the VC I saw a trail going to the left (amphitheatre) and decided to take that hoping it would get me to the upper part of the Barrett Loop so I wouldn't have to road walk. The amphitheatre is actually pretty nice and they must do something at nite as there was a street lamp. It looked like the trail might end as I continued south but it doesn't. So I could stay on the trail all the way to the main parking area. As I was going up this one section there were two elderly gentleman with one more agile fellow ahead. I ended up behind the less agile one as he struggled to raise his foot to get up the steps. I didn't mind waiting; afterall, this trail is really for them. I was glad he was giving it a go :) so didn't say or do anything until he finished the task of getting up those few steps.

I headed back to Tonto Jr as the loop parking area continued to fill and you could see many a hiker heading up the Hunter Trail on what I thot was a rather warm morning. My next task was to figure out how to get to that back road to Florence. I had copy/pasted the directions into my gmail but the pictures seemed to have disappeared. So I would wing it, kind of.

Here is the videos:
Calloway Trail -
Nature Trail -
Calloway Trail - Picacho State Park
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Picacho Peak Road from Hunter TH
After finishing off the Sunset Vista and Hunter Trails, there was only one way back to the campground and that was to hike. But that was okay with me as I had seen some lovely flower displays alongside the road coming in. So I headed on down the Barrett Loop taking pictures and movies. As I got around toward the bottom of the loop I ran into the 3 folks (fellow HAZers) I had met up at the saddle. We talked for a bit but then I heard a beer calling my name ;) and politely excused myself plus it was a little warm by this time.

After a bathroom break I continued my hike to Picacho Peak Road thinking I would have to hike on the road but to my delight, there is a trail :D . So I headed west and continued admiring the scenery including the flowers and the mountains on both sides of me... well Newman Peak is across the way. And occasionally I would hear the trains and try to zero in on them. Various cars would stop on the road and someone would jump out and go over to get a picture. Normally that would be me but today I was hiking toward the campground. I had no idea how far it was though Trish thot about a mile. It didn't matter, I was enjoying the scenery anyway.

The sun would tuck behind some clouds now and again so I enjoyed that time the most. It was breezy today which is great for hiking but not so much for taking movies. An hour later I was entering the main campground looking forward to getting that beer and a snack. I didn't want to spoil my dinner so I really didn't have a lunch.

Everyone was at the campground now, the others had returned via the Vista Trail. After some conversation and snacks, it was time to finally start dinner. Trish had some freshly made up Brats and everyone else had brot sides. Once that and the beer were safely in my belly :) , the sun started to set so I went and got some more pictures and movies. It was a lovely evening once that sun started going down and into the evening.

The video:

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Between Phoenix and Tucson on Interstate 10 Exit 219. Follow the signs to Picacho State Park. Turn left about 1/2 miles past pay station and park on the Barrett Loop.
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