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Coyote Canyon Trail - MSPN, AZ

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Cow Poke Trail - MSPN
19  2017-10-03 RowdyandMe
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Soapberry Wash Trail - MSPN
10  2016-10-04
Renegade - Diablos - Desperado
10  2016-03-27
McDowell Preserve North
9  2016-02-07
Barb's Trail - MSPN
6  2016-02-04
Dancing in Granite
20  2016-01-21
Big Granite Mountain Loop
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Coyote Canyon Trail - MSPN
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Wanted to get back to Renegade trail (did not know name at the time - and won't be on maps until fall 2016).

Barb's :next: Dove Valley :next: Renegade :next: Soapberry Wash (Michelin man cactus) :next: Coyote Canyon :next: Dove Valley :next: High Desert :next: Hawknest :next: 136th St Express back to Barb's intersection.

Cold. Sunrise. Light incredible up on hill of Renegade.
Coyote Canyon Trail - MSPN
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Dancing in Granite
This is a perfect set of trails to take out-of-state visitors. Lots of beautiful granite boulders, desert views in every direction, easy, smooth trails. We did this back in December in the rain and it was really "mistical" with the clouds billowing below the hills. Love doing it today on a beautiful sunny day. Weather was perfect.
Coyote Canyon Trail - MSPN
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Big Granite Mountain Loop
What a perfect day for a nice little hike. I met Linda at the Granite Mountain Trailhead. This was her first time here so I decided to show her some of my favorite areas. The temperature was very nice with a nice welcome breeze.
We started at the Bootlegger Trail and worked our way to the Balanced Rock then continued to the Cholla Mtn Loop Trail. From here we connected to the Branding Iron Trail where I pointed out a Crested Saguaro along they as the trail became the Granite Mountain Loop Trail. We stayed on this trail until we reached the Coyote Canyon Trail turn off and head down it. I took Linda to the nice size Crested Saguaro that's on this trail. And it was time for Rowdy to take a water break of course in the shade.
I figured while we were here to take a little side trip down Soapberry Wash Trail to checkout the Michelin Man Saguaro. From here we went back and finished the Coyote Canyon Trail and head back to the trailhead so Linda could pick up her little ones from school. We did have the pleasure of also see two Cardinals. Just a really nice smooth little hike.
Coyote Canyon Trail - MSPN
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
This is my favorite new loop in the MSP-supernorth. Park at very top of 136th Street in Tonto National Forest parking lot. It is very bumpy road and deep ruts last 0.1 mile. Take street or social trail from Tonto to where 136th St Express trail officially starts at Montello Rd. Stay on 136th St Express and then take Barb's west past the big loop-de-loop circular area (where jeeps used to make circles) - then Dove Valley trail briefly to the southeast until you hit Soapberry Wash trail. Then go right/west on Soapberry wash through beautiful granite formations (was frozen water this day) - where trail takes sharp turn (will be renamed Desperado trail in Fall 2016) - follow trail up the little hill and look for the Michelin Man cactus. At junction with Coyote Canyon trail (CC1 - and the Double Crested Saguaro) - take CC down into the little canyon and loop back at junction with Dove Valley. You can hit up the ceremonial cupules off Dove Valley if you know where they are. Perfect distance for little day hike. Hits major scenery. Have done the loop many times - never disappoints. Rare to see people but occasionally a biker will zoom by.
Coyote Canyon Trail - MSPN
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
I am still not feeling well :scared: but when Rowdy gives that baby look I know its time to take him out :D . I wanted to hit Spur Cross today but just not feeling up to it. ](*,)
So I decided on something easy with little aeg and Granite Mountain Trailhead is where we ended up. The first marker I saw was for 136th Street Express and that's where we started. We hiked it until we reached Hawknest Trail and took it to the High Desert Trail and then decided it was time to start heading back to the trailhead. It was a really nice little hike and there were areas that I had not hike before. :y:
Coyote Canyon Trail - MSPN
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Spent the morning looking for butterflies with Master Steward @ezpixels (she is not active on HAZ anymore - but she has a wildly popular Instagram gallery). Also two other MSC Stewards from class #7 - which is way back in 2004. Marianne has made a butterfly identification brochure for two purposes: raising money for MSC (you can buy a copy at the MSC office on FLW Blvd) and for all the McDowell Sonoran Field Institute citizen science volunteers that will be participating in a large butterfly ID field study in a month or so. There is a training session that is open to the public to learn how to identify butterflies -- even if you are not citizen science and cannot participate in field work. You do have to register b/c space is limited. was very dry and only saw a couple of butterflies. But we had a nice leisurely walk along Dove Valley trail and into Coyote Canyon trail. We all parked at Granite Mountain TH and had a very kind driver take us up to Dove Valley step-over and picked up later.

At the end one of the stewards brought us all mesquite flour cookies and other goodies made from desert flora - - ethnobotany for chocolate lovers :lol:

As a side note - just for my own journaling documentation - the person who convinced me to become a MSC steward was @ezpixels after we had "known" each other on Instagram for a year. I would send her trail condition updates and ask her about flora/fauna. She convinced me that I didn't have to be retired to be a steward and any hours I could contribute would be helpful even with busy work life and kids/husband to look after. I am so glad that I took her advice and TODAY September 13th is my one year anniversary with MSC! Should have joined years ago...
Coyote Canyon Trail - MSPN
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Dove Valley Trail loop - MSP
Got a babysitter for the morning - so Brad and I could have a date hike together. Usually at night but holiday stuff going on full force in evenings this weekend.

Weather great - blue skies - chilly but not cold. Wanted to spend the morning exploring Dove Valley Trail and getting GPS route and to check out what kind of signs were out there from the City and MSC since this trail is not listed in its entire length on the MSP official maps.

Once you get 1 mile from 136th St parking area - signs are pretty much gone and it's not clear whether to follow the wash or another small trail. We followed the wash and came upon the Michelin Man cactus. Should have turned south here but we kept going in the wash to the northwest and then looped back to Michelin Man. Then took connector to Coyote Canyon trail and back to parking area.

Highlight was the unnamed rock formation with lots of granite water collecting depressions. Beautiful little miniature balanced rock. Great views. No one anywhere in sight. Could hear motorized vehicles off towards Carefree/Rio Verde Foothills.
Coyote Canyon Trail - MSPN
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Met at Granite Mtn Trailhead at 8:45 am for a McDowell Sonoran Conservancy wellness hike. I brought Caroline b/c she begged me and promised that she could handle it. "Is it with your blue shirt friends?" she asked. LOL, yes

Took Bootlegger :next: Granite Mtn Loop trail :next: Coyote Canyon trail :next: Dove Mtn trail briefly to see "Michelin Man" cactus :next: 136th Street trail back to trailhead.

This was Caroline's longest hike to date - and I was so proud of her behavior on the large group hike. She held my hand most of the hike and used her hiking stick a little. She ate all her snacks and carried her own water in her Grand Canyon junior ranger backback with a camelback water pack coming out the top.

There are phenomenal stands of saguaro on Granite Mountain Loop - I think the prettiest trail in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. When you hit the newly acquired Coyote Canyon trail (old trail but recently changed from state land trust to MSP land) - - it really is a spectacular hike for old stands of saguaro.

Double crested saguaro on Coyote Canyon Loop
"Michelin Man" saguaro on Dove Mtn trail
One of the oldest saguaros in MSP right next to crested arm near the water tank on Coyote Canyon Loop (see pics - they are GeoCoded)
HUGE owl nest on 136th Street trail (i'm going to post pics in a different post to write up that hike segment)

I also got to meet @ezpixels (she doesn't post here but does have an old account - but she's very active on Instagram and has written several books for the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy. She is a conservation photographer) -- I've "known" her for a year through IG and it was so great to meet her in person even if just briefly as she was biking by our group while we were in the little slot canyon. She created the MSC coloring books, Wildlife Book, Field Guide version 2.0, and makes christmas cards and prints of MSP photographs. Very talented lady!!

What a hike to remember :)
Coyote Canyon Trail - MSPN
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Saturday night date hike with Brad to check out the new loop off Granite Mtn loop trail.
Parked at the tiny pull out at Dove Valley Rd/136th Street.

The signs for the trail are temporary paper signs - I think this trail will be very popular once the word gets out. Cool water tank from ranching days. Older motorized vehicle trail signs still in place.

The little slot canyon is really pretty and we were down in it about 45 minutes before sunset - - the light was incredible. Very unique area of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

Had an encounter with a mountain lion - first time and I would be fine if it was the last time. In a bend of the canyon I saw up ahead him/her cross the canyon and I just froze. :o Was far enough up ahead of me (and the only way out) that I wasn't sure that was what I had really seen. Brad came up past me with his headphones on - and I told him to stop and wait but he didn't see anything and kept going. I walked briskly looking up to the right side of the little canyon rock walls - I could HEAR the deep, heaving growly-type breathing and I started yelling to Brad to tell him to take his head phones off. Maybe that was a good thing. I looked to where the breathing was coming from but couldn't see anything. Scooted out pretty fast and was then right where the canyon opens up into a sandy wash. Whew!! I know there's at least one mountain lion in the northern section of the Preserve - - and if you are hanging out at sunrise/sunset in remote areas -- I guess this is what you get!! Plus the water tank just ahead of where I saw him cross attracts deer and javalina (tracks everywhere) - probably a good place to "pick up dinner" if you're a mountain lion.

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Map Drive

To Dove Valley Trailhead
From intersection of Pima Road North and Dynamite Blvd - go east on Dynamite to 136th Street.
Go north on 136th Street past the Granite Mountain TH to Dove Valley Road.

There is no official trailhead (yet) - but there is room for 2-3 cars along the roadside at the intersection of 136th Street and Dove Valley Road.
From TUC (Jct 1-10 & Grant) 2 h 5 min
From FLG (Jct I-17 & I-40) 2 h 11 min
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