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Verde River - White Bridge to Beasley Flat, AZ

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Verde River Paddle Trail
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by chumley

This 10-mile section of the Verde River is amongst the most popular for an easy half-day paddle. Access is simple, and setting up a return shuttle takes about half an hour.

River Access
The put-in is at the White Bridge River Access Point where Highway 260 crosses the Verde River. There is a developed site here with parking, pit toilets, and a graded walkway to the river at the base of the bridge. (Note the original White Bridge is long gone, replaced by the current bridge in 1982).

There is an option to exit about halfway to Beasley Flat at the Clear Creek RAP, which is at river mile 45. Even if you are going all the way to Beasley, this is a nice spot to get out and stretch your legs. There are a few picnic tables at the top of the hill, but no other facilities.

The exit at Beasley Flat is shortly after passing the prominent white gypsum cliffs on the east side of the river. You will see picnic tables on the hillside well ahead of when you should exit. Wait until you can see the actual road cut where it comes down to the river. There is a small wooden dock extending from the shore to provide a less-muddy exit option. Beasley Flat also has pit toilets and ample parking for your shuttle vehicle.

White Bridge is at river mile 39.5 on the Verde River Paddle Trail Guide published by the Coconino National Forest. It's an excellent review of the entire river trip and highly recommended for reading.

Most of the river consists of flat water with light flow. There are short stretches of riffles and a couple of short stretches that might reach class 2 at some flow levels. Most novice paddlers with some previous experience should feel comfortable making this trip.

The river flows through stretches of wilderness, thick with shady trees and replete with numerous species of birds. In other stretches, the river flows through the vast yards of beautiful homes along the river banks. Enjoy the scenery as you pass though this picturesque slice of the Verde Valley.

Around mile 43.5, the flow from an irrigation canal flows into the river from the left.
At river mile 44 you will pass an erosion project on the right bank, protecting the precarious structures on the bank high above the river.
At mile 45 you reach the Clear Creek RAP, including a concrete dam on river right that makes a quick moving channel on the left.
Half a mile later you will pass the confluence of West Clear Creek in a shallow section of river. It's easy to miss if you're not looking for it!
At about mile 46.5, the river turns sharply south when reaching the gypsum cliffs, followed shortly by a narrow shaded section.
At 47.5 the river turns east again and passes through a couple of fast sections of riffles.
Beasley Flat is visible on the right, but you'll want to continue downstream around the peninsula it consists of.
The river turns south again at 48.5 and continues about a mile directly next to gypsum cliffs before reaching the exit point.

River Flow
The Forest Service uses 100 cfs as the indicator of "low flow". They report that under 50cfs makes the trip difficult. We did this trip in 4 hours with a 225 cfs flow. I'm not sure what maximum flow would be appropriate for this trip but 100 seems to be a good minimum. The FS recommends not paddling the river during flood. Current flow reading can be found by the USGS gauging station below Beasley Flat ( link here )

Check out the Official Route and Triplogs.

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2016-04-19 chumley
    WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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    Verde River - White Bridge to Beasley Flat
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    This might just be the best kayak trip I have taken so far this year. We met up at Beasley Flat a bit after 8 so we could drop off a truck and then made our way back to the 260 and the White Bridge. It had to have been about 60 degrees when we put in, the weather was fantastic! Tons of bugs out, we could hear the Cicadas (I think) droning loudly along the riverbanks and they were out there most of the ride. There were also some swarms of small flying insects early on that we passed through, but thankfully none of them seemed too interested in us. This stretch of river is fantastic, a good combo of accessible and still rugged in places. Now that I am not a total noob at paddling (this was trip number 15 for my boat) I am really starting to enjoy getting through/ around obstacles. This stretch of river had plenty! Flow readings were at 136 cfs at the bridge when I looked in the morning, good level to run this at. I would imagine 100 or lower would make this pretty hard to do, the river was quite shallow in some spots but we never needed to port. Took a stop at the Clear Creek RAP for a snack and a leg stretch, saw our only other people of the day. There were two ladies walking their dog who reeeealy wanted to jump in the river, and he did just that. Fun watching him fight the current back to shore. There are a few pretty good drop-offs to get around that make things exciting, and a few pretty tight turns that require some maneuvering. I got spun out on a few occasions, but never ended up in the drink. The water would have been nice for a swim, but the strong wind made me think otherwise. We had to paddle into a pretty strong headwind from the Clear Creek RAP down to the end. We were actively paddling this whole trip (nothing crazy, certainly) so we made pretty good time. We did not get rained on kayaking (thankfully), but got bombed on in Black Canyon City on the way back home. Totally awesome trip, I will definitely do this again!
    Verde River - White Bridge to Beasley Flat
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    This day got off to a terrible start and somehow our two shuttle vehicles ended up about 150 miles apart. A couple hours later, once that was settled it was time to dip our strawberries into the chocolate fondue. One yak slipped down the muddy embankment and started floating down the river, so even before starting I had to jump in and swim after it. ](*,) Thankfully, no beers were lost! :GB:

    Oak Creek had flashed during the week, bringing most of Sedona's Red Rock Country downstream. The peak flow over 600cfs during the week is what made this even be on the radar for August. It had dropped to the mid 200s Friday night and was at 207cfs when we finally put in.

    Despite the turbidity, the river was great. The temp was ideal for getting wet and the only place it was a little low was across the delta where West Clear Creek joins in. I managed to find a deep channel, but others had to drag the boat a few feet.

    This river is very scenic in summer. Narrow channels and shaded tree "tunnels" made me decide that this river looked like a Brazilian I renamed the Verde the Arazon. :)

    The backwoods scenery had Clairebear singing Dueling Banjos most of the way but despite her pleas, I chose not to make Deliverance part of the video soundtrack. :-({|=

    Four hours on the river. 30 minutes of video. Compressed into a mostly watchable 2:55 video.

    Full-size on youtube here: ... ckJI

    Probably should have just gone with banjos. :)
    Verde River - White Bridge to Beasley Flat
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    Absolutely fantastic day :y:

    River flow below below Beasley was about 225cfs, but only 65cfs near Clarkdale. Oak Creek, Wet Beaver, and West Clear all adding 20-30cfs each.

    Took under two hours to get to the Clear Creek RAP, and a little over 2 hours to get from there to Beasley Flat.

    The cottonwoods have just started to bud. If there's still reasonable flow in 2 weeks it will be greening up nicely. In a month it will be flat out beautiful. I had no idea how scenic the Verde Valley really is. This is a great way to see it up close and natural!

    The birds along the river are unreal. All kinds, with so much chirping and singing that Route Scout™ was jealous. :)

    For info on this paddle, see this pdf from the forest service: ... .pdf
    We did the 10 miles of segment 8 and 9. Approximately river miles 40 to 50.

    It's a great trip with just enough of a mix of calm flat water and easy riffles, along with a handful of short easy rapids. I'll be back when there are leaves on the trees! :D

    I rigged my waterproof camera to the boat, and ended up with over half an hour of video. Even I couldn't endure that much video, so I edited it down and sped up a few sections so it's only 4 minutes. Enjoy!

    Verde River - White Bridge to Beasley Flat
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    Ran the Class I/II White Bridge to Beasley Flat section below Camp Verde at about 500 cfs, a bit low (800 - 1000 cfs is ideal) but still fun. The upper section is thick with trees and the river frequently splits into side channels flowing around islands of vegetation, making for potential strainers. Frequent stops to scout the channel ahead and possible portages may be required. After passing the confluence with West Clear Creek the vegetation starts to thin, the terrain becomes rockier and the river channel becomes more defined, making for the best conditions and the most enjoyable rapids. There is good river access and another put-in off Salt Mine Road just above the WCC confluence, making a 4.5 mile run down to Beasley.

    Permit $$

    Prescott Forest
    Prescott National Forest Pass

    Only trailheads with six "amenities" have fees. Amenities are picnic tables, trash, toilet, parking, interpretive signing and security.

    Map Drive
    FR / Dirt Road / Gravel - Car Okay

    To kayak trip
    White Bridge River Access Point is located 3.2 miles east of I-17 on AZ-260 in Camp Verde. Turn right after crossing the bridge and park in the obvious Forest Service recreation area parking lot.

    Setting up a shuttle will require an 11.5 mile drive to Beasley Flat via the well-signed Forest Road 574 which turns south from AZ-260 1.5 miles west of White Bridge. (The Clear Creek RAP is 6.5 miles along the same road).
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