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Government Hill, AZ

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Distance One Way 0.97 miles
Trailhead Elevation 5,437 feet
Elevation Gain 483 feet
Accumulated Gain 568 feet
Avg Time One Way 45 min
Kokopelli Seeds 2.86
Interest Off Trail Hiking, Seasonal Creek & Peak
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Government Hill and GOVT HILL BM
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Paradise Trail # 271
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Miles Ranch
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Haunted Canyon #203
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Government Hill is a modest peak in the Eastern Superstition Mountains that can be reached via an off trail route from Paradise Trail, or Bull Basin Trail. The nice little peak offers some great views of the surrounding area, is relatively easy to reach and is featured in the eastern Supes edition of Jack Carlson and Elizabeth Stewart's Hikers Guide to the Superstition Mountains. There is a benchmark and register on the summit.

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2018-07-14 HAZ_Hikebot

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    Government Hill
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    I started my morning headed towards Rogers Trough to do White Mountain, but no vehicle is getting across Queen Creek right now and I saw first hand why. I pulled up behind a pickup who had a friend outside mulling over whether it was crossable. I kept thinking that there was no way that it was uncrossable and I even thought for a minute that the guy ahead of me might be being a little cautious and if he did not go, I was just going to go around him and try, but just then he went for it after his friend on the outside seemed to give him the thumbs up. He was done for as soon as he hit the water, his front end briefly went hood deep he lurched forward a little and then there he sat about bed deep in Queen Creek. I got out and said to his friend, "well I am not going this way," turned around and headed back to the 60 for a plan B.

    I figured I could not go wrong with Miles trailhead for a plan B, although, it did cross my mind that even that road may be impassable due to the rock slides that always occur out there after a big rain. I got lucky and it was clear sailing to the TH. Every drainage was flowing along the road and it was very apparent from the start that the area had been hammered recently. I ended up stopping before Miles and went in Paradise Trail to do a variation of the Bull Basin loop, but with Government Hill and its long ridgeline as an off trail linking route between the two trails. Paradise was a tremendous start to the day. It was nearly impossible to keep your feet dry on the trail, the creek was raging and trailside was one cascade after another, topped off by the main attraction which is less than a mile in. From the flowing water of Paradise, it was across the snow dusted ridgeline to Government Hill for some fantastic views. In particular, the Ancha are in rare form and look more like a range in Colorado right now due to the amount of snow its holding. From Government Hill it was down to Bull Basin, more cascades, more water and then the rugged detour up Rock Creek Trail to view its falling water highlight.

    It was impossible to stay dry going up Rock Creek, as it was just calming down from what looked to be a pretty intense little flash flood. The crossings were deep and fast, but all manageable. The horrible trail along the bench was probably worse anyways. Its a real shame the Forest Service decommissioned this trail, it was probably a good one in its day, now the falls are slowly becoming perhaps not worth the hassle. A couple stretches of the trail along the bench are becoming a tad brutal with acacia, deadfall and general overgrowth, during lower water this can be remedied through simply walking up the creek bed, however, that was not happening today. The hike back from the falls went much quicker, as I took up to wading more stretches of the creek when I could, rather than bushwhacking along its edge. Once I hit Bull Basin, it was a pretty quick hike back to the car and other than the fact that West Pinto looks nearly impossible to cross on foot right now, nothing overly exciting occurred.

    A great plan B!
    Government Hill
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    I showed @lindaagm a few old favorites in the Eastern Supes today. We started at the Paradise Trail trailhead, hit Government Hill along the way to Haunted Canyon where we visited the cabin and then took the old and no longer maintained alignment of 203 to switch it up a little coming out of Haunted Canyon.

    The weather was perfect, there was just enough water for the dogs and all of the trails are in great shape. We only ran into one group all day and it was near the cabin. A little fall is still going on out there and I imagine with some rain today and tomorrow the hiking conditions will only improve. We did have to utilize the FR to complete out loop, but it was only about 1.5 miles.

    Thank you for still hiking with me Linda after I showed up 20 minutes late, with my fuel light on and no wallet.
    Government Hill
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    Invited Oregon Hiker for a nice and easy back pack in the Eastern Supes. Fourth year in a row my friend Jim and I completed a Memorial Day trip to the Supes. Along with Jim my buddy Brian also came along, he had spent all week waiting to activated for the Slide Fire, but as luck would have it he was never called and was able to come along.

    The hike in was your pretty standard hike into Toney Ranch, plenty of water still in the creek and flowing steady in some areas, poison ivy is also out in full force, we will see how that goes in the next few days. Met Jim at the campsite just before noon, he had packed in on Thursday. We really just relaxed Saturday saw all the main attractions, hiked a little of the "backyard" route, did some exploring near camp and generally just relaxed around camp.

    On Sunday myself, Larry, Brian and the dogs borrowed a hike out of the Eastern Superstitions Guide book and completed the Government Hill cross-cut. We were able to find enough sections of old ranching and use trails to make the hike pretty mild in terms of difficulty. In fact, the worst part was undoubtedly making our way down Bull Basin to its intersection with Haunted Canyon Trail 203 and the completion of our modest loop. We could have probably done more, but it was pretty warm at times, we had the dogs, and there was no need to push it. Larry and I took one final exploring session later in the afternoon, but other than that it was just rest and relaxation around the camp, with an occasional plunge in the creek to cool down.

    Temperatures were great at night, heat broke enough to enable comfortable sleeping, no shortages of water around the camp, easy hike out Monday morning and eating lunch at The Sisters in Superior by noon.

    Product Review: Bought an Osprey Daylite Pack to see if it would work for upcoming canyon trip, two thumbs up. Perfect pack for squishing inside a large pack to bring along for day trips from camp. Carried 200 oz of water in it and did not feel that it was too heavy for pack, very comfortable. I think it will be perfect for bringing along on upcoming five day trip and using to sneak down to river and explore.

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