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Dane Canyon Loop, AZ

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Distance Loop 7 miles
Trailhead Elevation 7,451 feet
Elevation Gain 500 feet
Accumulated Gain 600 feet
Avg Time Round Trip 4 hours
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Interest Off Trail Hiking & Perennial Creek
Backpack Yes & Connecting
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Barbershop Cyn & Dane Cyn - Mogollon Rim
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Cabin Loop - Mogollon Rim
25  2013-08-31
Cabin Loop - Mogollon Rim
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Likely In-Season!
From Dane Spring, use the U-bar to go a short distance and drop into Dane Canyon. Take a right at the intersection with McClintock Draw. Either climb up to an old jeep trail or continue until the Barbershop intersection. Use the Barbershop and U-bar to return to your car.

Descent into and climb out of Dane Canyon is somewhat steep if you miss the best routes.

Dane Cabin is located near the start of this trek. Most cabins along this loop were ranger and firefighter homes, I don't know if this was one of them. The cabin is now partially collapsed.

From the trailhead, continue down the steep, short path to Dane Cabin Springs. At the unsigned intersection, proceed north approximately 0.15 miles until you spot a cairn between the trail and the canyon to your left. Approach the canyon rim and look for the elk trail that proceeds somewhat southernly towards the bottom of the canyon. Other avenues of descent are possible, but will be more difficult.

Once in the canyon bottom, follow the elk tracks upstream, heading west at first. The canyon bends south and continue following the water upstream. The main thoroughfare is elk game trails and they are actually quite good except for a few spots.

At the junction with McClintock Draw, stay in the right fork (Dane Canyon). Proceed upstream until you spot a nice trail on your left (34 27 06 N, 111 09 47 W). Take this up to the old road and follow the road south until it reaches the Barbershop trail.

The Barbershop trail here is where the road (you are hiking on) keeps going but the trail makes an abrupt turn east. It is not signed and is only marked by a cairn. We beefed it up with some logs indicating the turn but these may not be here. Coords: 34 26 15 N 111 10 08 W

Take the Barbershop east, then the Ubar North until you reach Dane Cabin Springs. Walk the 200 yards uphill back to your car.

Alternate Route #1
Instead of leaving the canyon for the road, continue hiking the canyon until its intersection with Barbershop (there is a sign here that says "Dane Canyon").

Alternate Route #2
From the junction w/ McClinktock draw, Head up McClintock Draw until it intersects the Barbershop trail.

Dane Springs appears to be a popular site.

Water Sources
Dane Spring was flowing nice and clear. Dane Canyon had flowing water. Bring a filter!

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2009-06-30 nonot
    WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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    Dane Canyon Loop
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    I took the day off from work to do what I like best - go hiking! Mark and I talked last week about hooking up and decided on today. Mark suggested the Dane Canyon Loop and another loop close by if we both felt good after the first. Alas, the thunder storms came early today so we decided to call it a day after the first loop.

    Before the threat of storms shortened our hike, it was shaping up to be a beautiful day. The temps were cool early, a tad muggy, with morning dew hugging the vegetation as we meandered south along the U-Bar trail. It warmed up in Dane Cyn with the sun overhead, but it was generally pleasant throughout the hike. With the exception of Dane Canyon, where we followed whichever routes looked good, the trails were in wonderful shape and quite easy to follow. That is, when we weren't gabbing too much and missing the turn off, which we did on a couple of occasions. All the better, though; more time to gab!

    This was my first trip to the Cabin Loops area. I've wanted to explore up here for a long time. I wish we could have gone a little longer, but it was a grand day nonetheless. I need to get back up there. Soon.

    Thanks for driving, Mark, especially so on the way out with all that rain on the Rim Rd.

    A smattering of wildflowers in Dane Canyon.
    Dane Canyon Loop
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    The temps were getting outrageously hot in the valley so I got together with Chumley and Toughboots and the dogs for a hike up north. We left Phoenix on Saturday morning and made the drive to the rim. The ride took a while but was really enjoyable especially along FR 300.

    We started hiking and made steady time as we we dropped into and out of Barbershop and Dane Canyons. We would follow the U-Bar trail and made a counter clockwise lasso loop as we returned via Dane Canyon. The going was very pleasant and the temps were hot at times but enjoyable.

    Once back to the jeep we took our time as we prepared for the return to the valley heat. This was a real nice hike and a lot of fun with the group. The dogs are such a treat to hike with. They loved playing in all the water. Good times
    Dane Canyon Loop
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Got out of the heat for a nice trip up on the rim. Tons of water. Dane canyon was running over 95% of the time. Just a couple of very short sections where it went underground.

    It was just a touch warm when in the sun during midday, but it was perfect in the shade. Nice breeze kicked up in the afternoon.

    Thanks 9L for driving and boots for helping split that after-hike 12 pack. :)
    Dane Canyon Loop
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    I met up with Kyle, Lyndsey & Jacki for a one night backpack up on the rim. The temps were perfect and we got some light rain for a short time. We were also met by Chumley who brought the ice cold beer! :o

    We started from Houston Brothers and 300 and made good time as we headed north. After some time we connected to the Barbershop Trail and followed that to the start of Dane Canyon. We took a short break and then started the hike up the canyon. Kyle and I were out here last summer for this hike and really enjoyed it. This year it was more difficult with the full backpack. It also started raining about halfway up the canyon. We put our rain gear on and kept on trekking. Eventually we reached the junction with U-Bar where we met Chumley and the latest dog he's watching. He convinced us to hike up the hill to his truck for some cold beers and other car camping amenities.

    The evening was very relaxing. We had a nice fire and enjoyed dinner. We all turned in around 11pm but didn't get to sleep for long. Some A-Holes decided to go shooting at 1am. They were about a mile away and fired some very loud guns! I'm not sure how long this lasted but would guess 30 minutes. Thanks guys for keeping us up! :x

    We woke the next day and enjoyed the morning having coffee and breakfast. We packed up and said our goodbyes to Chumley and then started the hike out by following the U-Bar Trail south. We stopped by Dane Spring to top off our water and then continued hiking. We turned west on the Barbershop Trail and stopped for another break at the Barbershop Canyon junction. From there we all returned to the jeep and on back to Phoenix for the heat.

    It was a fun weekend and thanks Chumley for meeting us. The cold beers were delicious! :DANCE:
    Dane Canyon Loop
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    Washington Park - Cabin Loop
    Had been wanting to do this trip for some time and decided to finally do it last weekend. Got a late start out of Phoenix Saturday morning and made our way up to the Washington Park trailhead. It was a warm day! Plenty of elevation right off the bat on the Colonel Devin trail. First part of the trail paralleled the pipeline then broke off into switchbacks climbing the rim to some looser rock closer to the top. Nothing terrible. Just got the heart rate up and the legs warm. From there we traveled over to the General Springs cabin and up the Haught trail. We were looking for good water sources up the trail but never found anything significant. The trail itself is easy to follow and the scenery was beautiful. Just not much in the way of water. Therefore we hauled it over to the Pinchot cabin then down Houston Brothers to Aspen Springs for the night, where we knew there would be water. Day 2 we ventured South on Houston Brothers down to Barbershop. Given that we needed to head back early Monday we were looking to place camp as close to the Houston Brothers/Barbershop junction as possible. We found a perfect spot at Barbershop Spring, just 10 minutes from the junction. We made camp, set up the tent and day hiked for the rest of the day. We took Barbershop over to Dane Canyon, then decided to head north to explore. Given how dry it has been, the canyon itself was very easy to navigate. I could see when the area gets wetter how difficult this area could get. There are many faint game trails and multiple ways to get around in there. We came across 7 elk in one area - a beautiful site. The day was getting late and we had decided to try and exit the canyon near Dane Springs. From the canyon, about 0.2 miles from the Springs we located a faint trail up the canyon - we took it up and it popped us out on the U-Bar about 1000 feet South of Dane Springs. We reloaded on water there - this is an awesome spring with an excellent flow of water. Back south on the U-Bar over to Barbershop and back to Camp.
    Monday morning an early start and back on the Barbershop over to Houston Brothers and then General Crook/Rim Road. In thinking about all of our mileage, I thought to myself - the section from Dane Canyon on Barbershop west all the way to Houston Brothers to Rim Road is pretty brutal. Constant up/down. The trail runs perpendicular to the land contour, so you are constantly going in and out of drainages. Feel the burn!!
    The crook trail. This trail is a nightmare. Tried following it using posted coordinates, and in places it is so overgrown or has dead and downed trees that it is almost impossible. There are white markers in some sections then in other areas there is nothing. It really was hard not to just go to the road and say the heck with it, but we stayed on the trail as much as possible, until the trail veered away from the tunnel/Colonel Devin trail. We took the road directly back to that trail and cut off the half mile back to the Springs cabin and then over to the marked tunnel trail.
    Overall it was a great weekend. Water was available, but mainly on the Central and Eastern side of the loop. Saw very few people up there and I feel like this area is a true gem for us Phoenix folks looking for a getaway in the Summer months. :)
    Dane Canyon Loop
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    From Camp Chumley, headed west on Barbershop. I dropped into McClintock Draw (long overdue since I forced Hank and company to take a wrong turn a few years ago :oops: ).

    McClintock Draw was pretty easy and feeds into Dane Canyon. I followed Dane down - mostly pretty easy hiking, although past where I'd done it before it got a bit scrambly. I passed the Ubar trail crossing and continued down Dane. There weren't many elk trails below Ubar and the canyon gets fairly narrow - forcing you to stay nimble if you want to keep your feet dry.

    Continuing down to the Barbershop Canyon confluence was pretty brushy. Luckily there wasn't a whole lot of locust bush.

    Headed up Barbershop, which was better with more elk trails. Reached the Ubar trail and headed back to camp. I heard someone behind me, but several times waiting revealed nothing. Bruce finally broke away and caught me a little south of Dane Spring. Saw two elk.
    Dane Canyon Loop
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    Summer HAZFest 2012
    Oh boy, where to begin?! Let's start by separating the camping from the hikes.

    Thanks to everybody who showed up. It was fun to see some of you again, and great to meet new people. Especially the Coconino Sheriff and the Forest Ranger, both of whom surprised us by showing up without even marking the "interested" column ahead of time. I've always known that a good event usually results in a vehicle with lights flashing :)

    Things started slow with just Pam and me arriving on Thursday night. On Friday, Bob stopped by with Bruno after hiking an AZT segment and loitered for an hour or so. Eventually things got interesting, with Laura, Larry, Liz, Trish, Angela, Cindy, and Steve all arriving in time for dinner. Pam and Larry went to Knoll Lake and caught some fresh Rainbow Trout for dinner, and on their way back they brought Corey, who actually fulfilled the requirement of driving his Prius down the mogul road! Later on, Jon and Patrick showed up and joined us around the campfire. I think that was the whole group on Friday night?

    Saturday morning, Bruce and Joe showed up and most of us went separate directions and did different hikes before reconvening back at camp for evening festivities. John arrived after an AZT segment, and Joel showed up after shooting sunset. A little later, Alex, his wife and kids arrived, and somewhere along the line Andrey showed up too.

    After dinner and shenanigans, we ventured out into the meadow to watch the Perseids. It was a little chilly laying in the abundant elk poop, and I was hoping for a better show, but we were all treated to more than a few cool streaks across the sky and the accompanying "ooooooohs" and "where!!? which way!?" made the whole experience more entertaining.

    The next morning, some headed home, some headed on additional hikes. After a nap, I managed to leave at just about sunset. A stop for food at THAT Pub and Brewery in Pine put an exclamation point on a great weekend!

    There were a total of four dogs, and all were white (ok, Bruno is a little more yellow), and all fun to see. I also brought home a pair of sunglasses that have a yellow strap. Let me know if they are yours.

    I also have a couple of movies that I'll add the URL to the comments for this triplog when I ever get them uploaded.
    Dane Canyon Loop
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Headed up Friday evening to Camp Chumley.

    Thanks to Todd for all his work to organize this. It was great to meet all the HAZers, lots of faces I hadn't seen before. Some I haven't seen in awhile. Even the HAZmaster himself made an appearance! I think we figured at 21 people in all, including some dayhikers.

    Walking out the meadow both nights stargazing resulted in the group finding lots of meteors, of which I saw a few. Couldn't ask for clearer night skies.

    Campfire entertainment was great, but I doubt it will make it to Youtube!
    Dane Canyon Loop
    rating optionrating optionrating optionrating optionrated 1
    Based on reading triplogs of this hike along with our great U-Bar Trail hike from the same TH last year I was more than a bit surprised we didn't find this one very appealing. Part of it I suppose was once we left the creek on the canyon floor all there was for scenery were the pine trees along the old roads.

    Yes it was green and yes there was water flowing, but it just didn't catch my fancy I guess. (So after knocking this one out we stopped for a hike at Kinder Crossing on the way home... and it made up for what I didn't feel on this hike.)

    Only eight photos this trip.
    Dane Canyon Loop
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    Amazing that this is my 7th time since June'09 to hike one of the many available loop options for this excellent hike. I just never tire of hiking in this lush green and remote canyon area where I have yet in seven visits to meet-up with any other hikers. I would still like to thank Kurt and Randal for providing me in May'09 with the hiking details to allow myself and nonot(Steve) to be able to hike and later publish this HAZ hike description for many others to also enjoy.

    I always enjoy introducing others to this loop hike and on this trip which was on my fourth camping day on the Mogollon Rim-Cabin Loop area, Richard, this wife, and a good friend drove up from our PHX area to join me for this hike and then a visit to "Camp Grasshopper".. for some shade, R&R, and of course some delicious hors d'oeuvres before their late trek back to the valley. Thank you three for another most enjoyable hiking day and visit :D

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    High Clearance possible when dry

    To hike
    From approximately halfway between 87 and 260 on the Rim Road 300, take maintained gravel road FR 321 north approximately two miles and turn left onto ... 321A(?). Take this unpaved road 0.25 miles to the trailhead. Dane Springs Trailhead is a good pulloff on the left with room for at least 8 vehicles, but I don't recall seeing any signs.

    2012-05-12 big_load writes: The turnoff from FR321 mentioned is almost four miles from FR300, and it is FR321A. I departed by FR321/96/95, which was a tad longer, but much faster than going out on the Rim Road, since they are not paved with fist-sized gravel (as of 5/2012).
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