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Rim to Reno - North Route, NV

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Difficulty 3.5 of 5
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Distance Shuttle 10 miles
Trailhead Elevation 8,930 feet
Elevation Gain -2,931 feet
Accumulated Gain 2,379 feet
Avg Time Hiking 9hrs ~ 3days
Kokopelli Seeds 17.93
Interest Perennial Waterfall, Seasonal Creek & Perennial Creek
Backpack Yes
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239  2021-09-25 AZClaimjumper
Author AZClaimjumper
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Location Reno, Nevada
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Preferred   Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep → 7 AM
Seasons   Early Summer to Late Autumn
Sun  6:18am - 5:10pm
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3-Day, 2-Night resident
by AZClaimjumper

This is a shuttle hike. I parked my vehicle at the Thomas Creek Trailhead & had a friend drop me off at the Mt Rose Trailhead. For MEeee(76 yrs young), this was a 3-Day, 2-night hike/adventure.

I began 0722 Saturday morning, 25 Sep 2021 at the Mt Rose Trailhead & reached the end of the 28-mile hike which concluded at the Thomas Creek Trailhead @1555, Monday afternoon, 27 Sep 2021.
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Port-A-Johns only at Mt Rose & Thomas Creek trailheads. Bring toilet paper!

Mt Rose Trailhead (N39.31289° W119.89755°) @8,737' elevation was my starting point. I was carrying a 24# backpack that included food, 18oz of water, shelter, air mattress, sleeping bag, & extra layers of clothing. I planned to filter water into my backpack's bladder when I came to water sources along the trail. I began the hike fully hydrated, the temperature was in the low 60ºs with a gusty breeze for the first couple of hours. The sun came out & the rest of the day included a comfortable gentle refreshing breeze. I added sunscreen to my face B4 starting my hike; I wore a long-sleeve polypro top, wrap-around UV sunglasses, a 100% Wool Military Watch cap & a lightweight Buff Headgear around my neck for the first 2 hours, which I pulled up over my face when passing other hikers.

With most of the smoke from recent wildfires having dissipated, Mother Nature rolling out 3 days, 2-nights of almost perfect weather, Father Time cutting me little more slack, I set out on my real-life outdoor adventure out in the boonies along a trail known as Rim To Reno (longer North route)

Day 1 plan: 9 miles; 8hr 33mi
Mt Rose Trailhead to Galena Creek Waterfall - 2.4 miles; 325' accumulated elevation; 1hr, 17min
Waterfall to Bottom of Draw - 0.7 miles; 175' accumulated elevation; 37 minutes
Bottom of Draw to R2R signpost - 0.9 miles; 552' accumulated elevation; 1hr, 3min
R2R signpost to Bronco Creek - 1.5 miles; 377' decrease of elevation; 2hr, 15min
Bronco Creek (N39° 20.828' W119° 55.918') to Lone Ranger campsite - 3.5 miles; 444' accumulated elevation; 3hr, 21min.

Day 1, Saturday morning
1st leg: Mt Rose Trailhead to Galena Creek Waterfall
0722- I saddled up with a 24# backpack load, it was overcast, gusty at times; I was wearing a polypro base layer, top & bottom, long sleeve cotton flannel T-shirt, hooded rain jacket/windbreaker, Buff Headgear configured to cover the neck, head, ears, cheeks, chin, 100% Wool Military watch cap, insulated pair of leather gloves, wrap-around UV tinted sunglasses & 20oz of water in the bladder.
Normally, partially up the trail, I can look to my left & see Lake Tahoe, not today because of the haze.
0828 - 0.3 mile B4 coming to the Galena Creek Waterfall, Kim & Ruby recognized me, they were heading over to the geocache I'd recently hidden by Bronco Creek.
0839 - I arrive at Galena Creek Waterfall &, of course, take the obligatory photo.

2nd leg: Waterfall to bottom of Draw
The sun has come out & the gusty winds have calmed down, I'm overdressed & remove my rainjacket/windbreaker, Long-sleeve cotton T-shirt, Buff headgear, & put on my sun visor. This leg parallels a meadow off to my right, steep slopes rocks & rock structures are on my left, it an open & exposed part of the trail & increases in elevation slightly until I reach the bottom of the draw @9,202'.

3rd leg: Bottom of Draw to R2R signpost
0916 - This leg up is going to cause me to have to stop frequently to catch my breath as it is a steep ascent of 552' within just 0.9 of a mile. Hikers pass me going in both directions during the 103 minutes I'm on this leg up.
Sadly, the little stream that used to cross the trail is now all dried up (photos). I top out of the draw & shortly reach the R2R signpost which is the beginning of the next leg of 444' gain in elevation.

4th leg: R2R signpost down to Bronco Creek
1019 - It's a very circuitous 1.5 miles to Bronco Creek with a 377' drop in elevation & takes me 67 minutes to reach Bronco Creek. This leg passes through open meadows, tree canopy shaded parts of the trail, over some rock sections, & through some densely forested areas (photos)

5th leg: Bronco Creek (N39° 20.828' W119° 55.918') to Lone Ranger campsite
1107 - Upon arriving @ this vitally important water source I take off my backpack & Camel-UP the bladder with 70oz of water which adds 5#, my backpack will weigh 29# from here on up to where I'll camp overnight. A nutrition break includes bacon & my energy gel concoction of 50% Brown Rice Syrup, 30% Molasses, & 20% honey.
1200 - I saddle up & begin the next arduous leg with a heavy, for me, backpack. This leg up takes up past 7 switchbacks (photos) & will take me 445 minutes to top out on the ridgeline near The Lone Ranger geocache. I found a campsite nearby & in a grove of trees that hopefully will afford me some protection from gusty winds if that happens.
1555 - I found my campsite & begin to set up camp for the night. Once my tent is pitched, air mattress inflated, sleeping bag pulled out of its stuff sack & begin to think of food. 1/2 a pouch of Peak Refuel Chicken Alfredo is dinner. No coffee so I won't wake up in the middle of the night to pee. My Soto Windmaster canister stove does its job of efficiently heating water so my meal can re-hydrate. I'm comfortably full, the sun is setting, not much more daylight as I decide to crawl into my sleeping bag for the night. I'm guessing the nighttime temperatures are near 50º & I unzip my sleeping bag because I'm getting too warm, & open the outer door to increase ventilation. Just a nice cool, refreshing breeze all night. And I woke up only once during the night to pee.

Day 2 plan: 8.1 miles; 6hr, 1min
1st-night campsite to North/South trail signpost - 2.4 miles, plus 24' elevation; 1hr, 30min.
North/South Signpost to Lakeview Terrace Geocache - 1.8 miles, minus 306' elevation; 1hr, 34min.
LV Geocache to Trail Intersect signpost/2nd campsite - 3.7 miles, 192' elevation; 1hr, 57min.

Day 2, Sunday morning
0715 - I wake up with light shining into my tent, refreshed & well-rested. While lying in my sleeping bag I fire up my stove to heat water for coffee & breakfast which will be a 1/2 pouch of Peak Refuel Beef Pasta Marinara laced with 2oz of chopped up pre-cooked bacon, a meal fit for a King. I continue eating & drinking my coffee as I dress, & begin to break camp. Looks like Mother Nature is going to give me a perfect day, sunshine, blue skies, & a nice refreshing gentle breeze.

1st leg: 1st-night campsite to North/South Trail Signpost
0943 - I saddle up & head for the trail, I'm feeling good, wearing just my long-sleeve polypro top, thin pair of leather gloves, UV wrap-around sunglasses & my sun visor. The trail has a tree canopy most of the way & is relatively level. All of today's trail is up on the ridgeline.

2nd leg: North/South signpost to Lakeview Terrace Geocache
1115 - I arrive at the North/South signpost, take some photos then go left & onto the longer North route heading toward a geocache.
1246 - I arrive at Lakeview Terrace geocache & quickly find it, thanks to accurate co cords. Grrrrreat views (lots of photos).

3rd leg: Geocache to Trail Intersect signpost/2nd-night campsite
1300 - The next 3.7 miles of trail vary from a covered tree canopy, scrambles through sloping rock fields, past tall rock structures that the trail circles around, across two, dried-up creek crossings, & through some heavily forested areas. The trail is well maintained & easy to follow. I don't see any hikers until I reach the trail intersect signpost at the end of today's hike & just B4 I start looking for a campsite. At the signpost, I do meet & take a photo of Mike, Marina, & their dog Athena.
1544 - I arrive at the Trail Intersect signpost, & then begin to look for a campsite. I spot an almost level spot amongst a group of trees just off the trail & B4 the signpost. I take off my backpack, start scouting around for 10 big heavy rocks I can place on top of my tent stakes, pitch the tent, put on a down jacket & my rain jacket/windbreaker, put on my 100% wool Military Watch cap & configure my Buff Headgear to cover just my neck as it is getting cool & the sky is clouded & threatening. Dinner will be a 1/2 pouch of Peak Refuel Breakfast Skillet. NO coffee. I eat breakfast meals for dinner because they have fewer grams of protein & fewer calories than dinner meals. I then eat Freeze-Dried Peak Refuel Dinners for breakfasts, after lacing them with 2oz of pre-cooked bacon to add even more fat calories to breakfast.
Before leaving home I take my Freeze Dried pouches, open them, weigh out 2 equal portions, then put them in 1qt Freezer ziplock baggies which is just the right amount of food for me when re-hydrated. I boil water in a 750ml titanium cup, pour the Freeze-Dried meal into the cup, put the cup into my own homemade Koozie & wait for it to re-hydrate. The Koozie keeps the meal hot right down to the last sporkful & I'm a slow eater.
I crawled into my sleeping bag just as the last rays of light disappear & am certain tonight will be colder than last night. I'm comfy warm. Sometime after crawling into my sleeping bag I'm awakened by a clap of thunder & hear it raining on my tent accompanied by occasional gusts of wind which continues for most of the night. Definitely cooler than last night; not cold, just cooler. I wake up just once to pee.

Day 3 plan: 8.6 miles 6hrs 29min, drop of 3,000' elevation (9,100') - (6,018'):
Campsite, past Trail Intersect signpost, to Overlook - 0.3 miles, plus 127' elevation; 10min.
Overlook to Water Source - 2.9 miles, minus 1,255' elevation; 2hr 28min.
Water Source to 1st Thomas Creek Bridge crossing - 3.4 miles, minus 1,044' elevation; 2hr, 44min.
1st Thomas Creek Bridge crossing to Thomas Creek Trailhead - 2.1 miles, minus 734' elevation; 1hr, 7min.

1st leg: Campsite, past Trail Intersect signpost, to Overlook
0710 - I crawled out of my sleeping back because sunlight was filtering through my tent & into my eyeballs. I fired up my stove to heat water for coffee & breakfast, which is a dinner Freeze-Dried meal laced with 2oz of pre-cooked bacon. I dressed & began to break camp while eating. I'm feeling well-rested & confident I'll accomplish today's geocaching objectives & make it back to the trailhead OK.
0809 - I saddle up, my backpack is lighter thanks to the water I've been drinking & the meals I've been consuming. It's a beautiful sunny day with blue skies & a refreshing breeze. I'm wearing just a long-sleeve polypro top, a thin pair of leather gloves, my UV tinted wrap-around sunglasses, sunscreen on my nose, & my sun visor.
0931 - I arrive at the Trail Intersect signpost (photos), look around in all directions while taking a series of photos of this trail junction, B4 proceeding down the trail heading toward the Overlook.
0936 - I arrive at the Overlook, a place where I emerge from a tree canopy-covered trail to where the trail is wide open/exposed. This Overlook is at the top of a trail that contains 12 switchbacks & several geocaches I'll be looking for. I take a lot of photos as I proceed down this part of the trail.

2nd leg: Overlook to Water Source
0936 - I arrive at the Overlook, a place where I emerge from a tree canopy-covered trail to where the trail is wide open/exposed. This Overlook is at the top of a trail that contains 12 switchbacks & several geocaches I'll be looking for. I take a lot of photos as I proceed down this part of the trail.
0953 - I arrive in the proximity of Root & Stone geocache which is just off the trail, find it, sign the log, take photos & return to the trail.
1036 - I arrive in the proximity of Twixt Trunks which is also just off the trail, find it, sign the log, take photos & return to the trail.
1105 - I arrive in the proximity of Poor Memory which is also just off the trail, find it, sign the log, take photos & return to the trail.
1127 - The trail is now paralleling Thomas Creek which I can hear & see 100' below the trail.
1205 - I arrive at a tributary water source (N39° 23.805' W119° 54.360') that crosses the trail & take photos. This is where I'd planned to Camel-UP, however, I still have more than enough water to last me till I get to the Thomas Creek trailhead so I continue. This is the water source I forgot to take photos of last year.

3rd leg: Water Source (N39° 23.805' W119° 54.360') to 1st Thomas Creek Bridge Xing
1205 - I arrive at the water source. This part of the trail meanders through a nice tree canopy-covered trail that is paralleling Thomas Creek, which I can see & hear 100' below the trail. 3.4 miles & 4 hours later I arrive at the 1st Thomas Creek Bridge Xing, take photos, & then proceed. Yes, I'm stopping frequently to catch my breath & rest, this ole bod is telling me to take it easy.

4th leg: 1st Thomas Creek Bridge Xing to Thomas Creek Trailhead
1236 - I arrive at this creek crossing & am pleased to see it has good water flow, less than last year, but more than any other of the other nearby Jones or Whites creeks. 2.1 miles, 106 minutes - minus 734' elevation further to the trailhead as the trail meanders through the nicely tree-canopied trail.
1349 - While resting & enjoying a nutrition break, hikers Tatiana & Darian who are hiking UP the trail stop & we chat.
1400 - My GPS is telling me to replace the batteries, which I do. I'm surprised they've lasted this long, they are NiMH rechargeables. Another 3.3 miles & 2 hours & I'll arrive at the end of this real-life outdoor adventure.
1555 - I walk through the Thomas Creek Trailhead, through the parking area & reach my car, happily I open my car, take off my backpack, settle into the driver's seat & enjoy some cold coffee in my insulated coffee mug & sit there for a good 15-20 minutes relishing memories of my adventure & feeling a warm inner glow of my accomplishment.
1625 - I'm now safely parked at home after taking a victory lap around the circle near the entrance of my residence.

I had an extensive checklist I wrote out & followed & it's a good thing because TWO things I checked, saved me from possibly having to turn back.
#1 - I checked the voltages of my GPS batteries in the GPS & a spare set I carry to replace when the GPS batteries need replacing. The voltages of both sets of batteries were awful, the set in my GPS showed only 2 of 4 bars on my GPS, the replacement set of batteries showed only 1 of 4 bars. Both sets were immediately placed in a charger until they were FULLY charged.
#2 - To my surprise, the 110gram fuel canister for my stove contained only 18grams of fuel when I weighed it. That was enough fuel for maybe 2 meals. Needless to say, I put that canister aside, weighed another canister which was FULL & that is the one I put in my backpack, thankfully.

The 2 days following the end of my adventure, this ole bod told me to do nothing, to take it easy, to rest & relax which is exactly what I did.

Check out the Official Route.

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2021-09-25 AZClaimjumper
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