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Promised Land / Valerie's Book, AZ

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Warning! Technical climbing skills required. Risks include serious injury to death.  Risks are not eliminated by skill.
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5.10a Black Cleft2
5.10a Nappin2
5.9 Pizan2
5.10b Prow
5.9 Solito75 ft5
5.11a Tarzan
5.7 Valerie175 ft4
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    Promised Land / Valerie's Book
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    john and i signed on for the AMC anchors class over the weekend
    saturday's session was held at upper sullivans canyon, where we practiced setting protection and rigging anchors at a number of stations with different scenarios
    we were able to put up anchors using natural features and gear, learning a variety of techniques
    sunday was at the promised land
    our assignment was to set an anchor that we would all climb on for the day
    john and i set a solid anchor for cupcake, which we rigorously tested by climbing it twice each
    the rest of the day we were free to climb on the routes the other students had set
    we got in 7-8 climbs on interesting rock
    some of the climbs were unknown routes, where an instructor just picked a line for a toprope
    two climbs were on shot wall, not on the bolted routes but one on an arete/face, the other up a large crack with several bulges to get over
    moved back to solomon wall and climbed delilah and c.o.b.s. route, which ended up being our favorite of the day
    got in another unknown route on valerie's book, and i was able to climb valerie before we tore everything down
    nice area, excellent experience gained, and another fun excursion with john
    would like to go back there one more time, maybe for lead class, as there are four more good routes on valerie's book i'd like to try
    maybe i can talk john into coming along to belay my simulated trad lead :)
    great to have so many instructors volunteer their time - well worth the cost of the class
    even had good weather; thought it might be cold up there
    Promised Land / Valerie's Book
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    john was taking the lead class with the arizona mountaineering club last week and he arranged for me to tag along on sunday
    the promised land is north of chino valley
    the drive in is difficult both in terms of direction and road condition, but john's racing background was helpful, as was following someone who knew where they were going
    several documented routes on two walls in a nice little canyon, and i understand there are more routes further down
    i was able to listen in on some of the lead class presentations, help belay on a practice trad lead, and participate in some of the stations
    picked up some very useful general climbing knowledge even though i may never place a piece of gear
    once the instructional part of the day was over, we were free to climb
    john and i hit cupcake on soloman wall, which is a 5.5 that begged to be led
    the amc didn't want anyone leading, so we did respected that and utilized the toprope set up
    next moved over to valerie's book and climbed solito and valerie
    fun climbing with good edges and handholds
    sometimes it's nice to climb on toprope and not worry about leading
    finished the day with a nice dinner at bonn fire in chino valley
    thanks for arranging this john, really had a nice time, and always enjoy climbing with you

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