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Silly Mountain Trail System, AZ

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the whole thing is silly
by ck_1

In 2008, the Superstition Area Land Trust (SALT) partnered with the City of Apache Junction to restore the scar on the face of Silly Mountain.

The old 4x4 road as described below is closed. Hiking is not permitted on it as it is a restoration area. A complete series of trails was built.

Outdated 2002 Description: You've seen it while driving by at 65+ miles per hour; as you approach mile marker 200 on the US 60, just after the freeway ends. First you notice the wide road like track heading straight up the western side of the mountain. You may have spotted a few hikers making their way up. You might even have thought... "Now that's silly, it's only about a 1/2 mile to the top."

It is silly. It's Silly Mountain! Now, I must say, I feel sort of, well silly to post a report on such a short hike. In my defense, I believe this is a popular hike for people. Any time I drive by, I see cars at the parking area. So, it deserves a place at HAZ!

Now, let's look at the trail. It's wide. It's really wide. It's like a road. It used to be a road, and people who enjoy driving their trucks up big hills used to drive their trucks up Silly Mountain. Much to the distress of people who like to drive trucks up big hills, Silly Mountain is closed to trucks. But, you can walk up it! Just leave your truck at the parking area.

If you need help following the trail you need to go back home and watch T.V. You should also consider not procreating. This is a no brainer. Walk up the hill. About 2/3rds of the way to the saddle there are rather large rocks spread across the track. This is a nice spot to catch your breath, as the hill is rather steep. If you'd like, you can forgo the wide trail continuing up and head down the spur trail to the north. This short trail leads to the northern end of the mountain, where you can return to the parking area via a second really wide track. But, don't do that. Keep going up. The steepness increases until you reach the saddle, which took me all of 7 minutes. The view is kinda nice, except you can see where they are putting in a new golf course between Silly Mountain and the Sups. This is important; Arizona needs more golf courses, because I don't think every single golfer has their own course yet! Back to the trail. From the saddle you can skip on over to the southern summit, at an elevation of 2122ft. After doing so, return to the saddle and continue up the wide trail to the true summit of Silly Mountain. This is equally as steep and is also eroded. Just below the summit, the wide trail becomes single track that you can follow around the eastern side of the mountain and then up to the summit at 2139ft. Descend the same way you ascended. Don't attempt to go off-trail and descend down the northwestern side of Silly Mountain, as Buffet and I did. This was a less than stellar decision on my part.

The views of the Sups are impressive, and on this rather clear day we could see Camelback and the Papago Buttes. I say we, but I mean me. I don't know how far my dog can see, and I'm pretty sure she wasn't looking at Camelback but rather the Doberman coming up the trail. Exploring the whole area will take less than 45 minutes, even if you walk slowly and take your time. The elevation gain is significant, in that the trail itself can't be more than a 1/2 mile to the summit. This hike would be a great trail run workout!

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2002-03-12 ck_1
    WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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    Silly Mountain Trail System
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    The Silly Mountains were excellent to hike, climb and explore..,this is superior for novice climbers / hikers, provided you stay on the trails..,we went off trail several times, the rocks were far more challenging and fun off-trial. The 3 of us hit all 5 peaks in the surrounding areas, superior views & photos were amazing..,highly recommended for all skill levels..,we used a GoPro for the first time and they are WORTH EVERY PENNY..!! Spend half a day hiking and climbing..,the weather was ideal, and we arrived early and avoided the 'crowds' :) The trails down were in excellent condition, NO GARBAGE, beautifully maintained..,

    We have climbed here 3 times and The Silly Mountains have never disappointed us..,We will keep coming back..!!
    Silly Mountain Trail System
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    Up & down and up & down and up & down... Hit three of the peaks in the mountain group and took the long way around. The trails are full of loose rocks so kinda slow going. Beautiful cool morning to hit the close-by trails and get the "Fitbit" vibrating before breakfast. The new Merrell mid-high hikers are super comfortable and have tons of grip... :D
    Silly Mountain Trail System
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    Out enjoying the cool start to the last day of 2015 and burn some more calories in preparation for tonight's activities :D Happy New Year to all.... be safe, have fun and be Silly :y:
    Silly Mountain Trail System
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    Did a Loop on the Way back from a Scouting Trip to Queen Valley. Haven't done Silly Mountain before and I decided that I really needed to go ahead and get some kind of Hike in... ;)

    Used HAZ Tracks for only the 2nd Time. After 20 Minutes of dinking around with it in the Parking Lot, I finally got it to stay ON and away I went. Seems like it worked fine after that. :sweat:

    Nice quick little Hike with a Sweet View of the Supes...Hope to start getting out there regularly starting with the New Year...We'll see what the Doc and the X-Rays say next Week... ;) It's been a long 3 Months... :? I could certainly feel that I haven't done much. That's going to change in a big way on Friday... :lol: :D
    Silly Mountain Trail System
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    Peak Bagging on Silly Mountain

    I envy those who can hike the Four Peaks Mother Lode, the Superstition Ridgeline, or climb Weavers Needle. There was a time, not too many years ago, when I would have challenged them and went looking for more. Not any more though. The desire is still burning, but the body won't let me beat it up the way I used to. So my hiking has taken on a low impact approach to getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. I especially enjoyed the time Dennis Williams whipped the Four Peaks Mother Lode, celebrating each peak with a special bottle of imported Scotch as his reward [ photoset ] So today I take a humorous approach to his accomplishment and I Did it My Way!

    This morning dawned bright, but dark clouds were on the horizon and I wanted to get out for a short energy burner before any weather moved in. Silly Mountain has several peaks that make up the obscure little range and five of them are above the 2,000 foot mark so I was going to challenge them and offer my celebration to the way. While packing for our move to Arizona, I found an unopened bottle of Coffee Liqueur that must have been left over from the days when I traveled heavily and this was from one of the airlines that I frequented.

    Only one bottle for five peaks.... gotta get creative about this :-k So I decided that I would photograph the bottle at the summit of each peak and wait until I got home to break the seal and drink a toast to the Silly Mountain Five Peak Mother Lode : rambo : Trails will take you to two of the peaks, the rest are attainable by bushwhacking through the Brittlebush and scrub Palo Verde and one of the approaches had lots of loose rocks to keep me slipping and sliding :o but all were a fun challenge.

    The cool morning brought out the hikers in droves, many of them, snowbirds that had recently arrived for the winter and the parking lot was soon full. I had a good time conquering the Five Peaks but the Liqueur needed something to wash it down :D
    Silly Mountain Trail System
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    Silly 9L
    I decided to get BobP off the disabled list or out of retirement or wherever he's been by enticing him with a pair of peaks he hasn't previously climbed! Claire and Kyle decided to join us. :y:

    Storms made for dramatic views from the Silly summit, and there are enough trails to link here that I'm surprised that Mazatzal and The Eagle haven't been out here yet. :roll:

    Once we finished a quick summit loop Claire really wanted to do 9L so we headed over that way. We spent some time playing around the base, but it started to spit and we decided it wasn't worth trying to finish. Things got a little wet and we had to abort. We may be the first to attempt 9L and not make it. ](*,)

    We cleaned up and headed for BRI. Nice day out there. Good to see Bob back in the game! :)
    Silly Mountain Trail System
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    Nice and cool start to a predicted hot day so I was at the Trailhead by 0600 and only one other car was in the lot. It's getting noticeably darker in the mornings, but I still didn't need a light to clearly see the trails. Once at the summit, I caught a breeze coming from the East that felt good and dried up some of the sweat then did a little off-trail to hit some of the other peaks :D

    Fun hike and the bruised heel from last week's Peralta hike seems to be getting better now :)
    Silly Mountain Trail System
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    Hit Silly Mountain at 0500 this morning to take advantage of the early pre-dawn temps and make use of the light of the nearly full moon. The sun was still an hour away from sunrise but the moon provided enough light to hike the trails without the use of a light. Not the same story on the back side, where the moon wasn't shining.

    Only saw a couple of others as I was rounding the last bends so I had the trails pretty much to myself :y:
    Silly Mountain Trail System
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    Out for an early am hike up and around Silly Mountain, with the morning temps below 90. Only 7 vehicles in the parking lot so it should be quiet, at least for a while. Kinda humid and not much of a breeze blowing so I'm going to sweat it out on this one. I hit some trails I haven't been on yet so I summited the two highest peaks that make up the small mountain's six peaks.

    I kept hearing more voices as I hiked around the mountain and running into more hikers along the trail system. Saw two Coyotes scampering through the dry Brittlebush. There were 25 vehicles in the parking lot as I finished.
    Silly Mountain Trail System
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    It's supposed to be another warm one in the Valley-of-the-Sun, so I got an early start at Silly Mountain for another conditioning hike. I hit the summit and to my surprise, no gnats or flying ants, it's relaxing up there with the views of the Superstitions. I headed back down and hit the trails where I was facing the sun so I reached for my sunglasses that I had put around the hat band of my hat and it wasn't there :o Darn the luck, it had fallen off between the summit and my present location.

    I continued on the trail I was on and grabbed the next one that brought me back to the summit trail. I kept looking....all the way to the summit and couldn't find them ](*,) but now the gnats/flying ants were out again :? I quickly dropped back off the summit, still looking for my glasses, when, there they were.... it looked as though a rock had grabbed them and was wearing em, hard to see them on that rock, but I got em back again :D

    Sweating pretty good by the time I got back to the truck. 80 degrees when I left home.... 94 when I returned. Yup, going to be a warm one.....Sure is great to be back in Arizona :y:

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    Paved - Car Okay

    To hike
    Take Superstion Highway toward Globe. Just after the freeway ends, you'll see the mountain. At mile maker 200, Silly Mountain Road heads north from 60. The parking area is about 100 yards from the highway. You'd have to try to miss this one.
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