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Taylor Cabin via Dogie Trail - Sycamore Canyon, AZ

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Dogie Trail #116
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Amazing destination & route!
by Vashti

Likely In-Season!
The Dogie Trailhead is at the end of forest road 525C, which is ~12 miles from highway 89A outside Sedona. The road itself was in very good condition.

The trail ascends immediately from the trailhead until it reaches the sign-in/register here book and a metal gate. After walking through the metal gate in the barbed-wire fence, the trail descends immediately. The trail continues down until a level area is reached. Here there is another gate in a barbed wire fence, just prior to the Dogie Tank at the 2 miles mark. While there was water in Dogie Tank, the stock pond has many animal prints going toward it, and by the murky look of the water, I wouldn't recommend it for any human consumption. Interestingly, the original trail description I read mentioned two other tanks prior to Dogie, but we were not able to find/see either one.

From the Dogie tank, the trail ascends slightly on a trail of river rock stone. The trail then descends, and the trail switches from river rock to red rock. The rock formations in view are stunning, and they only get better as sycamore canyon proper comes into view. There are many forays into and out of drainages and smaller canyons, with some sections of trail being quite steep. There is a lot of up and down on this trail.

Eventually, Sycamore creek comes into view. After this year's wet spring, there were many large pools of water visible from the trail. In an earlier visit, this hike looked much different... not green and lush with lots of water, but brown and red desert with no water to speak of! Granted, our last hike on this trail was in May 2002, during the drought.

The final descent into the canyon leads to a sandy area just prior to the river rock-filled sycamore creek bed, which is dry except for some pools (as mentioned previously, depending on the weather and season). In our previous trip, the creek bed had enormous cairns set up to "lead" the way. Either by way of people or weather, these extremely large cairns are no longer present. The cairns I speak of were approximately 3 feet in height! Speaking of cairns, this trail is exceedingly well cairned. Cairned to the point of being ridiculous really, the trail itself is very well defined in almost 95% of its entirety. The silliness comes in putting cairns next to a very-well defined trail, where it doesn't turn, etc. I suppose the excessive cairns can give one a feeling of security, if it is needed.

The trail crosses the creek bed and picks up on the other side. From here, the trail climbs and follows along a flat area with many nice campsites. Shortly, the trail encounters another gate through a barb-wired fence leads into an area of many cacti. Soon, the trail comes to the trail junction with the Sycamore Trail. This trip turns right onto Sycamore Creek, leading to Taylor Cabin which is 3.5 miles off. The Dogie Trail is 5.4 miles from the trailhead to this junction. After the trail junction, the trail descends and there are good views of Sycamore Creek on the right side. The trail goes up and down some amount of times before ending up on a flat area called Airport Mesa. Airport Mesa has a number of good campsites, but no water supply. After a couple of miles, the trail drops down into a drainage, comes up again, and then descends into Jack's Canyon. After ascending up the other side of Jack's Canyon, the trail goes through another gate in a barbed-wire fence. The trail continues on for another mile or so, ascending and descending, until the trail comes upon another trail junction. There is a gate and barbed-wire fence to the left through which is Taylor Cabin trail 66. To the right a short trail descends down to Taylor Cabin.

The Taylor Cabin site has a historic cabin used by cowboys in the 19xxs along with a corral, a cave storage area, a toilet area (!!!), and pools said by others encountered on the trail to be rather reliable. The pools themselves are beautiful, clear and deep with large stones at the bottom. There are many nice campsites by Taylor Cabin, but this trip we were fortunate to have the site all to ourselves (due to a number of hailstorms on our hike in, :P). Be sure to sign the guest book in the Cabin cupboard! The cabin also has a working stove and heater, both installed in 1997 thanks to the Forest Service. The cabin has a number of things that people have left, from folding chairs to small Coleman propane tanks in the cupboard. The cabin has a large wooden table, and even a multitude of wrought iron pots and pans to use on the stove.

We highly recommend this hike. Sycamore canyon is beautiful, with many spectacular views. The Taylor Cabin area has lots of interesting areas to investigate. Enjoy!

Check out the Official Route and Triplogs.

Gate Policy: If a gate is closed upon arrival, leave it closed after you go through. If it is open, leave it open. Leaving a closed gate open may put cattle in danger. Closing an open gate may cut them off from water. Please be respectful, leave gates as found.

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2005-04-11 Vashti
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Coconino FS Details
The Dogie Trail offers hikers and horsebackers a chance to experience on of Arizona's spectacuns without all of the crowds. If solitude is what you seek, this could be the trail for you. The trail descends into the heart of the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness. For those who long for rugged beauty unspoiled and untamed by man, Sycamore is one of the few paces in the southwest that can lay claim to such a lack of man's accomplishments. The trail into this primitive area begins at a saddle 200 yards from where you should park your vehicle. Expect a panoraic view of the canyon from this pass.

Javalina, deer, quail, and numerous other animals call this country home. Pinyon pine, juniper, Arizona cypress, brush fields and wildflowers are abundant.

Make sure you take lots of water for this hike especially during late spring to early fall months. Temperatures quite often exceed 110 degrees in the canyon bottom.

WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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Taylor Cabin via Dogie Trail - Sycamore Canyon
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Kyle and I headed out to the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness for a few days in the backcountry. Our original plan was to make a clockwise loop spending night one at Taylor Cabin and night two at Buck Ridge Cabin and then return via Casner Mountain. Our plan changed when the mostly dry Sycamore Creek rose 2-3 feet overnight. We decided to play it safe and hike out.

We drove out on Friday morning and navigated FR525 and 525C to the Dogie Trailhead. The roads were a bit wet and 4WD helped with traction. The hike in went well. The trail was muddy but drying out as the sun shined overhead. We made our way and were eager to see the creek. Roughly four miles in the creek comes into view and we could tell it will not be an issue. It's mostly dry with sporadic large pools. We continued on and found the creek dry at the crossing. The last three miles to the cabin began to drag but we pushed on and arrived around 3pm.

The rest of the afternoon was spent setting up camp and relaxing. We were the only ones at the cabin and selected the prime campsite behind the corral. The site is shaded and has a nice fire ring. Water was a short walk down trail. There was a huge pool just below camp. The creek had a slight trickle. Our plan for day two was to hike up canyon where we had to cross the creek at least five times and then make the big climb towards Casner Mountain. We settled in for the evening with a nice campfire and pleasant temps.

I went to sleep relatively early and thought to myself how quiet it was. I could barely hear the creek trickle. I fell asleep and slept hard. At some point in the night I woke up to the sound of the river raging. I wondered if it was the wind but had a feeling it was the water. I went back to sleep and decided to check on conditions in the morning. I woke up around 7:30am and headed out to check the creek. I noticed right away it's way higher. I would guess it rose 2-3 feet overnight. Our plans were in jeopardy.

Kyle and I took time in the morning. We got the fire going again and had breakfast and talked about our options. We were confident we could get across the river if it doesn't rise any higher. The thought of five unknown crossings up canyon was not in our best interest. We decided to play it safe and hike out. Once that was decided we packed up and doused the fire and started the hike out around 9:30am.

The return hike went well. The hike started with puffy clouds and the sun shining through. We made good time as we paralleled the creek. It had a strong flow but we could tell the crossing was doable. We continued on and arrived at the crossing. We scouted the crossing and decided to cross just below the trail. I brought hiking poles for this alone and they proved very helpful. I made my way across and had water up to my knees. Kyle worked his was across and Lily crossed like a pro. She went up creek just a bit from Kyle and swam diagonally as the current carried her down roughly 15 feet. She eventually climbed out with no incident. Kyle completed the crossing and we took a short break.

The final five miles were very enjoyable. The cloud cover built and a light rain fell. It was perfect hiking weather. Roughly a mile from the TH we passed a couple with two dogs. I recognized the guy as Elias Butler. He coauthored Grand Obsession which is one of my favorite books. I went a little fanboy on him but kept my cool. It was great meeting him in person! The last mile flew by and we headed back to Phoenix. The road out was mostly dry and easy going.

This was a great trip and good company. It was too bad we couldn't make the loop but it was truly the best option for us. It gives us a reason to go back another time. I really enjoy this area and could see myself making a trip every year or so.
Taylor Cabin via Dogie Trail - Sycamore Canyon
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Had to cancel tagging along to the canyon kind of last minute so John and I decided to make a three day loop and salvage our weekend. Temperatures were perfect and there was plenty of water around for Lily-- though the crossing on the way to Taylor Cabin was dry. We eventually made it to the cabin and ran into some Forest Service guys out there doing a little maintenance and putting up new trail signs. We camped at the nice spot behind the corral. In the morning, I walked down to the water and the creek at the cabin had risen at least three feet and seemed to be increasing. Our loop that headed upstream had 5 more crossings possibly deeper than what we were already looking at. We also worried a bit about how cold the next night would be above Sycamore Canyon and wondered if more snow would come in since precipitation was in the forecast and Casner was looking pretty white already. We decided to bail on the loop and head back to the trailhead.

We headed out and made pretty good time-- only slowed down by the creek crossing. It was so strange to have seen a spot that was bone dry the day before now rushing full on. I managed to make it across with water just above my knees. Lily found a slower spot upstream and swam for it. She had to fight the current a little but she made it across fine-- though a little further downstream.
Taylor Cabin via Dogie Trail - Sycamore Canyon
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This ended up being a nice day hike with a big heavy backpack! :lol:

The plan was an overnight at Taylor Cabin. I knew the Verde River had flashed to 3000cfs after the storm on December 23rd, and I had seen a great photo of a waterfall at Paradise Forks, so I knew Sycamore had been running a week before. But the flow had dropped to 100cfs, and there's no way to know how much of that was from upstream on the Verde, and how much of that was being added by Sycamore Creek. Either way, I figured 100 was a very manageable flow, and it would be nice to visit Taylor Cabin when there was no concern about water!

It rained much of the way on the drive up in the morning. The road was muddy but the rain stopped by the time we started hiking. We heard the sound of water from quite a distance, and it was nice to finally get to a point where the river came into view. And yes, river would be the best word for it. I spied some areas of slower moving water and felt reasonable about finding a way across, but that feeling became more and more uneasy as we approached the crossing.

Not to be turned around without a fight, I grabbed my hiking poles and ventured out into the chilly water in just my underwear but didn't get more than 3 feet out before the water was chest deep and I couldn't touch bottom with my poles. :o I explored upstream to seek a better crossing spot and concluded what I already knew ... it just wasn't going to happen. (Note to self: off-trail exploration in the desert wearing just boxer shorts is hazardous : rambo : ).

Back at the trail, we discussed our options and decided to head back to the car. The sun teased for a bit and then the rain began again with about a mile to go.

I had carried a couple of New Year's beers all day, and I enjoyed one back at the trailhead. I kept the champagne for later though!

(I checked the gauge once I had service again, and the Verde had flashed earlier that morning and was running at 1800cfs. The Paulden gauge showed no change all week, so I'm guessing that the bulk of the flow was out of Sycamore Canyon).
Taylor Cabin via Dogie Trail - Sycamore Canyon
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We wanted to get together for a moderate hike and set our sights on Taylor Cabin after reading some recent triplogs. The mileage & AEG sounded good for us. We were looking at 18-19 miles & 2,300 AEG. There were also reports of water at the cabin. We decided to give it a go and it turned out to be more effort than we signed up for. The mileage came in over 19 miles but the AEG was over 3,300. It was great hike but the day hike pushed it a bit for our group.

Claire & I met FOTG, Kyle & Jackie at the Happy Valley Park n Ride at 6:30am. We were surprised that Joe & Bruce's vehicles weren’t there. We made the two hour drive to the trailhead via Cottonwood and found the dirt road (525 & 525C) in excellent condition. We were glad to see a vacant parking lot when we pulled in.

The hike in went really well. We made steady progress and enjoyed the views. The area fells like Sedona without the crowds. We took a break at the dry creek bed roughly 4-5 miles in. From there we continued on and headed for the cabin. This hike has a good mix of high speed sections with a mix of rocky areas as you drop in and out of washes. There are a handful of climbs but they’re relatively short.

We reached the cabin and took our lunch break. FOTG and I set out to find water. He went down canyon and I went up and we both found water soon after. The up canyon pool was only a few minutes from the cabin and it should last another month or so. It will dry out by summer if we don’t get rain soon. We both returned to the cabin where our group took lunch in the shade. The cabin is very cool and we discussed returning here in the fall/winter for a backpacking trip.

After lunch we started the hike out. By this time it was early afternoon and the sun was beating down. All the ups & downs were starting to take a toll on our group. We took another break at the creek and then continued for the exit. It became obvious that the hike was going to be over 19 miles & over 3K AEG. The last mile or two were a grind but everyone got out okay and we were back to the TH around 5:30pm. We loaded up and stopped at Panda Express/Taco Bell in Cottonwood and then made the drive back to Phoenix.

This was a great hike but took more effort than anticipated. This is a perfect area for backpacking just make sure there is water at the cabin. Thanks everyone for going with and thanks FOTG for driving!
Taylor Cabin via Dogie Trail - Sycamore Canyon
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I am very happy I took John's invite on this hike. I nearly bailed because I was worried about the high miles on my left knee, which was run a little ragged on my big backpack over spring break and has kind of been slow to recover. But I figured worst case scenario I could turn around early and John assured me it was not a very difficult 18 miles.

The route ended up not being that difficult as both Dogie and Sycamore Basin were in pretty good shape, however, we were all ready to be done by the end, as it ended up being a thousand feet more aeg than expected and a little warm at times due to the lack of cover and heat radiating rocks. But overall there was a pretty consistent breeze and the conditions remained close to ideal for the most part, with some sporadic shade to provide relief from the sun. No water though! Only two modest pools at the cabin in the creek bed. A long dry hike for the four legged ones, use caution bringing them out there this time of year.

Other than the dry conditions, it was an awesome hike. This area really exceeded my expectations. I have been known to be a little anti-this section of the state, but I was very happy with this hike. A four star hike for sure! The views into Sycamore were great and the surrounding scenery was very worthy as well. I loved the stands up hardy pines and juniper and the mixture of white, red and coconino type looking terrain features and rock formations in the distance. The cabin is a great destination and I feel the area may offer some great backpacking opportunities during the cooler, wetter months.

We took ample breaks and did not start overly early, but were still done by 5:30. Blanco did fine with the warmer temps and lack of water, but they were certainly not ideal conditions for him. A lot of ups and downs on this one, a little relentless at times, but just short little take your breath hills, no big climbs. Great hike, great trails, terrific views and a worthy destination at the end, highly recommended. Choose a cool day.
Taylor Cabin via Dogie Trail - Sycamore Canyon
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Really nice hike out and back to the Taylor Cabin. It was overcast the entire day which made the longer hike all that more enjoyable. The folding chairs at Taylor Cabin were a welcomed treat as we relaxed and had lunch. After taking some pictures we headed back. Saw 3 javelina and the largest jackrabbit I have seen in a long time. Enjoyed beers and eats at Oak Creek Brewery and Grill.
Taylor Cabin via Dogie Trail - Sycamore Canyon
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Despite the expected winter storm, I decided to take advantage of a long weekend I had to backpack to Taylor Cabin. This trip was just my dog and I. After driving on the surprisingly well maintained dirt road, we hit the trail around 9 AM. The wind and gray clouds in the distance immediately spoke of the incoming storm, so we hiked briskly all day, reaching Taylor Cabin around mid-afternoon. The hike in had fantastic scenery almost the entire time - truly never a dull moment on the trail.

Anyway, given the previous photosets from this time of year and the amount of snow I saw during my hike in, I expected there to be water in the pools near Taylor Cabin (at least some!). But the pools were bone dry. I looked around the river bed for about an hour trying to find water, looking near spots of green and beneath snow, but never found any. With the winds constantly gusting, the clouds getting closer, and the sun setting, I set to work gathering snow in a bunch of plastic bags and gathering some fire wood so I could get some water. I was certainly glad that Taylor Cabin had a fire place with a working chimney. It made melting snow during the storm quite pleasant as it rained and hailed outside. I couldn't figure out how to work the wood stove. Taylor Cabin has to be one of the best and cleanest backcountry cabins I've seen in AZ - I certainly tried taking good care of it and appreciated all the work that has obviously gone into maintaining it.

Once I'd eaten and obtained a lot of water, my dog and I went to bed in our tent to see a low of 27 F. I had planned on day-hiking from Taylor Cabin, but given the water situation, I decided to break up the hike back to my car into 2 days (I had spotted a pool of iced over water a couple miles from the cabin on my way in which I would take advantage of). Day 2 was nice and sunny, but windy yet again. I saw a high of about 40 degrees and by 5 pm it was already down to 30. My little thermometer recorded a low of 17 F in our tent that night, but my dog and I managed to stay surprisingly warm.

I started packing up camp on day 3 while it was still dark outside - this was a very cold morning, somewhere around 10 degrees, but it would eventually warm up to 20 degrees in the sun on our hike out.

Overall, the hike proved to be quite an adventure. I saw no one the entire time and thoroughly enjoyed the beauty this wilderness had to offer. The trail was in pretty good shape and mostly easy to find, but a couple spots were terribly over grown (almost impassible). I would love to return and do this trail again, hopefully when there is water near Taylor Cabin (I will certainly be packing in more for reserve next time).
Taylor Cabin via Dogie Trail - Sycamore Canyon
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Casner-Taylor-Dutch-Sycamore-Dogie Loop
I've had this loop in mind for awhile now. Time to escape the heat in the valley.
The injured Teva said he would join me, but had two requests.
1) No Rock Hopping - Oops
2) No Bushwhacking - Double Oops

We parked at the Trailhead at the end of 525C and started our 1.25 mile Counter Clockwise road walk over to the Casner Mountain Trail. This is the recommended way to go, (You were right)
getting the major climb out of the way in the beginning of a long day (2000' in 2 miles). The 4 mile walk across the top of Casner Mountain, yielded views that gave you a great overall feel for the Sedona landscape. At some points you are walking on a ridge that's 30' across, with views off both sides.

Be careful when making the turn off Casner Mountain and on to Taylor Cabin trail. The finely groomed trail appears to go straight and to the left. We wasted 20 minutes after it just dead ended. After back tracking, make the semi-hidden right, once off Casner Mountain.

The Taylor Cabin Trail was gorgeous, and reminded me a bit of how the Grandview trail drops into the GC. For the next hour the prominent feature is unnamed peak 6416. During this time, you make the 3 mile steep decent to Sycamore Creek. You'll pass through both conifer and deciduous trees and pass through smooth red rock narrows, while following the drainage.

Once at the bottom, at Sycamore Creek, the trail goes straight across. Two faded Taylor Cabin signs are the only clue. From here to the 1/4 from the cabin, you'll be skirting Sycamore Creek. The trail is almost gone in many places. This is the one area that it'd would have been nice to have long pants. It's a 2 mile hike to the Cabin from here.

Taylor Cabin is a place that has to be seen to appreciated. There's a lot of history there.
The chimney on that fireplace is something I've never seen before. There are some food stuffs, Water in containers, propane, etc stored about. If you feel like doing some cleanup while you are there, please make use of the Wheel barrow and shovels.

From here you take the 8.5 Mile Dutch Kid Tank / Sycamore / Dogie Roller coaster back to the Start. Yep... there are many more gorgeous views along the way....

We finished up just as we were going to need headlamps. We had two other side trips we were thinking for this day, but they will have to wait for another time.

On the way home, Joe talked about his Contractors.
Thanks for joining me, and I'm glad your foot did not fall off.
Taylor Cabin via Dogie Trail - Sycamore Canyon
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Casner-Taylor-Dutch-Sycamore-Dogie Loop
This is good loop. Glad I finally got to tackle it after knowing about it for so long. Casner seems under rated to me. The best views of the loop are from the top in my opinion. The sweetest part of the hike is going down Taylor through the thick forest. A lot of dead fall, luckily it's relatively easy to get over. The worst part is from when Taylor enters the creek over to a quarter mile before reaching the cabin. Either friendly or lazy backpackers have left over ten bottles of used coleman fuel in the cabin cabinet. Overall it's a cool little area and well maintained. The most enjoyable part of the loop was on the short Dutch Kid Tank Trail #54.

Believe the only water seen all day was in the creek about a mile ENE of the cabin near-ish 34.996719, -111.973172. Personally I wouldn't count on water down there much ever.

Our temps ranged from 43 to maybe 75. Any warmer at the bottom would have been hot. The rocks radiate the heat back with such little shade.

Wildflowers: one sprig of blue dicks, wallflowers on a couple occasions, indian paintbrush maybe a dozen times and a few other varieties I'm unsure of on the identification

First serious hike now 16 days after the foot injury. At times it wasn't too bad, at times it was quite painful. Obviously not the wisest choice yet I have no regrets.
Taylor Cabin via Dogie Trail - Sycamore Canyon
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Phew! This was really long as a day hike for me (after an alarmingly hike-light couple of months). Still, even through my blisters and muscle spasms I could tell it was a beautiful trail. This features all the best aspects of hiking in Sedona, including saturated colors, gravity-defying rock formations, and wildflowers. Also, this trail marks my first time getting rattled at, which is always a badge of pride (so long as you don't get bitten). I would love to do this trail again -- as an overnight.

Permit $$
Red Rock Pass - may or may not be required. Go to Red Rock Pass then check "When is a Red Rock Pass Required?". If you have questions contact the Coconino forest service.

Map Drive
FR / Jeep Road - Car possible when dry

To Dee Oh Gee Trailhead
From the corner of SR260 & SR89A in Cottonwood Arizona go north on 89A 8.9 miles to FR525. FR525 is 9.6 miles south of the 'Y' if you're coming from Sedona. Go west onto FR525 and follow it 2.8 miles to where FR525C forks off to the left. Follow FR525C to the parking area. Hike the road up to the saddle. The Canyon is not seen from the Parking.

Location: About 50 miles south of Flagstaff (14 miles west of Sedona) on paved and gravelled roads.

Access: Drive 30 miles south from Flagstaff through Sedona on US 89A. Five miles past Sedona turn north on FR 525 and follow the signs to Sycamore Pass. Turn west on FR 525C and continue for nine miles to the parking area. Hike road up to the saddle.

From PHX (I-10 & AZ-51) 127 mi, 2 hours 52 mins
From TUC (Jct 1-10 & Grant) 232 mi, 4 hours 32 mins
From FLG (Jct I-17 & I-40) 49.2 mi, 1 hour 34 mins
3 pack - loud whistle
safety first
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