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Lookout Mtn Circumference Trail #308, AZ

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Distance Round Trip 2.7 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,564 feet
Elevation Gain 210 feet
Accumulated Gain 411 feet
Avg Time Round Trip 1.5 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 4.76
Backpack No
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Lookout Mountain Connector #25
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Author dbskip81
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Location Phoenix, AZ
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Seasons   Autumn to Spring
Sun  6:13am - 6:32pm
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by dbskip81

This trail (and mountain) is located smack dab in the middle of the city, and at times I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. I only saw about 4 other people, and most were hiking the summit. Peaceful and relaxing, it may not be in my top 10, but it was defiantly worth my time. You'll know you are there when you see the big water tower at the south end of the parking lot. Start near the water tower, and just a few minutes from the trailhead is where 2 trails split. Trail #150 goes up to the summit of Lookout Mountain. The circumference loop continues on trail # 308. Follow the signs. This is a great hike to bring your dog. Be sure to bring enough water, since it is absent on the trail. Saguaros are almost absent here, but there is plenty of desert plant life to remind you of the beauty of the Arizona Desert.

The trail is rocky, and rough at times, but it's a fairly easy hike to just get away for a couple hours. When you are done with this one, take a shot at the summit trail. That one is a breather, and they both make for quite a nice morning/early afternoon. I usually try to do both when I go. When you go in the Spring, you can expect to see beautiful yellow brittlebush flowers.

There are several homes there that call their backyard the beautiful mountainside. Wouldn't that be nice! Reguardless of the several homes, I still felt like I was away from the city.

Have fun, take pictures and be sure to bring enough water for the trip. Obviously don't hike this trail in the summer unless it's very early.

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2006-03-30 dbskip81
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WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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Lookout Mtn Circumference Trail #308
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needed my legs to remember hiking in anticipation of our AZT day-hiking up on the Kaibab Plateau starting Thur with two 12.5 mile days in a row : rambo : and then another 25 miles or so over the next three days.

Today: Humid, thank goodness for the little breeze, quite a few people out. Trail is in pretty decent shape, still see results where they put what I call "sticky scree" rocks on certain parts of the trail.

Just an FYI - I was having a pretty serious RIGHT outer leg pain issue since our AZT backpack last Thanksgiving. Then I fell on the trail in January and it was exasperated. Well I just kept waiting and waiting for it to get better. Finally in July it seemed the pain reached just an uncomfortable plateau rather than pain but it wouldn't go away. Threw in the towel and went to a leg pain specialist who instantly diagnosed it as sciatica. Well I had ruled that out via Dr. Google as my back was not included and I've had sciatica before, it's brutal. He ordered the MRI. Since there's really nothing that can be done for my current level of sciatica; I didn't see the point.

Well lo and behold, later that week the pain seemed to almost completely subside; it got thru that plateau. I cancelled the MRI and now my leg is just about back to normal other than occasional pain in my outer knee. I just wanted to share this in case any of you experience this issue. You're welcome, Dr. Romain out :lol: .

Lookout Mtn Circumference Trail #308
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I didn't want to stop on Lookout
in the 70s, yeah hoo! so around and back around without looping I went. I just wanted to keep going but I had a meeting. There is "watch out for bees" posting at the TH. Heard nor saw any bees but I stayed out of their territory. Saw a lizard, they sure seem small this year.

Believe it or not, I still found new paths I hadn't done. Had to be careful on some of them as the footing was not the best; slowed me down a bit. It was a beautiful afternoon; had planned Shaw Butte but my garage door was broken so it delayed my schedule. Not too many other hikers out; too bad for them. And now that I think about it, no dogs either.
Lookout Mtn Circumference Trail #308
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Lookout Mtn from the SE parking lot
My route for Lookout Mtn starts from the parking lot near the toilets and tennis courts, off N 18th St. I take the Circumference Trail NW 0.9 mile (passing the connector trail #25) up to the broadest saddle, where you get your first view of the water tank at the end of 16th St, then turn NE for 0.4 mile where it's not clear what trail # you're on, and finally SE for another 0.4 mile on the Summit Trail #150. There are many use trails on this mountain, and they may look different on the way down; so just pick a route that looks walkable. The climb is a decent workout, and the views from the top are generally nice, although today the summer haze buildup was obscuring things. It's not brown yet, but you could barely make out Four Peaks. Distances and elevation gain in this triplog are taken from the "Phoenix Mountain Preserve" map #2813S, by Green Trails Maps.
Lookout Mtn Circumference Trail #308
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Lookout All Over the Place
Sat. I only did 1 mile on Shaw Butte before the rain and wind forced me and a few others to turn around. If I hadn't watched that funny episode of Gunsmoke (I had seen it before so I knew it was funny) and taken that 20 min. nap, I would have this done. So I had to make up for it with an after-work hike.

Decided a route in my head and followed it pretty much. I took the Summit Trail to the Saddle and then headed east. I was surprised on the south side of Lookout Summit how much up there is to stay on that upper tier. I had to go up a little four times. Also surprised how much my inner thighs hurt from Barbell Strength class last nite; can't figure out what moves we did that caused that.

Anyway, I finished the circle of the mountain on not the easiest terrain (was surprised at that too) and headed west to circle the western humps. There I could pick up what little speed I have :lol: and enjoyed the clean, though slightly warm air. As I came around the last hump and headed east, due to the overcast sky, I noticed how almost blindingly white the houses are in that one community below. I could also see clearly all the way to Weavers Needle. I finished my western circle and headed back to Tonto Jr.

It was great not to have to wear a hat, yeah! There were about a dozen or so hikers out today and the SW Compass cactus were starting to bloom.
Lookout Mtn Circumference Trail #308
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Lookout mountain circumference and 2 summits
I didn't feel like a big adventure this weekend, so I stuck to my "home" mountain of Lookout. It's close and quick.
Started at Lookout Mtn. Park and took 308 around to a quick summit on 150 with a side-trip to the Western summit. Then back down to complete the circumference loop. Only 4 miles and minimal ev. gain. I'm resting up for a trip up Heiroglyphic Canyon and Pk. 5057 next weekend.
I always like Lookout because it's never that crowded and everyone here is friendly! :)
Lookout Mtn Circumference Trail #308
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Lookout Westside Story
took my knee out for a hike in prep for some AZT this weekend. Seemed ok.

a lot of cars in the lot but only ran into about 1/2 dozen folks on the trail.
had fun trying to figure out how to milk the west side for some AEG without actually climbing any of the little peaks as I didn't want to overdo with my knee.
Lookout Mtn Circumference Trail #308
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Decided to hike near home today, so I headed to Lookout Mtn. I have hiked this mountain for years and it still takes it out of me sometimes. Maybe it's the quick elevation gain and slippery slopes!
I wanted to incorporate all three trails with this hike, so I hiked 25, then around the circumference 308, and finally trail 150 to the two summits up on top. I think I was still tired from the work week and that's why I felt tired; had to take a few breaks.
One day, I want to hike trail 25 in its entirety; I think it starts at the Pointe Golf Club. Hardly anyone on that trail! :lol:
Lookout Mtn Circumference Trail #308
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Lookout Mountain padded and a new trail
wanted to get in some practice before the HAZ New Year's elevation hike; altho I know it's going to be a beautiful hike. With that in mind, I came around the south side of Lookout as I think that's a steeper elevation gain. I don't know that this will help me with the 1600 elev gain for Monday but...
and then over to its sister, back down, over to the western humps where I found a trail on the west side of the middle hump that I didn't even know existed; very cool!
and then over and up the northern hump and back and around and down to Tonto Jr. Quite few folks out, lots of dog poop in and out of bags :sk: ; most I've ever seen out here. Fortunately, because I had to park in the residential section, I got to smell some roses before getting to my car.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. May your 2018 be prosperous but mostly may it be healthy! and now to make ham and bean soup.
Lookout Mtn Circumference Trail #308
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Western Right Hand Turns - Lookout
7-8AM just to get out, headed over to western humps. had to start from street as lot was full. decided on a pattern of right hand loops around northern hump than both southern humps together using upper and lower trails on east side. back to street via a side trail.
Kemosabe was still under repair so I'm guessing at miles and AEG
Lookout Mtn Circumference Trail #308
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Set out for a deliberately short hike thinking I might include the summit. By the time I got to that junction, the sun was already feeling quite intense. With light sustenance on board, I chose to save it for another visit. Social trails are plenty and signage is not. Having the official route handy is recommended. Trail was clear, still rocky, and moderately traveled for a weekday morning.

Permit $$

Map Drive
Paved - Car Okay

To hike
New Southern Approach
From Cactus & Cave Creek Road
1. Head north on N Cave Creek Rd toward N Escobar Way 0.9 mi
2. Turn left onto E Sharon Dr 0.5 mi
3. Turn right onto N 18th St 0.5 mi
4. Turn right onto E Evans Dr 174 ft

Old Northern Approach
I-17 and exit east Bell Rd. Continue east on bell, and go right on 16th street. Continue until road ends at parking lot about a mile ahead.
1 TB Flash Drive... $40
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