2017 Hazolutions

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2017 Hazolutions

Post by Tortoise_Hiker »

Hey hazers,
another year winding down. I'd really enjoy and or sympathize reading about how yours went and how it's winding up :) . I myself didn't make to many specific hazolutions for 2016. I didn't get LiLD in the Canyon but did get him on battleship in the Supes. I did do a few more hikes down south. I did get to hike with about 6 hazers I hadn't hiked with. I had a couple setbacks on the home front and a small injury but tried keeping the chin up. Hiking(and biking shh) wise I had a pretty good year. I got a couple great Grand Canyon hikes in. Some fun Supes hikes in. My first hike in the Chiricahuas. A couple nice family hikes with LiLD and his new family. Had another great trip to the Sierra Nevada's. I hit a few Az. county high points.I did try and ride the bike 3 times a week but it didn't help curb the appetite ](*,) . It seems I mixed it up pretty well between solo and group hikes. Solo's are cool but I can only handle my talking for so long :D . Hiking with quite a few hazers was a blast. Thanks to all who let me join in on the fun.
For 2017 I plan on trying to finish the hikes in the Boots and Burgers book, Heather got me. It really motivated me to hike more of the state. I'd like to finish the 60 hikes book and do some more in the 100 hikes book. Do a couple more AZ. county high points. At least 2 more Grand Canyon hikes and maybe another Calif. trip. Ride 3 times a week. No miles or aeg goals just try to get in lots of fun hikes with plenty of new ones and plenty of Hazers. I saw that my friend Bruce is one tough cookie. The water coming out of Reavis Falls is sooo cold. Climbing out of the Canyon isn't getting any easier.
I hope we don't lose any more Hazers or family members. Good luck in whatever your plans are and God bless! Looking forward to reading all about your year and Hazolutions!! :y:
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by BobP »

2016 haz been a great and exciting year for me. I've been so blessed in life. I reached my goal of hiking over 50 miles :y: and I started the year off with a snow hike where I believe I drank more beer :lol: than # of miles snowshoed. 2017 I hope to double or triple or maybe do 2o times the miles. My only goal is to lose the extra 20 lbs I've been carrying around for the past year. I enjoy being part of the haz family even if I'm not hiking much. It's funny how much like family you don't see real often, my haz partners and I can not see each other for 6 months and in minutes it's like we saw each other yesterday. Well, at least that's how I feel. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I'm in Pinetop right now and I'm freezing my button off. As Joe would say while trampling thru a dark camp "GOOD MORNING " :)
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by big_load »

My Hazolution will be to work down my backlog of unreported hikes and get some photos posted.
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by SpiderLegs »

I just need to start hiking again.
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by Sun_Ray »

Happy Holidays to everyone! A day does not go by without checking hikearizona.com....its an enjoyable part of everyday. I did not have any hiking goals at the start of this year but at the 6 month mark I saw I had a shot at 400 miles. I've not done 400 since 2012. Looks like I'll make it. At my age it's all about staying away from illness and injury for that to happen. "Knock on wood" I'm having that kind of year. Don't do the long hard hikes anymore but still feel that if my life depended on it...I could get myself to safety. I'm a very lucky guy as my wife "The Jude" also enjoys hiking and we go together often.

Looking forward to reading your trip logs in 2017!

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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by JasonCleghorn »

I will not meet my miles hiked goal of 750 miles but I am going to crush my 50 summits goal probably hitting closer to 80 summits in 2016. Mind you this is total summits and is inclusive of all summit types (i.e. no 14ers, etc.)
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by flagscott »

As usual, i won't be making any resolutions, hiking or otherwise. I've never understood the point of making lists of things to do. Either you finish the list and then....? Or you don't finish the list and are disappointed. I find it's much more fun to take things as they come. There are hikes I'd like to do in the future, but nothing I feel obligated to do or will be disappointed if I don't. Other than hikes that require permits, we almost never plan more than a week in advance. And my only goal mileage-wise, as usual, is to enjoy as many of the miles I do as possible. (FYI, I'm not criticizing anyone else's resolutions--to each their own).

Anyway, 2016 was a great hiking year for us. Hopefully, next year will be, too, whatever we end up doing.
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by DarthStiller »

I'm likely to hit the 300 mile mark this year, which I've only done once since joining HAZ. I think for 2017 I would like to not only meet that mark again, but try to outdo my biggest mileage year on HAZ of 374 miles. Next year looks like we might make another trip to Serbia, which usually results in higher mileage years, so we'll see.
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by PatrickL »

Hurt my knee in May so it's been a slow year. Any hiking in 2017 will be an improvement.
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by azbackpackr »

I've had a fun year, but I did get a stress fracture of a metatarsal bone in late July, and have hiked very little since. I'm just starting to hike again, in fact, with easy 3 to 4 miles in desert washes.

But mostly I'm biking (road bike and mtn. bike) and paddling my new kayak. I can post those as triplogs, of course, but haven't posted anything for a long time. Maybe I will dump a whole bunch of triplogs all at once onto the board, just to annoy people. :D

Big trip of 2016 was a 24-day 281-mile private (do-it-yourself, non-commercial) river trip in Grand Canyon. I was the permit holder for that one. I've been lucky in the permit lottery over the past few years.

2017: Thinking of riding RAGBRAI, the huge annual ride across Iowa, in July. I have an invitation to join a group doing it. Thinking about paddling the lower Green River in Sept. Hoping to finish more of my "line" down the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam.

As for hiking, jury's still out on that foot of mine. I am also exploring the Mojave Desert on the CA side of the river this winter by Jeep, and some very minor hiking from the Jeep.
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by Jim_H »

I feel like this thread starts to overlap a bit with my AEG thread, but we all know people resent discussions about AEG and miles. :)

I have had a pretty good year, perhaps with the exception of November, but who cares. I really am trying to be less stat minded, and my goal from last winter forward was merely to get out and hike, and try to stay in shape when I wasn't hiking bigger things, not to get to some AEG level. This is how I choose to remember things, at least. I think I did that, and I ended up actually enjoying the 2 dominant local excercise hills. Made my "goal" on the state's big one, and I had a good summer.

In 2017, I would like to go places, places I failed to go this year, but I do not enjoy travel the way I once did. So, that conflicts. I would really like a return to Zion, to explore some of the non-canyon places, and maybe elsewhere in SW or southern Utah. I enjoy getting up on higher mountains from time to time, but am not obsessed with them the way I was 7 or 8 years ago. That has got to be a good thing.

Sand dunes, I want to visit sand dunes in the desert.
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by trekkin_gecko »

this post is more about 2016 in review than anything for 2017
busy at work until Christmas so probably won't do anything else exciting this year

good stuff:
a visit to arches, canyonlands and more in utah
four camping trips to new areas with good peeps and hiking
-organ pipe NM
-camp grasshopper
-sierra nevadas near bishop
14 new peaks
7 new hiking partners
finally got into the eastern supes

the not so good:
think my running days are about over; just too many little nagging injuries from it
no backpacking this year

for the fourth time, need to learn to use route manager :lol:
make the most of my sundays
more climbing
new peaks, new places, further exploration of the eastern supes to start with
happy holidays to all of my HAZ friends and partners :)
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by LindaAnn »

A few of my goals for 2017 are:

Get back to the Grand Canyon at least once.

Even though I don't particularly care for desert, hike in the western 1/3 and southern 1/3 of the state a little more.

Go back to Colorado in July for a couple more 14ers.

Maybe try and squeeze in a Nevada/Utah trip too.
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by JasonCleghorn »

For 2017:

600 miles hiked
100 mountain summits
First 14'er
Baldy (Greer, not Castle Hot Springs)
Bryce Canyon
Hike with LA hiking friends from social media
Get some snow/ice experience with someone that knows what they are doing (hint hint).

Complete all the summits on all quadrangles within 25 miles of my house, which is very doable at my rate of progression...
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by RedRoxx44 »

Keep on with the less visited places
Get back on rope and get into the spiral mine
More mines before all are closed off
Back to some more memorable places with photography in mind
Drive out some dirt roads and see whats at the end of them, whether walking or driving
Backpacking a little more than I have the last few years
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2017 Hazolutions

Post by gummo »

Offical HAZuolution for 2017:

1. To find a Ridgenosed Rattlesnake (failed in 2016)

2. To return to Ethiopia.

3. To go to the Pinalenos this summer.

4. To go to San Diego this Feb or March.

5. To see at least 400 snakes this year. I saw 372 in 2016.

6. To photograph a rosy boa in AZ.

7. To photograph a green ratsnake.

8. Get a girlfriend. I'm tired of dating your daughters.

9. Photograph a massasauga (failed in 2016)

10. To be able to hike my usual route then workout without being tired when I go to work.
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by Jim_H »

# 8 is rather low on that list.
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by syoung »

2016 was a good year; increased my overall mileage while decreasing my AEG (which was contributing to injury); I managed to hit 52 unique hits; first completely solo conquering of Mt. Whitney; I had lots of fun exploring new places; managed to keep the injury bug at bay with the exception of February when I thought I broke my ankle descending Flatiron; and I managed to get married!

Things that didn't go as planned:

1. I wanted to hit 1,000 miles. Falling short of that unless I manage to 30 milers tomorrow and Saturday, ha!
2. Winter ascent of Humphrey's.
3. More trips to the Sierra's. I made 1 trip out but was hoping for multiples.
4. Didn't make it to the Canyon.

Going into 2017...

1. Tackle and conquer Kilimanjaro with JuanJaimeiii in July. Seriously, this year of hiking is all about getting ready to tackle this beast.

2. Hit 1,000 miles while simultaneously continuing to decrease my AEG.

3. Hit 400 ascents to Flatiron sometime close to Kilimanjaro.

4. Winter ascent of Humphrey's.

5. Another solo attempt at Whitney.

6. Grand Canyon!

7. Get more than 52 unique hits.
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by DallinW »

Overall I can't complain about this year! :D

I hit all my hiking goals set last year. I didn't set any specific stats goals, but I'm happy where I stand. At the beginning of December I saw I was close to 2000 miles and decided to shoot for it. I thought I would hit 400k AEG but now I'm thinking most likely not, the next 2 days for me will be car camping and mostly relaxing.

No specific stats goals for 2017, but I expect I will exceed this year's stats anyway. I'm a happy person when I'm outside and moving, thus I get outside and move as often as I can.

Another long hike is in the works, exactly where will remain a mystery for now. :)
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by BrunoP »

In 2017 I'd like to get dad take me out walking more. I almost forgot what it's like to run in the desert and chase bunnies and swim in streams and lakes :(

If he's not up for it he should go on vacation and let me go for walks with friends. At least his friends still hike!

Now the mean people I live with dress me up and I just lay around and sleep.

At least I'm still cute!
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