2017 Hazolutions

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2017 Hazolutions

Post by Tortoise_Hiker »

Hey hazers,
another year winding down. I'd really enjoy and or sympathize reading about how yours went and how it's winding up :) . I myself didn't make to many specific hazolutions for 2016. I didn't get LiLD in the Canyon but did get him on battleship in the Supes. I did do a few more hikes down south. I did get to hike with about 6 hazers I hadn't hiked with. I had a couple setbacks on the home front and a small injury but tried keeping the chin up. Hiking(and biking shh) wise I had a pretty good year. I got a couple great Grand Canyon hikes in. Some fun Supes hikes in. My first hike in the Chiricahuas. A couple nice family hikes with LiLD and his new family. Had another great trip to the Sierra Nevada's. I hit a few Az. county high points.I did try and ride the bike 3 times a week but it didn't help curb the appetite ](*,) . It seems I mixed it up pretty well between solo and group hikes. Solo's are cool but I can only handle my talking for so long :D . Hiking with quite a few hazers was a blast. Thanks to all who let me join in on the fun.
For 2017 I plan on trying to finish the hikes in the Boots and Burgers book, Heather got me. It really motivated me to hike more of the state. I'd like to finish the 60 hikes book and do some more in the 100 hikes book. Do a couple more AZ. county high points. At least 2 more Grand Canyon hikes and maybe another Calif. trip. Ride 3 times a week. No miles or aeg goals just try to get in lots of fun hikes with plenty of new ones and plenty of Hazers. I saw that my friend Bruce is one tough cookie. The water coming out of Reavis Falls is sooo cold. Climbing out of the Canyon isn't getting any easier.
I hope we don't lose any more Hazers or family members. Good luck in whatever your plans are and God bless! Looking forward to reading all about your year and Hazolutions!! :y:
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by CannondaleKid »

Due to recurring early & mid-year foot issues, 2016 was such an 'off-year' for me I didn't bother to set any goals for 2017 other than to bounce back a bit. Three months into 2017 things were looking good and it appeared I'd equal my 2015 levels of 1,041 mi & 311k' AEG. By October 1,200 miles & 320,000' AEG looked to be attainable.

At least it did until November 12th... when I took 4-5 steps before doubling over in pain and 34 days later I'm still unable to walk upright. ](*,)

Ah yes, the dreaded aging, severe spinal stenosis and a herniated disc have put a kink in the works, to say nothing of a kink in my hiking days.
(At least I topped my 2015 miles by 48 so it'll probably be the highest annual mileage I'll ever reach)

Physical therapy has gotten nowhere so surgery is the next step. With the VA back-log that's at least 4-6 weeks out. Add 2-3 months of recovery time and a quarter of 2018 is in the rear-view... I'll be lucky if 2018 comes within a stones-throw of my less-than-ideal 2016.

Looks like my Hazolution for 2018 may be breaking records for virtual-hiking. :-k
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by Alston_Neal »

My goal is to find the perfect opiate for my feet and knees.
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by Blanco »

I didn’t really make any goals this year because I am a dog and not really capable of thinking beyond where my next meal is going to come from, or the next animal I want to chase, but it does feel good to be ahead of so many humans in miles and AEG. It would have been nice to hit a thousand miles this year, but my dad is selfish and left me behind for a month to go to Montana and then chose to go on a bunch of other non dog friendly hikes, but I am not bitter, or anything...🙄
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by BrunoP »

Blanco wrote:but my dad ...
Don't get me started!
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Re: 2017 Hazolutions

Post by toddak »

Every year I hope to not get out-mileaged by any dogs. I think I've finally got Tugger beat, but of course Rowdy and Blanco had huge years. And if any of you aren't actually dogs, my sincere apologies.
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