Shaw Butte trail expansion?

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Shaw Butte trail expansion?

Postby azdesertfather » Jul 14 2009 8:22 am

Looks like Shaw Butte area is probably going to be further developed?

Phoenix buys 29 acres to add to mountain preserve
by Michael Clancy - Jul. 13, 2009 05:02 PM
The Arizona Republic
A Phoenix businessman who recently purchased 39 acres along 19th Avenue beside Shaw Butte has sold most of the land to Phoenix to add to its mountain preserve.

Joel Broder of Visiquest, a small investment and development company in Scottsdale, will retain 10 acres for affordable senior living, medical office and retail uses.

Phoenix paid $2.2 million for 29 acres, with the money coming from 1988 bonds, 2001 bonds and Phoenix Parks and Preserve Initiative money, said parks spokesman David Urbinato. The amount is similar to what the city recently paid for additions to its Sonoran Preserve in far north Phoenix.

Phoenix already controlled most of the mountain, a prominent geographical feature in north Phoenix.

Broder said he would like to work with the city to construct another trailhead for the mountain. Now, Shaw Butte is served only by foot access from the north and road access from the south to serve broadcasting towers at the top of the 2,149-foot peak.

Broder said his development would face 19th Avenue north of Cactus Road, which dead ends there. He said he has zoning waivers to put up three-story buildings and 26 units per acre. Construction is at least a year off, he said.

Broder, an avid hiker, said he is excited and hopeful about progress on his development and a new trail.

"The preserves are a wonderful, unique environment that needs to be nurtured and enhanced to keep up with growing demand," he said, "and I am very pleased to play some small part in that."
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