AZT Passage 17a Annual Maintenance Event

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Type Trail Maintenance
Start Date 2018-11-30
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AZT Passage 17a Annual Maintenance Event

Post by writelots »

I subtitle this one "catclaw Revenge"

The Alamo Canyon Passage is classic Sonoran desert - rugged, remote and beautiful. Join the passage steward (me!), the Arizona Backpacking Club, in their mission to maintain this as one of the premier passages of the Arizona National Scenic Trail. This is a multi-day backcountry event - perfect for those looking for a challenge. HAZers are always GREAT help on these events! :y:

Our goals for the weekend:
  • Hike/Drive into the northern edge of our passage - about 11.5 miles from the Picketpost Trailhead. We hope to have support from either a 4wd club or an equestrian group to assist with gear and water.
    Grub out mesquite and catclaw and all other spiny plants which have grown over the trail. (You know you want revenge!)
    Check on water sources
    Clear any problems with trail tread or identify areas for further work in future trips.
Volunteers will be rewarded with a hearty dinner cooked by the event host on Saturday night and a cooler of icy beverages available for your enjoyment.

Please RSVP on the ATA's new Volunteer system here: ... _id=371812.
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Re: AZT Passage 17a Annual Maintenance Event

Post by Merianne »

Good job recruiting, I just signed up. I work the 30th, but I'll finagle my way out of that!
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Re: AZT Passage 17a Annual Maintenance Event

Post by tibber »

I have to bow out, last year it was a re-injured back... this time, it's Passage 15 blisters. Sorry. Would like to have met you Merianne
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