Water near the Peralta/Black Top Mesa pass intersection?

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Water near the Peralta/Black Top Mesa pass intersection?

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So I'm planning a multi-day supes trip in the next week or so and for one night, I'm looking at camping near the junction of Peralta/Black Top Mesa pass. There's a water source on the map that was updated a month or so ago near there called 'East Boulder - Weavers Viewpoint'. Anyone been there more recently and could comment on pools or similar? I went up Bluff Spring to La Barge this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised that there were quite a few pools every couple of miles that I could've filtered from in a pinch; hoping there might be similar up that direction to avoid having to carry a lot of extra water... I always play it safe but there is a difference between "carry enough water to dry camp/cook dinner and breakfast" vs "carry a bit extra to get to next known good water source and just have a longer hike day than you meant to"
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