Anasazi salad

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Anasazi salad

Post by overrocked »

Here's a recipe for salad in the wild. Just make sure you know what you're picking, perhaps consult a nice desert plant guide first or ask, tour Botanical gardens. Nice to know (just in case)

Prickly pear fruit, salsify root, purslane(not too much), squaw berries, holly berries, chewable ends of horsetail joint grass, seeds of the four-winged saltbush, unopened buds of evening primrose, cottonwood cambium, spectacle pods, leaves of young thistle, inner flower petals of Indian paintbrush.

If you run across any others, please feel free to add to the salad bar.
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Post by Snick33 »

Say wait a minute, isn't that a potion from the new "Harry Potter" Book?
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