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May 12th Thru Hike

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Exploring Kokopelli
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May 12th Thru Hike

Post by MaxRibot » Oct 09 2016 8:52 pm

Hello all,
first time poster,
so apologies if this information is already posted,
or if this is the incorrect place to do so,
I am researching adventure options for summer of 2017,
and wanted to gather the feasibility of a trek starting in May.

All I've read about is potential water source issues.

Impossible and slightly more challenging are two different things,
and while I enjoy a good challenge,
I understand the importance of certain limitations.

Thanks for your time and consideration should you respond.


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Volunteer Kokopelli
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Re: May 12th Thru Hike

Post by Sredfield » Oct 10 2016 11:50 am

Being from Georgia you probably have an understanding of heat, but by May there are parts of the AZT that will regularly exceed 105+ degrees, with very little overnight cooling. This kind of heat is extremely unpleasant, and it kills. Attempting a thru hike that late in the season increases the chances of any number of things going terribly wrong.
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Re: May 12th Thru Hike

Post by nonot » Oct 10 2016 9:33 pm

By May the general consensus seems to be you want to have completed the southern half and into the northern half. If you are not planning a full hike, but say, starting north and going south, May might be fine for a half trip. But a few sections will still be hot then at the lower elevations.

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