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Aug 28 2019
Valley of 10,000 Smokes
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Valley of 10,000 Smokes
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A pyroclastic igneous rock composed of volcanic ash and fragmented pumice, formed when accumulations of the debris cement together.

"Tuff (from the Italian "tufo") is a type of rock consisting of consolidated volcanic ash ejected from vents during a volcanic eruption. Tuff should not be confused with tufa, another type of rock."

". . .tuffs are generally classified according to the nature of the volcanic rock of which they consist; this may be the same as the accompanying lavas if any were emitted during an eruption, and if there is a change in the kind of lava which is poured out, the tuffs also indicate this equally clearly. . . ." Source Wikipedia

There are several varieties of tuff
Basaltic Tuff
Rhyolytic Tuff
Welded Tuff


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