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Frequently Asked Questions
Look for +Add at the top of any page, click, then select Publish a Guide
It takes time and creativity to publish a quality guide. Yours should be clear with complete details to complete the journey. An enticing story of your journey is optional. Anything less will not be published.
Recommended, not required.
Publishing a guide for an area such as Sedona, Grand Canyon or like is not permitted in Arizona.
Already added, copyrighted material, vague, not helpful, incorrect, etc...
If accepted it will display on the home page of HAZ.
Highly recommended to clarify, not required.
A notification is sent when your guide is published.
One-way is the preferred listing for numbered trails. This allows members to +Add a triplog of a hike they designed and completed themselves. Then link trails involved in the hike.
Only publish a Full Detail guide if you have hiked it, know the statistics and have the patience to compose a guide.
This is a quick way to add a page not already on site so you may then add a triplog, photos, etc. to the page.
Generally within 12-48 hours. If you are not notified in three days please contact the webmaster.
  • Trails are typically numbered by the managing agency. Trails should typically be listed one-way as they are part of a network of trails where others can then create their own hikes.
  • Hikes are typically round-trip and often involve a loop involving multiple trails. An off-trail adventure would be a hike too.
The core pages on site that describe trails, hikes and other outdoor activity modes of adventure.
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