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Pacific Crest Trail
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California Section A 110.6
California Section B 101.4
California Section C 132.7
California Section D 110.2
California Section E 108.8
California Section F 66.8
California Section G 71.8
California Section H 128.8
California Section I 74.1
California Section J 76.2
California Section K 63.7
California Section L 38.4
California Section M 91.7
California Section N 134.3
California Section O 82.9
California Section P 99.8
California Section Q 56.8
CA Section R, OR Section A 64.0
Oregon Section B 54.0
Oregon Section C 76.0
Oregon Section D 63.6
Oregon Section E 75.7
Oregon Section F 112.5
Oregon Section G 56.4
Washington Section H 125.1
Washington Section I 98.6
Washington Section J 71.4
Washington Section K 116.7
Washington Section L 69.1

Pacific Crest Trail
The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is the jewel in the crown corridor. They had to settle, however, for several dis- of America s scenic trails, spanning 2,650 miles from connected trails along the crest of each state. Largely Mexico to Canada through three western states. It through the efforts of hikers and equestrians, the PCT reveals the beauty of the desert, unfolds the glaciated was eventually designated one of the first scenic trails expanses of the Sierra Nevada, and provides com- in the National Trails System authorized by Congress in manding vistas of volcanic peaks and glaciers in the 1968, and was dedicated in 1993. Cascade Range. The trail also passes through historic mining sites and evidence of human s endless quest for The PCT has five distinct sections, each having unique natural resources. Thousands of hikers and equestrians climate, geology, flora, and fauna. These sections are: enjoy this national treasure each year. Some only travel Southen California, Central California, Northern a few miles, while others complete every mile in a sin- California, Oregon, and Washington. A trail description gle season! is presented below in the order of the seasons in which The history of the Pacific Crest Trail started when the each is at its optimum. The Pacific Crest Trail Association is an excellent source of information for route was first explored in the late 1930s by teams of young men from the YMCA. Once proven feasible, trail anyone planning a trip on the PCT. pioneers Clinton Clarke and Warren Rogers lobbied the federal government to secure a border-to-border trail
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