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Lake Moraine, AB
mini location map2009-09-04
5 by photographer avatarswitchflare
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Lake Moraine, AB 
Lake Moraine, AB
Hiking avatar Sep 04 2009
Hiking1.00 Miles
Hiking1.00 Miles
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This is an absolutely stunning hike. A photo I saw on Flickr ( from the trail around this lake is what inspired me to take my 3200+ mile road trip. I was greatly disappointed that it was so cloudy when I was there, as I was hoping to score some amazing photos. Mine still turned out pretty well though. To this day it's one of the most gorgeous hikes that I have ever been on. Photos like this make you think this place can't be real, but it is!!
If I'm not on vacation, I'm probably thinking about my next vacation. If I'm inside, I'm probably thinking about the outdoors.
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